Cryptocurrency has shaken the market, and just like foreign investors, Indians have also poured billions of dollars into the digital coin. As a result, the demand for digital currency in India is on the rise in the present times. To invest in crypto, Indian investors have started using cryptocurrency exchanges. Presently, millions of people have registered their trading accounts with various cryptocurrency exchanges in India.

It’s crucial to compare these cryptocurrencies to get the best trading experience. Because choosing a crypto exchange plays a huge role in your overall experience with trading and investing in digital currency. However, no particular exchange can be considered the best one as each one has its own merits and downsides. To give you a better understanding, here are some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in India investors can rely on.

  1. Binance India

    Binance is one of the most trusted and popular crypto exchange platforms across the globe that also offers a good investment option for Indians. With Binance India, you can trade over 350 altcoins, including the native Binance coin (BNB). Moreover, users can also earn money by staking or getting interested in their crypto holding. Binance India also allows the users to participate in margin trading, offer a way to trade peer-to-peer, and execute advanced trading methods like futures contracts.

    In a nutshell, with Binance India, you can:

    • Safely store or trade crypto with lesser fees;
    • Spend crypto easily with Binance credit cards;
    • Take loans on crypto;
    • Get interest on crypto with Binance India savings account.
  2. Coinbase

    Coinbase makes buying and selling cryptocurrencies very easy with its strong security and transparent pricing. With this, the platforms have never witnessed a major security breach, making it one of the safest options for new investors. It is based in the US and is the second-largest platform by trading volume in the world.

    In addition to this, Coinbase also offers Coinbase Pro, with significantly lower charges and more features like better charts and indicators. Indian investors can open Coinbase or Coinbase pro accounts to take advantage of advanced trading options. However, Coinbase doesn’t offer many altcoin options like Binance, and you can choose among a little over 50 coins.

    Coinbase allows you to:

    • Rest assured with multiple security features;
    • Take part in staking coins;
    • Safely trade and purchase assets after depositing Indian Rupee;
    • Store coins with Coinbase vault.
  3. CoinDCX

    CoinDCX claims to be one of India’s most prominent and safest cryptocurrency exchanges that is trusted by over 4 million Indians. You can trade up to 500 crypto tokens on the trading app, which is very easy to use. The platforms prioritize the security of their investors and is insured by BitGo. So, all your passwords and data are secured, and 95% of all the funds are stored in multisig cold wallets.

    The platform is also backed by some of the top investors in the crypto space, such as BainCapital Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, BitMex, and Polychain Capital. Moreover, the trading fees in minimal, while the withdrawals and deposits are free of charge.

    With CoinDCX, you can:

    • Trade using a seamless and versatile trading app;
    • Start investing without any lengthy sign-up procedure;
    • Trade spot, margin, and futures on over 500 pairs
  4. Bitstamp India

    Bitstamp is another well-established global exchange that has been helping people to invest since 2011. With Bitstamp India, you get an intuitive interface with all the features you could need to carry out trades. In addition, the platform is also open to institutional investors who would like to trade Bitcoin and other digital assets. Furthermore, Bitstamp offers enhanced data encryption, around-the-clock investor support, and 98% offline storage.

    With Bitstamp, investors can:

    • Carry out fast transactions on a platform with zero downtime;
    • Avail of the benefit of low flat-rate trading fees on transactions under 20,000 USD.
    • Store funds offline securely.
  5. WazirX India

    Founded in 2017, Wazir X was later acquired by Binance Holdings. With headquarters in Mumbai, it has a native cryptocurrency utility token called WazirX coin WRX. Moreover, it also offers a P2P trading engine that matches investors to trade amongst each other. The platform claims to be India’s “most trusted Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency exchange.” Investors have to undergo the know your customer process, also known as the KYC process. With this, all the accounts are secured with two-factor authentication and a one-time password (OTP).

    With WazirX India, you can:

    • Make P2P trades;
    • Carry out fast transactions from anywhere;
    • Steak and Trade the WazirX ecosystem utility token, also known as the WazirX coin (WRX);
    • Enjoy customer support with account setup, INR deposits, and more;
    • Purchase among more than 140 coins, including the native WRX token.
  6. Okex India

    Based in Seychelles, OKEx is a crypto exchange platform that offers investors spot trading opportunities and derivatives. With over 400 trading pairs, they have a huge international presence of 20 million traders worldwide. Moreover, investors also get the opportunity to get customized options suiting their preferences to buy, hold, or partake in trading Bitcoin or other crypto assets future. You can also get money through crypto-based loans on the platform.

    Investors on Okex can:

    • Choose different ways to earn and invest with cryptocurrencies;
    • Get finance for the projects through crypto-based loans;
    • Learn more about trading with OKEx Academy;
    • Participate in crypto mining pools.
  7. CoinSwitch Kuber

    If you’re a beginner and want to learn about trading before investing a huge amount of money, this platform makes it possible for you. You can start trading with just Rupees 100 and choose among 100 cryptocurrencies. Coin switch was established in 2017, and 3 years later, i.e., in 2020, it launched its Indian crypto exchange, CoinSwitch Kuber. Established investors like Sequoia, Ribbit Capital, and Paradigm have an interest in the exchange.

    With CoinSwitch Kuber, Indian investors can:

    • Trade without any fees for the first 100 days;
    • Withdraw the fund anytime without any restrictions;
    • Sell or buy more than 100 cryptocurrencies in just a click.
  8. Zebpay
    Another popular crypto exchange with a seamless and easy-to-use interface is Zebpay. It offers advanced features using which Investors can make payments on the Bitcoin Lightning Network and enjoy improved safety features such as disabling any outgoing payment. With Zebpay, investors can trade across six EUR-Crypto pairs and five crypto-crypto pairs across Ether, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and EOS.

    With Zebpay, Investors can :

    • Keep their crypto safe as the exchange stores over 98% coins in cold storage;
    • Earn up to 10% interest on their crypto holding;
    • Trade safely with the new and improved safety features.
  9. Kraken India

    Kraken is another trusted US-based exchange that has welcomed investors to invest in crypto since 2011. With a substantial international presence, it is also ranked as the third-large crypto exchange in the world by trading volume. Moreover, the platform aims at consumer satisfaction, so you will also get 24×7 help. However, the coin selection is pretty limited, with just 50 coins to choose from.

    With Kraken India, investors can:

    • Use well-designed charting tools;
    • Trade on very low trading fees.
    • Trade by depositing INR into secure accounts;
    • Get in touch with customer support network at any time;
  10. Bitfinex India

    Based in Hong Kong, it offers investors the tools required to trade Bitcoin or other crypto assets in India. Bitfinex works to offer serious investors plenty of options to customize trading charts to fit their strategy, execute advanced algorithmic orders, and fund their accounts on margin. It is well suited for institutions and professional traders looking for progressive opportunities.

    With Bitfinex India, investors can:

    • Trade with the help of advanced trading tools;
    • Create accounts as professional traders;
    • Carry out various short-term trading strategies;
    • Exchange digital assets.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of various crypto exchanges in India. The list above includes all reliable platforms with minimal fees and an easy-to-use interface. However, it’s strongly recommended that you research every aspect before investing your hard-earned money on any platform. Start with knowing more about cryptocurrencies, how to invest them, and the exchange you want to invest in. While all of these mentioned exchanges are very popular and trusted, look for features like security, transaction fee, and credibility before carrying out any transactions.