What is an Email Open Rate?

When we talk about an email Opening rate, we talk about when people open their inbox to check mails and how likely they will open to your email. Whether your email is read thoroughly, ignored, archived, or deleted. It is an average number of supporters who would open a separate email amongst other supporters. Email open rate is a way to gauge the probability of its success. Furthermore, it helps to understand the email designing requires any enhancement.

An email service provider (ESPs) measures the email opening rate by calculating the number of people who opened the email and splitting it by the number of emails sent which failed to reach the recipient’s email. The emails which are not delivered don’t open; hence they cannot be counted amongst the Open Email Percentage.

It would be alarming if the Email Opening rate is meager. The users need to send an email that the recipient reads with enthusiasm from beginning to end. These days, before opening their workstations or device of work, most people check the emails on their mobile phones. It is always best to create Mobile & user- friendly emails easily opened on iOS and Android Phones.

However, open email rate is an important factor along with other dimensions of Email Marketing achievements such as Click available rate, how many times emails have been put in Spam and finally unsubscribed. In the case of a shallow email opening rate, you have likely missed the recipient’s mind or thought process.

There are various reasons why the recipients do not open your email. Keeping in consideration of an increase in email opening rate, you have to deal with these reasons.

Let’s find out these reasons:-

  1. Double-check your mailing list

    double-checking your email helps the marketing strategy to increase email productivity and the position of the Sender. SendPulse is an email Verifier, through which you will know the situation of your email addresses in your contact list and will get a new list of valid emails.

  2. Make your contact emailing list Orderly:

    Another reason for your email’s low open rate could be sending emails to dormant recipients. Track the number of times your emails have been answered or if there’s no acknowledgment within a few months. Through the Re-Activation Email drive, there is no response or exposure to your emails even after that. The next step is to remove the dormant contacts from your list. Regularly checking your list and removing the non-responsive, fake, and forged email addresses from your list will improve your chance of increasing the open email rate. SendPulse plays an important role here; it axiomatically unsubscribes dormant and fake emails.

  3. Divide your Email list

    You are dividing your contact list according to relevance and purpose. The more relevant emails are, are more likely it will be to get projected emails with a higher open email rate. Businesses that deal with Sports activity, Art, religion are likely to have more email available rates than businesses dealing with online commercial trade. It is also found that the bigger is your list of Sender’s the lesser chances you have of open emails.

  4. Creativity is essential in your Email content

    When you are marketing your email, it is a vital part of showing your innovation and creativity. Make your content precise, engaging, relevant, and appealing to your recipient. Sometimes a tinge of humor or a punch line affects the people to open your email. The recipient gets inspired with a little witty and touch of humor and personalizes the email. Your email should have a friendly gesture than more of a corporate text. Writing your email like a friend appeals to the recipient and motivates them to open your emails.

  5. Applying the Sender’s name in the email and keep it simple and straight forward

    • Using your/Sender’s name in your email brings trustworthiness to the consumer or the recipients. Like nobody likes to see emails with [email protected], or do we? It is always better to use the brand name or Sender’s name to make your email more personalized. Also, keep your Emails straightforward. Send Plain-Text Emails.
    • Promoting the main context of your emails with the appropriate preheader and main subject content. It is seen through some testing of comparison of two types of emails sent to a similar audience to find out which kind of email is opened by both audiences. One is with a proper Preheading, Subject content, and the perfect time of sending, and the other is and too much of marketing, selling purposes, repetitively using similar words.

      The probability of opening the email is the first type of email because of its appearance and writing format. Hence it is essential to write an email with a gesture to please not forcefully wanting you to read the email.

  6. Abstain from Spam Filters

    Spam Filter is a well-designed program to identify uninvited and rejected emails and stops these emails from getting into a user’s inbox. Such emails are called Spam. Internet Services Providers put these spam filters to make sure that the spam messages don’t float. Increase your open rate and increase your email marketing campaigns; the best is to avoid getting scammed. Few methods to follow to avoid getting spammed are –

    • Consider IP address should not have been written earlier to send Spam in the past; hence, it is crucial to have a good IP Address.
    • Send Your email through established domains.
    • Using a language that doesn’t sound like a salesperson’s language, discounts buy and sale, words lead you to get dropped in Spam Folder.
    • Never use misleading or fraudulent lines in your email.
    • It is best to share your location in your email; it brings trust and authenticity.
  7. Time placement

    Sending your email at which hour of the day or night plays a vital role in opening your emails. The Sender needs to send any critical formal or informal mail at a perfect time. An unsuitable timing can be a reason for the fall down on the Open Rate of your emails. The most convenient timing is during the first half of the day when recipients generally with a fresh mind opens up their day for work.

    Additionally, what could affect your email opening rate could be the text or the content of the emails or sending too many times. Even though it is a reminder email, sending it time and again might also affect the mindset of opening the emails; the recipient might want to avoid extending your email. The most inappropriate time to read emails is during peak hours or at night. As per se SendPulse, there is a way to find out your email’s best timing through A/B Tests.


A/B Testing compares two alternatives of the same page to different sections of website viewers and tests which out of these two sections get more viewership and brings more reformation in open rates. Other Businesses opt for this Conversion rate to enhance more viewership through the channel of A/B testing. It is considered that the more you channelize your content, the higher is the conversion rate.

To conclude it

Find out a trend of Email Marketing strategy. Following the above hints and actions, we discussed raising your email open rates. It is important to analyze the instruction, try to do the exact opposite of that. It is always a better option to give a little bit more of a personal touch than what is proposed in the instructions of writing an email. Your attention should be on open rates that how your recipient will see in your email at the first go.

This way, it will be sure that your emails are attended to and opened in the first place. Out of the above seven proven ways, even if you choose to opt two and sincerely follow the above approach, it’s very much likely to increase the open rate. It will be an indicator that your recipients are keenly waiting to hear from you. Try being a go-getter, trying out new approaches and strategies like humor, punch line, subject line, and content.

Try using images, GIFs, short videos, and exclusive composition of letters; there will be a hike in your email opening rates. Going away from the waving trends will make you outstanding, and your recipients would want to get emails from you eagerly.