With social media playing a prominent role in the promotional and marketing activities for the brands, optimization of the web pages is gaining prominence among the marketers. Not oblivious to the tremendous competition that they face, site optimization is the only way out to wriggle out from the cut-throat competition that the brands face on the platform, which has a global reach.

What is optimization? Do hashtags influence SEO?

Optimizing your account refers to all the processes that are undertaken to drive traffic to your websites. This means both the quality of the content and the promotional activities that will rank your content higher for a particular search word. The better the optimization, the better is your visibility on the platform.

Generally, SEOs are associated with websites or the profiles that appear in the search results of the search engines like Google, Bing, Edge…etc. Computing a direct relation between SEO and social media has been difficult. So far, mainly because the internal algorithms that mark the same are unknown to the general public. But statistics have seen optimizing your account appropriately result in positive growth.

One of the optimizations practiced across multiple social platforms is the use of hashtags. Hashtags are a simple way to convert any appropriate keyword into links. From Twitter, where the practice started to Instagram, where you can use as many as 30 hashtags per post, the culture is growing. A well-created and appropriate usage of hashtags ensures that you can drive constant traffic to your site as long as those hashtags are still kicking.

Fifteen generator tools that make things easier for you!

Since the hashtags play a role in driving the traffic to the site, they yield considerable power in deciding the growth curve of your brand on the platform. Choosing the hashtags that do the work for you is all a matter of luck. Some work, and some do not.

Learning from the influencers who have found success and your competitors who are rising up the visibility ladder, you might get some insight on what works and what does not. But there is no guarantee that they will work for your account. Except for experimenting and trying out combinations, you don’t have quite an option if you want to do them manually.

But, if you are tired of the permutation and combination of hashtags, then these automated generators are the go-to-stop for you. The generator tools help you identify the popular hashtags and the ones that are driving most of the traffic back to the site. Thus, making it easier for you to choose one from the pool of suggestions based on the metrics.

Here are some tools that are giving people a run for their time.


    Surf through the visibility index to find your account’s visibility. Search for hashtags that help you to increase your visibility. Always updating itself to the changing indexes of the algorithms, SISTRIX has a large database for reference, making sure that your marketing does not lag.

  2. Ingramer

    No idea which keyword might go best with your photo? Fret not. Ingramer is here to take the bullet. Be it a photo, URL, or keyword, the website can generate the popular hashtags you are searching for. There are multiple tools available on the website which help you tread through the platform easily, which makes it one of the best AI tools for Instagram marketing.

  3. Kicksta

    If you are worried about the stagnancy in your growth, then try to change your keyword styles. Kicksta helps you create a targeted hashtag list depending on the competitor list. It also gives an automated like to the targeted profiles, helping you gain their notice and hopefully an engagement back.

  4. All-Hashtag

    Type in the keyword, and the website generates hashtags categorized under various subs, like the top hashtags and similar hashtags. Just copy and paste them wherever you want, and that’s it. The tools help you generate your hashtags and analyze how the hashtags worked for your marketing.

  5. BigBangram

    Apart from hashtags that click with the audience, the website supports various automated features like post scheduling and automatic commenting apart from others. In short, it handles pretty much all of your hurdles except for your content!

    However, the website revolves its functioning around Instagram, therefore not the best option if you want to generate hashtags for other platforms.

  6. Photerloo

    Use your photographs to generate the hashtags that you want. Features allow you to search for the hashtags based on the popularity level, helping you stay clear of hashtags with billion posts where your content may not work out. The accuracy of the hashtags generated by the website may sometimes be totally out of context; hence make sure you look them up.

  7. Display purposes

    Apart from setting up hashtags matching your keyword, the website displays the relevant hashtags trending in your area. Surf through the maps and find the key hashtags of the area. A no customer support indeed is a minus point, but the pros are indeed worth looking out for.

  8. Tags Finder

    A free app to find the relevant hashtags to your search, the website is quite simple in its work. Search country-wise the hashtags that are trending there and search according to the parameters that you want to set.

  9. Hashatit

    Search for the hashtags and see their usage across various supported platforms ranging from Facebook to Tumblr. You can filter out the platforms you want the search to be limited to and surf through the posts based on popularity. With your hashtag, search for the other related hashtags used by others.

  10. Tailwind

    A hashtag set generated just for you, amongst other features, make Tailwind makes Tailwind highly desirable. With tags or link generators, and automation on the platform, everything is just easy a few clicks. The site allows you a free trial, followed by monthly charges.

  11. Metahashtags

    The free version helps you generate hashtags and lists the post and the engagements they have received with the hashtag. Upgrade to the paid version to enjoy the full benefits of the websites.

  12. HashMe

    Driven by the AI to find for your posts the most appropriate keywords, HashMe has so far a satisfactory user review. The only problem lies with the notification that constantly comes up. Other than this, the app makes a good deal.

  13. Ritetag

    Based on real-time engagements that the hashtags offer, find the hashtags for your pictures and texts. Enjoy the benefits of a free trial to measure up the benefits you may see. With the right tools, the website offers you many other features that expand your market.

  14. Flick

    Use this to not only find the best hashtags you can use but also how your hashtags have performed. The metrics available give you an insight into how the hashtags have fared. The process is simple. Just type your keyword, and voila, top hashtags are available for you.

  15. Instavast

    Generate hashtags that matter and evaluate how your account gas profited from the same. There are also available features of automation directly resulting in increasing your engagement, though it is debatable whether the practice is good or not. Beware of not receiving your end of the deal, as at times, the services get mixed up.

    A simple way to pick out the best one that will suffice your requirements is to go through the reviews that the websites have received. An exhaustive review considering all matters at hand helps you tick the one that fits your need the most.


Hashtags are a prominent part in deciding your engagement. Since most of the hashtags are short-lived, their prominence on the platform changes with time and other variables. An automated generator tool gives you an exhaustive detail of the trend and the returns of the hashtags, providing you a predicted list of what will work best.

Thus, stop trying to rack your brain around the probabilities and do smart social media marketing with the help of these inexpensive tools.