NFT stands for non – fungible token. This means that it cannot be replaced with something else. For example, Bitcoin can be replaced with a different bitcoin. This trading card that you will get is non-fungible, and it would be one of a kind. If you end up trading it for another card, then you will end up with something that is different from what you exchanged. An NFT could be anything that is digital. This includes music, drawing, and selling it further. NFTs are doing well, mostly in the market of selling digital art. The thing about this digital art is that you can get ownership of the art, and you do not have to be in charge of the copyright and reproduction, but you can own it.

NFTs are actually a part of Ethereum. Ethereum is a very popular cryptocurrency like bitcoin, but within its blockchain, there is also support for NFTs. Other cryptocurrencies can also have their own NFTs.

How to Buy NFTs?

If you have used eBay before then, you will have a good idea about how NFTs work. The NFT marketplaces are very similar to auction houses. You have to place a bid, and then you have to wait. You might still find some NFTs that have a fixed price, and you can buy them when you see them.

These prices are listed under decimals of ether and also have the dollar value near them. The dollar value keeps on fluctuating because of the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Every NFT will also have a gas fee. This is a number that continues to fluctuate, and it is the money that goes to the miners because they are responsible for the etherium blockchain.

Where can you buy NFTs?

There are many marketplaces that you can use to buy cryptocurrency. All the markets have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some common markets for NFTs are Mintable, variable, super rare,, etc. Every market has different requirements for its crypto wallets, and there are different wallets. Generally, the crypto markets that are accepted are metamask, coinbase wallet, formatting, etc.

What is a crypto wallet?

This is a wallet that can allow you to send and receive or store digital assets that you have—Eg, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, etc. There are different wallets, and all of them have different features. This wallet can be built into your web browser or even have an extension. You can also use this through an application on your phone. The crypto wallet could also be hardware that fits the outside of your computer.

How to make an NFT?

If you wish to make an NFT, then you would need to have the video, music file, or image, then you can upload a pre-funded wallet that you can use with your respective blockchain.

Usually, you would find a create button on the website of the marketplace that you have chosen. After you click on it, keep on following the instructions, and you will reach up to your new NFT.

You will have to choose if you want to make a single or multiple NFTs, and then you have to select a sale and price type. You might also be asked for gas fees. This amount can vary among websites, but you will have to pay it most of the time.

How to sell NFTs?

If you decide to sell your NFTs, then there are two ways that you can do this. One is when you want to sell an NFT that you have already bought. The other is when you want to sell an NFT that you have minted. Just like mining, you will have to pay for the non-fungible token. This includes gas fees. However, the final sale fees are dictated by the market.

How to sell an NFT that you bought?

You can resell an NFT on the secondary market just the way that you would with anything else that you own. Ensure that the NFT that you want to sell is in the crypto wallet, and it is paired up with the marketplace that you want to sell it in. You can always sell the NFT for more money than you initially purchased it for. The short-term or long-term value of this NFT is not guaranteed.

How to sell an NFT that you minted?

When you have completed making the NFT on whichever platform that you prefer, you can choose if you want a fixed price for everyone to use or you want to set up an auction. You can make a starting price and set up the terms of what you wish to sell the NFT for. There are some instances when you can get royalties in the future whenever your NFTs get sold.


There is risk in any investment that you make. Do not take this as a recommendation. We are just trying to make you more aware of this type of investment, you can make an informed decision based on what you have read, and then you can decide if NFT investments are right for you.

There are many different NFT investments that you can choose from, and all these investments are great. All platforms have their own benefits and different charges, so you can choose whichever one you prefer, and then you can use that to grow your wealth. NFTs are gaining in popularity, and more and more people are buying them, so there is a good market for them, and you will see the benefit for it as well.