Non-fungible tokens or an NFT is a digital object. It simply states virtual ownership of almost anything. They work with blockchain technology, offering a digital records ledger that needs no central system to run. The blockchain maintains the record of all the transactions through NFT. NFTs might also include smart contracts that are entirely automated. NFTs cannot be altered or copied and make them suitable for tracking down the ownership of a property, ownership rights of an image, possession of land, etc.

Though there are a few roadblocks associated with NFTs. – The ownership rights, seller tax, and the speculation associated with it. But as the volume of such transactions rises, these issues will be addressed simultaneously. There may be uncertainty about the rights and ownership in an NFT sale, especially regarding music. The success of NFTs is being treated as the new buzzword. The growth of the NFT is possible as the companies are addressing the issues of authenticity and ownership.

How do you buy NFTs?

Generally, NFTs are bought using Ether or the Ethereum network. However, you can convert it to dollars by trading on exchanges like Kraken, Coinbase, and Gemini.

The networks like Solana and Ethereum help you to build apps for storing personal data. They also have rules to carry out financial transactions involving intelligent contracts governing the sale and ownership of NTFs.

You must have an assigned digital wallet to trade in NFTs. It helps you to store the cryptocurrency. WazirX, Coinbase, Binance, Birmart, etc., are some marketplaces where you can buy NFTs. NFTs get sold with the help of an auction where you bid for purchasing an NFT.

From where can you buy NFTs?

A lot of artists see NFTs as a vast market to sell their art and get a fixed percentage via royalty agreements. It helps create a digital collection of art and can be sold quickly to people with an eye for such talent.

Online marketplaces have seen significant growth, and some portals have more than $3.5 billion transaction volume on platforms like Ethereum. The NFT market also has a lot of venture capital pouring in. But it is crucial to assess the marketplaces, read all the service terms, scrutinize the portal, and then invest.

Keeping this in mind, here are some trusted marketplaces that can help you deal in NFTs:

  1. WazirX:

    WazirX helps you enter a great community. It helps establish solid relationships amongst the art collectors and creators. It has a scrutinized selection of creators, offering them a well-developed digital marketplace to make transactions. WazirX has its native token named WRX, through with the NFTs can be traded. They follow a fixed-price theme.

    The platform’s gas fee is much less than other platforms. The platform is operating in the Beta phase, but you can trade the NFTs securely.

  2. Binance NFT

    It is the marketplace of NFT, offering an open market for creators, artists, NFT collectors, crypto enthusiasts, and creative people all over the world. It offers minimal fees and easy liquidity. It has various product lines, including Mystery Box, Premium Events, and Marketplace. In addition, Binance NFT has a valuable collection and easily tradable portal for clients.

  3. Coinbase

    It is a big name when it comes to Bitcoin. It is a trusted name and is now entering the NFTs. It will be on Ethereum based standards. The NFTs will be listed on-chain, and they will also launch the multi-chain portal soon. The fee is nominal, and a considerable base of art collectors and creators is available on the platform. Coinbase is considered one of the best exchanges for dealing with NFTs.

  4. CoinMarketCap

    CoinMarketCap has blossomed into a reliable and trusted source of trading in NFTs. After comparing the different marketplaces, various institutions, users, and media have chosen CoinMarketCap to be a great place to trade in NFTs. It presents accurate data about NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, and other asset classes to clients worldwide. It has the vision to create a crypto revolution, gain transparency in this space, have a nominal fee, and strengthen people’s faith in investing in this asset class.


NFT has become the next big thing and includes all virtual collectibles. It includes all the NBA virtual cards, video clips of EDM, Video art, rare tweets, virtual real estate, and much more.

Just as crypto has gained immense popularity in the past few years, NFT has also gained popularity. As NFTs are stored in an open blockchain so they can be tracked for trading. The creators can also get a royalty for the work.

Though many questions have been asked regarding the ownership of NFTs, the craze for NFTs is undying. You may find the rarest piece of art, old artifacts, and even virtual property traded through this medium. It is the next big thing, but you must also take care of the marketplace you are buying it from. Always go for a trusted marketplace that has well-defined fees and instructions for the trade. Always trade safe and invest wisely.