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Reasons You Should
Buy YouTube Comments

Buy Youtube Comments

The comment section on YouTube is generally for the audience to be heard, which in turn benefits the creator as it increases the overall engagement. Your video comments are like a review system that allows the viewers to drop in feedback or remarks right after watching your content. However, getting people to actively take their time out to write a comment under your video is quite challenging, especially if your audience is on the lazier or busier end.

Let’s be completely honest; no creator likes having a dry comment section because it seems incredibly discouraging for the newer audience to engage with their content. When interesting conversations or remarks are coming under the video, more people are automatically drawn towards the videos due to curiosity or fascination. However, there are ways to generate comments in exchange for money in creators’ interest under your videos. In this particular write-up, we shall focus on how you can buy comments and benefit from them. Let’s begin.

How To Buy Comments For YouTube?

The process is much more straightforward than you may have conceptualized in your mind. There are multiple services available on the internet that offer a variety of packages for YouTube comments. Head to any of these services, understand the available packages, and select the most suitable one according to your requirement and preference. After making up your mind, add the preferred packages to your cart and checkout after making the payment.

Most of the services offer the standard modes of payment, such as mobile banking, net banking, etc. And once the final payment has been made, you have successfully bought yourself engagement in the form of comments without much hassle. The results will start appearing after a determined period, which is stated by the agency/service itself. By this point, you may have realized that the entire process is the same as any other online shopping procedure.

How To Buy Comments For YouTube

Now that we have the fundamental knowledge about the process, let’s address an instead commonly asked question regarding the purchased comments for YouTube.

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Can The Creator Control The Comments?

Yes, it is possible to control the comments under your video if you buy the customizable package. Most creators who buy comments prefer buying the customizable ones as they have complete control over what is being said under their videos. You can write as little or as much as you want to after having bought the customizable comments package. This helps you set the right tone for your comment section, encouraging the audience to trust you and your content. Any creator can quickly boost their engagement if these comments are customized smartly such that the content gets marketed. In case you do not want personalized comments, you can opt for the standard packages, which will offer random comments under your videos.

What Are The Benefits Of
Buying Comments?

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Comments

One of the most exciting benefits of buying comments is that you give rise to the possibility of long conversations, discussions, and debates in the comment section. All you need to do is customize the purchased comment smartly such that real comments start building after that. In addition to that, by buying comments for your YouTube videos, you can benefit exceptionally from social proof control for your channel. An increase in the amount of YouTube comments will result in more people engaging with your content and end up following your channel.

This suggests that buying comments can ultimately expand your audience reach and potential for getting noticed among the masses. If you wish to build social proof, grow your engagement, and top the charts without having to spend much time and effort, then buying comments for your YouTube videos is an excellent way to achieve it.

The benefits of buying engagement are quite self-explanatory, but often people hesitate in doing so. There is a common misconception that purchasing likes, comments, and so on are illegal. Well, let us clear this myth right away.

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Is It Illegal To Buy YouTube Comments?

Absolutely not! It is 100% legal to buy comments, likes, subscribers, etc. Specific tactics may go against YouTube’s community guidelines, but there are no such laws against the idea of purchasing engagement. The most that can happen is YouTube may give you a warning if you violate the community guidelines, but these predetermined guidelines can be easily tricked. It is entirely legal to purchase views, comments, and subscribers.

Several famous personalities are renowned brands that have been doing it for a long time now, and this practice is much more common than you may assume.

There are no chances of getting arrested or even jumbled in any legalities as there are no prevailing laws that restrict the purchase of engagement. Besides, had it been illegal, then the websites that sell likes, views, and comments would not have been listed on Google.

Can Anyone Detect Fake Comments?

No one can find out that the comments under your videos are fake, not unless you voluntarily tell anyone, provided you do not opt for cheap services. Most of the agencies ensure their clients’ privacy and will never release information about your purchase from the social media marketing service. Besides, if you customize the comments cleverly, even YouTube cannot determine whether the comments are genuine or purchased because the difference is almost uncanny. All of this suggests that you can build a trustworthy social value when buying comments without risking your channel’s reputation.

Why Should You Prefer
Buying Comments Over Organic Ones?

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Every creator on YouTube strives to achieve a greater engagement so that the algorithm supports them. But for this to happen through organic means, a great deal of time, effort, and consistency is required. However, when you purchase comments, you enable yourself to spare the insane amount of time and energy and spend it over other aspects excelling as a creator, such as planning a content strategy, improving your marketing tactics, and so on. You can use your purchased comments to give rise to organic ones by framing them intelligently, and this is nothing but a smart marketing strategy to increase traffic on your channel.

Everyone on the YouTube platform is working hard, but sometimes, working smart can prove to be more beneficial, especially if you wish to save your time and efforts. And therefore, it is wiser to purchase comments for your YouTube videos and be preferred by you as a creator.

Now that most aspects of purchasing comments are covered let us get well-versed in some important tips while choosing the service or agency.

Can You Get A Free Trial?

This is a commonly asked question in this topic, but its answer is subjective to each service and agency. Some services provide a small trial session without charging any money, enabling the user to trust the provider and, therefore, associate their channel with it. But some services do not allow a free trial. In such cases, what you can do is, purchase the least expensive package and then analyze whether it is worth the investment or not. Accordingly, you can take further decisions about investing in a larger package or moving to another service altogether.

How Should You Select An Online Service For Purchasing Comments?

Indeed, there are several agencies and services on the internet that offer multiple packages of comments. However, it is of utmost importance to conduct full-fledged research before involving yourself with any of them. Make sure that you read the reviews, feedbacks, and testimonials from other people who have already purchased packages from them so that you have an honest view of their service.

Never associate yourself or your YouTube channel with low-quality services that plant cheap bots over your content to increase engagement. These bots can get detected by YouTube, giving rise to the possibility of having your video taken down or channel terminated. Always opt for high-quality and trustworthy services that have a good reputation in the market to ensure complete transparency.

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In addition to that, never give away passwords to your channel or any other private information to keep yourself from any scam or fraud. Like any other online shopping process, make sure you are not being used for any unwanted means.


Well, to conclude with, it is quite clear that purchasing comments for your YouTube videos can prove to be an exceptional marketing strategy that allows you to gather traffic without spending much time or effort. You can easily practice starting conversations under your videos, build a sense of social proof, and increase your channel’s overall engagement. All of this is possible in exchange for money.

In addition to that, you can also build the desired reputation for your content by customizing the comments the way you want. By reading those comments, the real audience will start getting attracted and engaged with your content. It tells us that you have the ability to gain organic engagement through purchased one, allowing its benefit to last for an extended period without having to spend much of your precious time and effort.