Technology and digitalization have advanced in the last few years, and it has changed the way people worldwide communicate, work, and even shop for goods. Businesses and consumers no longer like cash transactions. Instead, contactless payments and digital checkout have expanded this behavior. But now, a new digital investment and payment system is emerging around the world – cryptocurrencies.

Everyone probably has heard of Bitcoin before. It was the first cryptocurrency to become mainstream, but others are also becoming more popular with time. There are around 2,000 different varieties of cryptocurrencies in the market.

Anyone with an internet connection can buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies anywhere and earn profits from their investments. It is excellent for all market participants, but many beginners do not fully understand the market and the community. As a result, they become victims of hacking and theft because of a lack of awareness and illiteracy. And in this confusion, you will suffer a significant loss.

What is CryptoCurrency?

It is a mechanism of digital payment that does not depend on banks for verifying any transaction. Instead, it’s a system that allows everyone to send and receive payments from anywhere in the world. In addition, a digital available both online and offline wallet to keep cryptocurrency.

Its name comes from the reason that it uses encryption to verify transactions. This means that complex coding is used to store and transport cryptocurrency data between parties.

The foundation of this currency is the blockchain technology that records, tracks, and maintains transactions. Several of these digital assets are decentralized. This means that the coin has no third-party influence or control of governments or central banks. In addition, cryptocurrencies are dynamic and speculative. This means that the values ​​are also flexible and can be shifted at any time.

Risk in the Crypto Sector

  • Leaving cryptocurrencies on the exchange

    Many beginners leave cryptocurrencies on the exchange when they start trading at first in cryptocurrencies. It’s easy because crypto coins and funds are available for transactions readily. Unfortunately, hackers also like the idea that so many cryptocurrencies are in one place and ready to carry. Hacking is not limited to hackers only. Even employees and the founders of the stock market commit serious fraud.

  • Storing cryptocurrencies locally

    In contrast to leaving assets in central cloud storage, storing on local devices is lost or stolen or forgetting PIN/password. The problem with local storage is that it can easily be misplaced, or someone can track and steal the information.

  • Criminal target

    Much of your data is available to anyone who wants to target users, so the chances of your crypto being targeted are perfectly realistic. Email phishing attacks, SIM swap attacks that bypass two-factor authentication, and other intelligent social engineering tactics are all examples of personal attacks.

  • Natural Disasters and Accidental Loss

    Estimating the value of the cryptocurrency that is lost due to accidents and natural disasters can be hard. But it’s worth billions of dollars. Many believe that forgetting PINs and passwords is the number one cause of loss, even with security measures. However, accidents and natural disasters can also occur. Unfortunately, when it comes to cryptocurrency security, this factor is usually overlooked.

  • Loss of Wealth for Generations

    When thinking about entering the world of crypto, we usually don’t think about death or incompetence, but the impact of cryptocurrency security is specific. It means that you need to take protective measures. It is essential to maintain access to funds for future generations. This begins with a will to the beneficiaries and the advice of trust and real estate attorney to prepare an asset allocation strategy.

Tips to Safely Invest in Cryptocurrency

  • Research about exchanges

    Doing extensive research and study on cryptocurrency exchange before investing even a single penny is very necessary. There are more than 500 exchanges that offer the ability to buy and sell digital currencies. Do your homework, study reviews, and talk to more experienced investors before making any investment decision.

  • Diversify

    Diversification is the key to every good investment strategy, even when investing in cryptocurrencies. For example, don’t put all of your money into Bitcoin just because it is famous. Instead, with thousands of options, it’s best to spread your investment across multiple cryptocurrencies.

    In addition to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market, there is a risk that a particular cryptocurrency may be closed due to bankruptcy or other reasons.

    Therefore, when investing in crypto coins, it is advisable to research everything the market offers. In this way, making investments in all the top crypto players in the market increases the potential for a reasonable return on your investment.

  • Multiple level authentication

    Cryptocurrencies are a common target for cyber-crimes and attacks, so it is always recommended not to use the same password for multiple accounts. Using strong passwords for different accounts limits the risk of seizures. If possible, use two-factor authentication and password rotation. When you receive coins to your online wallet, managing and securing them becomes crucial.

    Therefore, if you are using a wallet, make sure you have multiple levels of authentication set up. The advantage of having various levels of security takes longer for hacking and phishing attacks.

  • Use an offline wallet

    Online wallets are gaining in popularity, and so are attracting the attention of hackers. Most consumer cryptocurrencies should be stored offline or in a physical wallet, and very few should be stored in an online wallet. One of the most common mistakes beginners make when entering the cryptocurrency trading world is often to use the online digital wallet service provided by the exchange.

    It’s the most accessible wallet to set up and use because it’s already on the exchange, but it’s also a wallet that’s easy to hack. The reason for this is that all cryptocurrency stocks are centrally stored on the exchange, forming a honeypot of coins, making it attractive to hackers and thereby making users the victims of hacking.

    So it is best to store assets in an offline wallet. The physical wallet should be safely stored, for example, in a safe or deposit box. It is always recommended to separate the private and public keys, and both should be protected with complex passwords and multi-factor authentication. The offline wallet can be operated via a desktop, mobile device, or specially dedicated hardware.

  • Private keys

    The private or secret key is used to verify that the person sending and receiving digital currency is the wallet owner. Cold storage is the most secure method for storing private keys. It is best to refrigerate the key to print it and erase all its digital traces.

    The most significant risk to crypto-assets and holdings forgets passwords and PIN codes. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your password secure. And make hard copies of private keys.

  • Contact trustworthy wallets, mobile apps, exchanges, and brokerages

    Investors should carefully review the security features of each platform before choosing a platform to understand how their data and coins would be protected. For example, when retaining cryptography, trusted entities must take optimal security measures, such as SSL / TLS encryption, multi-factor authentication, and offline devices with air gaps. In addition, whether you’re using one or more cryptocurrency platforms, it’s essential to have a secure password and key manager, so you don’t lose your credentials.


The cryptocurrency market is volatile, with dramatic price fluctuations and the risk of being hacked. Everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies now, but keep in mind that it is still in infancy. Investing in new things can be challenging, so be prepared. The most important aspect is to select and configure the best crypto wallets and exchanges. One such easy-to-use interface is WazirX for trading in cryptocurrency. The best possible step to stay secure in the crypto world is to keep up with the latest crypto security information.