Cryptocurrency is a fast-growing market, and with increased demand, there has been a high-rise of younger and experienced investors to invest in the cryptocurrency market. Though there have been many speculations regarding the authenticity of this market, mainly due to the ease of hacking these platforms, every investor would want to put their money at the right place, which is free of hackers.

You probably are trying your best to understand these markets and make the best use of them, but a lack of knowledge and the proper guidance would hinder you from investing in the platform that would serve your best interest.

However, you do not have to break your head reviewing the best and the not-so-best cryptocurrency platforms because this article provides you with nine proficient platforms that will save your money and give you excellent returns.

Night Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the USA

  1. Gemini- the user-friendly cryptocurrency platform

    Gemini is said to be a perfect cryptocurrency platform for all US traders. It offers high range security for all your investments. It is an easy-to-use interface, and therefore no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced investor, investing in these cryptocurrencies would not complicate but ease out the entire process for you.

    It also offers the benefit of no deposit fees, and you do not have to spend from your penny to agree with them. With good liquidity, this cryptocurrency gives you a chance to be flexible as it is cool crypto with over 25 cryptocurrencies on board. Gemini offers up to 3.5% of the interest as promotional interests for users. One can withdraw as much as $100,000 daily, but $5,000 of daily deposit and $30,000 of the monthly deposit are allowed.

  2. Robinhood- a low-cost trading cryptocurrency platform

    Are you looking out for a low-cost trading cryptocurrency platform? Robinhood is the best investment for you because it is a stock trading cryptocurrency that usually appeals to the young and inexperienced traders that are low on a budget and want to experiment with cryptocurrency. Being an easy-to-use surface, unsuspecting investors can easily collaborate on this platform due to no commission fee and a high-security network.

    One can also instantly access the cash deposits without waiting for processing and also takes many fiat currencies. Robinhood offers around seven important cryptocurrencies and is mostly liked by young and inexperienced investors due to the user-friendly network of this platform. Furthermore, the two-step authentication provides:

    • Perfect security.
    • Keeping third parties and hackers at bay.
    • Giving you a reasonable opportunity of investing in your cryptocurrencies.
  3. Coinmama- the best bitcoin brokerage cryptocurrency platform

    Coinmama has a very reputed customer service due to their quick response and processing. Most young and experienced investors get lured to this best Bitcoin Brokerage service. The website interface is user-friendly, and therefore, any inexperienced investor can easily navigate through the site and buy cryptocurrencies. One also gets an opportunity to bid on the spot because of living pricing, and the bitcoins get sold out directly.

    Another benefit of this cryptocurrency is that it appears in various languages, setting out the language and communication barrier. With over two billion users across the globe, it is growing in over 188 countries. It offers its investigators to sell over ten cryptocurrencies, including bitcoins which they sell at competitive rates. Their security is best in the market because Coinmama offers a private e-wallet key that offers higher authentication security and saves your crypto from the snatches of hackers.

  4. the best sign-up bonus cryptocurrency platform has meager fees, a cryptocurrency most suitable for all beginners. The company has a considerable crypto coin collection and regular promotions. is the best sign-up bonus as it allows the investor to buy, sell, spend and trade. With a meager fee of around 0.04 to 0.20%, it will enable you to have a wallet- a custodial DeFi wallet with a separate autonomous app. This app can be used to link to your main account that will give ease of transfer.

    This platform also offers a crypto earn program that allows users to renew their coins for three months with an interest rate of 12%. Want to know about this fantastic cryptocurrency platform? Browse through their site and contact the customer care that offers a live chat to clear your queries solved instantly.

  5. eToro- highly reputed cryptocurrency platform

    eToro is the talk of the town due to its highly reputed customer policy, making it one of the best trading platforms for crypto and FOREX. eToro does not ask for any commission on cryptocurrency and is a user-friendly platform that allows investors to navigate the venue easily, making it an appealing platform for most US crypto inventors to sign-up instantly. It also offers multiple coins to be traded, including bitcoin. Being a compelling cryptocurrency platform, it is present with over seventeen million users across the globe and is spread over around 100 countries.

    The six essential cryptocurrencies this platform deals with include Ethereum, XLM, Litecoin, XRP, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Though its trade fee charge is 0.75 to 2.90%, it offers over $50 bonus on around $1,000 crypto charges.

  6. Kraken – the package cryptocurrency platform

    If you are a beginner in the market and need reliable help for your crypto marketing, Kraken offers the best customer support any crypto exchange will ever provide. With over 50 cryptocurrencies, one has multiple options to trade over. It works uniquely as it allows for around three accounts packages, such as starter, intermediate, and pro, depending on the investor’s experience.

    Their security is very tight because it requires the investor to verify with their ID and is an excellent source of maintaining authenticity. Though their customer service is good enough, there are some speculations on reviews, and it is strictly not suitable for beginners in the field. Its average fees come up to around 0.9 to 1.5% depending on the investors’ amount of trade.

  7. Bisq- the best-decentralized cryptocurrency platform

    Are you looking for a decentralized crypto exchange? Try Bisq because it offers the best-decentralized deal in the market. This cryptocurrency platform is worldwide and has strict headquarters that enables you to safeguard your cryptos making it hard for anyone to take advantage of your money. With several fiats, Bisq also offers over 120 cryptocurrencies that make easy processing because it doesn’t ask for your details, as it incorporates advanced technologies that do not seek any verification.

    This platform accepts any payment mode, giving the traders an exclusive offer to select the one that best fits them. The processing fees are comparatively low, and it also does not seek any geographical restrictions, helping make easy trades with the investors.

  8. Trade Station- best for beginners

    Trade station offers a classical option of selecting from various trading sectors, making it one of the most potent cryptocurrency sites for its credibility and duration in the market. It is suitable for beginners and is also used by intermediate or advanced crypto investors. It allows the users to buy, sell, trade, and even earn by including four cryptocurrencies: USD Coin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin.

    Furthermore, with a 6% interest rate, one can deposit and trade assets by building a considerable interest rate. Trade Station also offers easy navigation because you can use the mobile app and navigate through the processing or even call the customer service to brush you upon the requirements.

  9. Binance – the best all-rounder cryptocurrency platform

    Binance is an all-rounder Cryptocurrency that offers over 50 different cryptocurrencies and is a highly reputable platform in the market. A low fees level allows the investors to buy, sell, trade, and even earn by charging as low as 0.1% on the exchanges. It accepts various modes of payments, right from bank deposits, credit and debit cards to bank transfers but, over 4.5 % of the fee is charged on charges made from debit cards. Furthermore, their security measures are outstanding because they fund insurance and two-factor authentication, making it very difficult for hackers to take advantage of your naive nature.

The bottom line!

Though it’s hard to find the perfect cryptocurrency platform that would provide you with all the positives, you may have to work on the cons, but given the pros of these platforms, all of these cryptocurrency platforms have their defined attributes.

No matter which cryptocurrency platform you select, make sure it suits your best needs and offers you a wide range of advantages. If asked to choose from the list of platforms mentioned above, Binance is suitable for intermediate and advanced investors that know the markets and have the experience to uptake the stock risks.

However, if you are a beginner with a low budget, Coinmama or other platforms are good for you. Please take a look at the essential features, including commission fees, the market risks, the fund collection, the coin fees, exchange offerings, and interest rates.