Google chrome is a web browser developed as a search engine. Later in the years, it was ported to Linux, Ios, Apple, Android, and many more. It serves as a platform for various web applications.

Google chrome browser was introduced in 2008. Initially, it was used only in Microsoft Windows, but later on, it was followed in Linux, mobile platforms, and macOS. Chrome is one of the most used and popular browsers since 2012. It is used worldwide. It is the number one dominant browser in the category. We have a good guide for you to read and go through the google chrome statistics you need to know.

Google is well known for its services. Along with Google, one of the top most popular web browsers, others like apple, Facebook, amazon are also growing.

Google was initially used for cloud computing, online advertising. We will have a look at the statistics of google and know some facts about the google company. It will help you know about the revenue generations, points, advertisers, active users, have brief knowledge about the products, and look at the financial growth and how google has impacted the economy of the world.

Chrome- the most popular browser-

You need to understand the most popular browsers used by the customer to view their online shopping store. Google chrome is the leading internet browser in the market since long back. It holds the global world shares of the need of 64.08 percent. Other browser popularity fails in comparison with Chrome. Also, the safari, Samsung, and firefox claims make less than half of the chromes share.

Top pick by Chrome –

Almost more than 2.65 billion users over the internet use Chrome as their primary browser. The number has been continuously rising from 1.30 billion in 2014.

Chrome owns the market shares of 63.60% in the market. Chrome shares the market shares of 46.32% in the united states. Moreover, there are like 137,345 extensions are installed for Chrome.

Market shares of Chrome all around the world –

Globally, Chrome has a market share of around 63.58%, including all types. However, it was noticed that a slight decrease from 2019 by 64.6%. in comparison to the second-most top-rated browser in the world, ‘safari,’ it has a market share of 19.37%.

The global browser chrome stated more than half of the market share within its decade. This led to an increase in chromes share for more than 16%, from 3.24% in 2009 to 50.96% in 2017.
Below is the list of tables showing all the market shares of google since 2009-

Google chrome market share

Chrome has a slightly low market among mobile users, and it has shares of 62.48%. However, the chrome mobile market has shown significant growth in recent years.

Chrome Mobile Market Shares

The lowest type of market, Chrome, has a tablet browser market share of 40.5%. Despite this, Google Chrome is among the second most used browser among tablet users worldwide. But keeping in mind safari as it has led its way with high market users of share 43.52%.

Also, I was not caring about the tablet users. Still, chrome usage as a browser has grown in recent years. The market is 42.5% today, and then it was 15.8$ in 2015.

Below is the list of the chrome tablet users which is significantly increasing-

Chrome Tablet Users Market Shares

The United States Market of Chrome –

As we know, that Chrome takes over about 46.32% of shares in the US. But there are a lower number of people who enjoy Chrome as their browser worldwide. The united states use safari as the most used browser on the second stage, and its market share is 38.24%. In the United States, the chrome market has been decreasing over the last years, not uniform. The highest time when Chrome had a hike was in 2018 by 49.4%.

Let us see the historical data of Chrome in United states market since 2009-

United States Market of Chrome

When talking about the desktops, Chrome search market is making about 58.01%, making a close competition to the safari, which is just three times smaller than Chrome in Chrome desktop OS market.

Table showing the desktop market in the US –
Chrome Desktop OS Market

When talking about the mobile category, safari leads mobile with a market share of 57.19%. Chrome has 35.86% of the US in the mobile variety, which makes Chrome the Chrome is most used browser after the safari.

Here is the breakdown of Chrome users in the US since 2012 –
Most popular browsers 2021

How Many People Use Chrome As Chrome Browser?

About 2.65% billion users use Chrome as Chrome primary and top-notch browser globally. Last year it was less, but in the current year, it has grown by 0.48%. There are added new Chrome users and made an increase by 1.36% billion users in the last six years. Since 2014, the market shares of Chrome have doubled.

Below is the table from 2014, showing the constant increase of the chrome users-
Most popular web browsers 2021

Why Is Chrome An Essential Browser For Americans?

Chrome is ranked as the number 6 most important mobile app browsers for Americans among the other browsers. Chrome is the app that 6% of Americans least do without.

Chrome extensions-
When talking about the installation from the chrome web store, there are about 137.345 chrome extensions. Also, the available themes for downloads are linked.

Here is a list of tables for the chrome breakdown of the average popularity of chrome extensions-

Less than 100
95,492 (69.53% of total)

Between 100 and 1,000
22,584 (16.44% of total)

More than 1,000
10,523 (7.66% of total)

More than 10,000
5,950 (4.33% of total)

More than 100,000
2,459 (1.79% of total)

More than 1 million
337 (0.24% of total)

How many extensions are developed by Google Chrome?

Since February 2021, there are more than 40 chrome extensions available for download. And there are like ten additional extensions that are developed by Google and have around one million users.

What is the chrome web store?

The chrome web store has been downloaded 8.8 million times on ios and android platforms since January 2021. The app store has the most downloads (8 million), while the rest come via google play (800 thousand).

Around 5 billion lifetimes installs are available on google play for Chrome. AnChromemilestone was passed in July 2019, making Chrome theChromeuseful and popular app in the app store.

Google chrome has been on a hike since 2021, while other browsers like firefox have experienced a decline in market shares in recent years. Also, as Chrome is Chromesing to grow, competitors are coming to compete.

How are the web browsers changing?

Nowadays, people are switching from desktops to mobile phones, and they have become one of the easiest ways to access the internet. Apple and Samsung, and other tech giants have used their platforms to encourage mobile users to browse their phones. Every iPhone is preloaded with the apple safari and set on the default browser. Therefore, apple users day by day are becoming more efficient in using the browser comfortably.

What role does google play in the web?

Google has become a vertically integrated browser in many tech industries. It is among the top most used search engines and the world’s popular email services provider. Recently it has branched into hardware with its line of mobiles and wearable devices like smartwatches.

The most popular search engine in the United States-

The usage of internet browsers varies from region to region. Chrome and safari are the most used web browsers in the US, but the gap differentiating between them is smaller when looked upon globally.

The share market of Chrome in Chrome is 46.01%, with safari standing close to it at 38.56%.

  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Samsung internet
  • Android
  • Opera mini
  • Edge legacy

Some facts to know about google –

  • Google every week acquires a whole new company.
  • It was first derived from the term ‘googol.’
  • Google has plenty of domains that cover almost around one million misspellings of it.
  • Google is capable of processing 40,000 searches per second.

Statistics of Google On Finance And Growth

  1. Google-owned more than 500 domain names in the year 2020 –

    There are plenty of cases regarding this subject. Google’s parent company is Alphabet Inc., and it is no surprise that many people have plenty of domains under their supervision. The company is introducing many products, and people will lot many things.

  2. Googles revenue in 2020 –

    Google generated $145.92 billion in ad revenue in the previous year. Google can handle its users’ needs all because of its strong financial standing. It is from the advertisement alone that google generated around $150.92 billion in the previous year. All thanks go to the Google ad services.

  3. Owners of google –

    Google is owned by many, and it is not just two people owning google. It has several bodies and people holding it. All have specific and collective rights in their shares. The topmost owners are Larry Page, and Sergey Brin are the most famous owners that own a maximum of their claims.

  4. Google uses limited power and energy –

    Many of us believe that google uses most of the energy and power in many data center. But the truth is it actually uses less than 50% of the energy as compared to others.

  5. Alphabets revenue came from google ads –

    In 2020, $55.8 billion of the revenue of the Google parent company came from google services. And till date, it remains the firm’s largest income generator. In the previous year, the revenue made by google ads alone was $52.7 billion. And this makes google one of the biggest and the most revenue generating companies in the world today. I compared it with the other most crucial revenue generation company, amazon, which had $96.15 billion. It is only a little over 50% of what Google has generated that year.

  6. Google had the majority of the employees –

    In September 2020, Google was always known to stand out in the crowd. It is not only about the financial stability of google as it runs many products and services at once, but it also demands enough arms to overlook its data and services apps and so on. Two people initially started Google, but today, it has more than
    hundred thousand employees.

Let us study the demographic and usage of google-

Google Stats On Usage And Demographics

  1. More than 18 billion people use the products and services provided by google –

    There are countless users of the internet. The statistics show that a large amount of portion of people has been using Google products and services. And if talking about today, then actively over one billion people use Google and its products and services.

  2. The term covid- 19 was searched mainly by 3,650% in the previous year –

    The term covid-19 exploded on google search engine by a massive of 3,650%. Among the heights of coronavirus in march, there was plenty of news and controversies about covid-19. People searched the term covid-19 the most.

  3. Visitors of google were nearly 267 million –

    The central account showed by google for the visitors were almost 267 million in the last quarter. Google ranked the first multi-platform property by the United States, as there were searches from colossal numbers, from youtube, hangouts, and Gmail, etc.

  4. Google assistance can put your shopping lists together –

    Google assistance provides plenty of services, and the term ‘OK GOOGLE’ has many services linked, and it helps you to accomplish many things. Among one of them is the shopping lists. It may sound weird, and you may think it is so simple. Then why need an assistant to do such things? But having your work done by an assistant can bring a huge difference in your day-to-day tasks. Instead of making a shopping list, users can quickly adapt and manage their digital home devices.

How Google Impact The Economy?

  1. Google provides death benefits to its employees –

    Employees working with google get the death benefits equating to 50% of their salary in the US. The policy includes that the employee’s spouse will get 50% of their salary ten years after they pass.

  2. Google built the car from scratch –

    One famous invention of google is the self-driving electronic car, which was invented in 2014. This was a different car as it had no steering and pedals also, the plus point is it had a range of hundred miles.

  3. The google market share covers the world 91.86% –

    Google has been dominant over many other search engines for years now. Google has the most significant market shares worldwide.

  4. Google recycles 100% of its electronic pieces of equipment –

    Even though being the top company, google effectively recycle its electronics to prevent pollution. Google takes measures to recycle the products and used electronics every day.

More You Should Know About Google

Other interesting facts about google-

  1. Google has changed its logo seven times –

    Since 1998, the Google logo has been changed for the seventh time since the search engine is opened to the public. Further, there is no information about the change in the logo, but yes, it provides a unique logo everyday t in the search engine but leaves the official logo unchanged.

  2. More than 1,300,441 sites are linked to google-

    Google company is so influential. The most surprising fact is there are over billions of websites that are linked to google, which makes google one of the topmost in Alexa’s top 500 sites this year. Moreover, Google has the best domain rankings amongst the highest there. This endless list of famous sites also includes social media sites and the cover page of google.

  3. Google’s original name is ‘BackRub’ –

    Naming a company or a product, service is not an easy job. The web developers Larry Page and Sergey Brin initially called their products’ BlackRub’. This name was given because the system checked the backlinks to evaluate the importance of a website.

  4. Google car uses google street view –

    Though Google has introduced driverless vehicles, it also uses this technology called the google street view. It is one of the company’s best innovations.

  5. Which word is mostly searched today on google –

    The word ‘Jojo Siwa is a very famous keyword that has crossed searches over 200,000 in the United States alone. Google has many trendy platforms, and the purpose of Google is to help people keep knowledge about the outside world and the latest trends and what they are searching for. The most searched keyword which has taken the lead is the Jojo Siwa in the united states. But, soon, it would be changed or replaced by another famous term coming ahead.

  6. Google code names –

    Google uses code words or names for its stock levels. When google deals with stocks, the shareholders should be familiar with and understand the word Gog vs. Google concept. Each one has a different representation of the google stock, and only the differentiation can be done on voting rights.

  7. We can now explore mars through google –

    Google introduces a new feature, ‘the I’m feeling lucky button’ provides the answers to the queries over the search engine. It helps people directly go through the search result page rather than bypass them from the ads. This feature has cost Google over $10 million. It is of worth as it quickly takes us to the first search result rather than taking us to the advertisement.

  8. Google has reached one billion users and has over 5 billion installs –

    Google has gone a long way, and it also offers storage services and helps people. People use Gmail services most as it effectively retains its users, and it makes Gmail the most top google product according to the statistics.

  9. Over 1.8 billion uses actively use Google –

    People use google as their first browser, and it is most commonly used worldwide. It has more than 1.8 billion active users. This is all because of its uniqueness and valuable inventions that it has made the services easier to integrate Gmail with other products. Also, google products are easy and are most important to use and significantly impact the future world.

  10. Google maps have 5 billion downloads –

    Google maps are Google products, one of the most used apps globally, and people in huge numbers download it daily. Google maps are used as the same as the search engine of google and not the google maps statistics have millions of active users monthly.

Conclusion –

We all know about Google Chrome! You have known and learned something new about the statistics of Google. It has made and marked incredible growth, and also, it is an unstoppable browser that is still celebrating several milestones. The google chrome browser is excellent, and its growth story will never stop. It will be interesting to see where more it can hold dominance In the years to come. Google company has quite a lot of nicknames.

Since it was first named as the ‘BackRub’ and presently is known as Google, it has become the most used search engine and one of the most recognized companies in the world. Google has an incredible history and generates a considerable amount of profits, and it is all due to its effectiveness towards work and its services. It also handles sponsorships when it specifically comes to software development learning. Also, google is well known to protect society and take care of nature.

We have all assembled the google stats for you to know the reality of google. Google has impacted the economy of the world and has boomed. There is a lot of increment that the company has made in the world of search engines.