One would argue that art is dying in the modern world where technology is taking over the world. The art depicts standard, fame, and class in the previous centuries; however, its essence has been changed over the years. Painting on canvasses and sorting colors are declining skills in modern society, and quite a handful of individuals genuinely take an interest.

However, the relationship between art and humans is a unique one. Art brings perspectives and changes the way of thinks and so its influence should not be neglected. Its impact has not been neglected and has been incorporated into modern-day technology.

However, another type of art introduced as technology advanced, digital or graphical art. Individuals of various age groups use graphic or digital art by drawing on their iPads or drawing tablet with an XP pen. Additionally, the incorporation of these skills has led to the development of high-quality animations and more. These days you can easily capture the uniqueness of art with the right skills, technology, and method.

However, digital art also risks being copied easily, allowing ownership conflicts and thereby destroying its uniqueness. Therefore, technology went one step ahead and established identity to art by using Blockchain technology. This resolved ownership conflicts and was a way to bring back essence to art. The integration of art with blockchain technology is termed NFTs or non-fungible tokens.

What are NFTs, and what it stands for?

The non-fungible in NFTs refers to uniqueness or one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable. For instance, BTC or bitcoin is replaceable and not unique as one can trade it for another. However, it is the complete opposite for NFTs as it is unique along with its trading value. Therefore, if you sell an NFT, you will get another card or NFT. In simpler terms, each NFT has a unique trading value and digital art associated with it.

For instance, if you have a digital Mona Lisa NFT, you can trade it for a digital comic art like the Sharingan or something else. Hence, the uniqueness is preserved.

However, there is another aspect associated with this that generates a unique value to all the digital art created. This has got to do with ETH Ethereum, which is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or dogecoin.

How do NFTs work?

As mentioned previously, NFTs are integrated with Blockchain technology with ETH. Other cryptocurrencies have also sort interest in this aspect of Blockchain technology and have already started their own NFTs. Due to its integration with Blockchain technology, it becomes easier to trace funds and establish a well-stored transaction record allowing transparency.

NFTs can be anything digital, whether it is art, music, or a gif. Intriguingly, it can also be your brain transformed into AI. Everyone is curious about NFTs, but moreover, people are looking for tech to sell digital art in the market.

NFTs and their legal framework in the US

One needs to understand that NFTs are intellectual rights to usage that the seller has granted. Blockchain technology governs it. There are no direct state or federal regulatory guidelines for NFTs in the US as it is an attempt to provide intellectual rights to deserving artists. However, there are few states where laws have been drafted to keep it under its purview. Additionally, NFTs are susceptible to cyberthreats which can be resolved with further developments to establish a robust control.

Why are people excited about NFTs?

Here are some of the top reasons why NFTs are excited about NFTs:

  • You can own something which is unique and can’t be replicated.
  • Items associated with NFTs can be easily verified with the public Blockchain network.
  • For crypto enthusiasts, NFTs represents an easy way of handling cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it promotes mainstream adoption of the cryptocurrency market.
  • Individuals are excited to use NFTs as collectibles like they would in their childhood by collecting rare cards.
  • Uniquely owned goods offer a good value with the advancement of time.

How to buy NFTs?

Step 1:

It is essential to know that before buying NFTs, one needs to sign up to cryptocurrency trading platforms where you can have a crypto wallet. You can fund cryptocurrency marketplaces like Coinbase, Binance, Coinmarketcap, and Bitmart. These are all verified cryptocurrency marketplaces where you can hold cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, and more.

Step 2:

Get your cryptocurrency wallet where you can trade quickly and control your digital assets. Such platforms to establish your crypto wallet includes and metamask.

Step 3:

Once you own ETH and have signed up for a crypto wallet, transfer your ETH to the wallet. This will allow you to buy NFTs easily in various marketplaces on the web.

Step 4:

There are various NFT marketplaces like Wazirx, Rarible, and more where you can sync your wallet and invest in NFTs. Various other sites host auctions where you can purchase NFTs easily.

Step 5:

Hold your favorite NFTs, and sell them for a higher value in the future.

Where to buy NFTs?

There are various marketplaces to buy NFTs in the US, including Axie Infinity, Decentraland, Nifty Gateway, Zora, Zeptagram, etc. Moreover, NFTs market places are evolving where some sell NFTs on auctions while some have a fixed value. In addition, you can purchase NFTs with unique art from Wazirx, which are of Indian origin.

Can you create NFTs?

You might argue about buying NFTs when you have the skills to create unique digital art. Yes, that’s right, you can easily create NFTs provided you have ETH and a digital wallet set-up. You can then upload your file, connect with the ETH, and put it on auction on various sites. In this way, you can earn good profits and sell your digital art online.


NFTs are modern-day art galleries where one views digital art and purchases it. The only difference is that its uniqueness is established by generating a unique id with Blockchain technology. Additionally, total transparency prevents money laundering with art. Collecting unique stuff is now made easy by integrating it with a valuable asset. You are not late to buy NFTs as the journey has just started. Therefore, buy NFTs and be a part of the financial, artistic, and technology change.