The worlds of gaming and art have been revolutionized, thanks to NFTs. Whether you consider them a possibility for new artists or a speculative fad, they sell for millions of dollars and make headlines.

NFTs sell like cakes online even though their longevity is debated. Also, since the rise of Facebook’s metaverse, many people are convinced that NFTs will stay. Therefore, one can take this time as an opportunity to create digital art. This article brings you everything about the right NFTs to buy and how you can plan that.

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens or NFT are greatly trending in today’s times. If you notice a quirky artwork, there’s a non-interchangeable and unique unit of data hidden. The good part is it uses blockchain technology as proof of ownership. Just like physical art, NFTs hold value as collectible digital assets.

NFTs are quite like Ethereum and Bitcoin. These are cryptocurrencies. However, at the same time, NFTs are totally unique. They cannot be exchanged and so, called non-fungible. You can elevate them above pure currency because the files can store extra information.

Further, one can store any digital file as an NFT. It identifies the original copy of an artwork, photography, video, music, memes, and tweets. So, anything that holds value and can be stored digitally can also be made into NFTs.

They are like other items, including a vintage action figure or a painting. But, instead of purchasing an item, you’re paying for proof that you own an original copy.

Types of NFT

If you’re confused regarding the kind of NFT to purchase, here are several options. Art is one of the most popular NFT forms, and all platforms allow its exchange.

In addition, video games and music are digital stuff bought and sold on these sites. You may even go for virtual fashion, domain names, memes, big sports moments, and trading cards.

Buy your NFT

Once you have your account funded, buying an NFT becomes easy. Many marketplaces offer the format of auctions. So, you can submit an NFT bid. Other marketplaces may work as an exchange. They use the lowest ask and the highest bid for NFTs with multiple prints.

In a nutshell, NFT is a profitable investment because objects like art can be tokenized. Further, you can set those images as your profile picture or post them online once you have the rights.

Marketplaces to buy and sell NFTs

Do online marketplaces confuse you? Here are the top sites to visit for buying and selling NFTs.


Coinbase has announced its NFT. It has initiated a peer-to-peer marketplace for making purchasing, minting, discovering, and showcasing NFTs easier. As people accessed Bitcoin for the first time with Coinbase, NFT will also find its trusted and easy way through this company.

You can go for Coinbase NFT because it builds user-friendly interfaces. So, things would not remain complex anymore. Moreover, the new social features added will open avenues for discovery and conversation. If you buy Coinbase NFTs, it’s a sure win for fans as well as artists. The creator community will exponentially rise.


You should know that NFTs are commonly used in the world of art. The collectors and creators (those who trade) coexist in the market. When an artist exhibits his/her art in a digital gallery, they use NFTs to leave a mark. So, you can consider it a signature.

Artwork will always carry a distinctive pattern regardless of it being commercialized. WazirX is an amazing crypto exchange platform that has made a big splash, especially in countries like India.

You can find a solid community of buyers and sellers at WazirX. The relationship between collectors and creators is supported by carefully selected artists. The platform offers these artists a digital marketplace with outstanding trajectories. So, creators can easily make their transactions.


The marketplace of Binance NFT brings together creators, artists, and crypto enthusiasts. They come on a single platform to trade and create top NFTs. Since the Binance blockchain infrastructure empowers it, you get the highest liquidity platform. Users can trade and launch NFTs here.

The distinct product lines on offer include the marketplace for bidding, selling, and minting. Also, certain events offer top artists’ NFTs, and the mystery boxes featuring NFTs have different levels of rarity.

As a user, you can use the account to sell and buy NFTs on the marketplace. In this way, you leverage every convenience from a single point of access. So, users can utilize every function and feature of Binance. They can even load their wallet to transact in the Binance NFT marketplace.


You can use cards to purchase more than 200 high-quality currencies. Moreover, there are more than 400 trading pairs at BitMart to choose from. It is a one-stop to invest and manage cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

BitMart also has an advanced system of risk control. There are multi-signature technologies and hybrid cold and hot wallet systems advanced risk control systems in the market. So, you get 100% secure digital asset management and trading.

The best part is BitMart NFT offers a 24/7 customer support team. So, they are available to help and are receptive to your needs all the time.


Most NFTs right now are used to sell collectibles and digital art. It could be a new exchanging form or a fad. But the collectible assets range from artwork to trading cards. The way forward is NFTs can be used as tokens in the real world.

They can even get ownership of assets incorruptible and transparent. For vehicle titles, real estate, and business ownership, non-fungible tokens can be extremely valuable. You can pick any of the NFT platforms like BitMart, Binance, Coinbase, or WazirX and start exchanging.