This is an old thing that has evolved so far that it is a lot more common.

What Are Instagram Bots?

IG bot is a service that provides a particular client to increase artificial followers on their Instagram page. There are a lot of means to use social media to boost followers, likes, and views. One of them is IG bots.

These bots will follow, like, view and comment to increase your followers, likes, views, and comments on accounts and posts in return for payment from people who asked for it.

There is only one thing that is unfavorable about Instagram, and that is bots. Operating your Instagram account is the last thing you want to do on your tight schedule.

Why Should You Not Use An Instagram Bot?

Awkward Situations And Insensitive Comments

There’s No Real Engagement

Keep it in mind, Instagram bots can never take the place of human exchange. Many people can recognize the difference between a human and a hot, so it’s not an element of amazement that the engagement with these accounts is very low.

Your Instagram Feed Will Be A Mess

When you follow several accounts on Instagram, you will have a completely bizarre feed. And if you follow more people, you will get more irrelevant posts from very irrelevant people. And the people who you know and are pretty much relevant to you will be either scrolled down or be suppressed down in your feed, which will be bad.

If you don’t have relevant people in your feed, then Instagram bots are for you. Otherwise, you should be ready to face the consequences.

They Violate Instagram’s Terms Of Use

We think that this should be the main reason not to use Instagram bots.

If an Instagram bot authorizes Instagram’s Application Program Interface without Instagram’s approval. This will violate Instagram’s Terms of Use, particularly:

  • You should not access IG’s API by any means, except for the ones which Instagram permits.
  • Do not stock cache or Instagram’s login certifications.
  • Do not use Instagram to show user’s content, import or backup the content, try to manage without our permission.
  • Make sure that your comments are made for each account.
  • Do not post invalid advertisement information on Instagram.
  • Do not allow a company to take more than one action on Instagram at once.

Anybody who uses bots that violate Instagram who uses a bot that violates Instagram’s user policy will be banned. Be smart and use natural ways to grow your Instagram.

Instagram Has Day-To-Day And Hourly Limits

These boundaries are not put in stone – but instead, they are based on your age, the number of followers, and activity. An average user should not have more than 160 likes, 65 comments, and 60-70 unfollows or follows every hour.

This is perfectly correct, as these activities, more than these, are unnatural, as nobody in this entire world can like, comment, or follow that much in such a short span of time.

Shadow Banning

Instagram gets to know when your activity is not natural. The outcome is shadow banning. This means people other than your followers will not be able to see your content. This means that the hashtags in your picture’s caption will not work, no matter how much you use them.

You will still be able to create content and share them with your existing followers, though. But you will not be able to get new followers as you cannot attract them.

Hence, bots are not safe for your growth.

We have looked at many negative aspects of Instagram bots, which might have convinced you not to get them. So, now the real question is how to grow your Instagram followers without using Instagram bots. The answer is hard work along with smart work. Buying Instagram bots is not a smart idea. So, here are some ways to grow your followers count.

Grow Your Instagram Following By Consistently Posting

Fun fact: Instagram has a great engagement ratio among all social media platforms at present.

Post Regularly To Your Instagram Page Posting regularly is the key to growing your follower count. By this means your followers will be happy with your posting schedule. They will look at your posts after you interact with them.

Putting in posting might seem like the last thing you want to do in your tight schedule. To save your time, many apps and websites help you post, organize, draft, and post posts, all of them at the same time.

Rather than posting hurriedly, plan all your posts. This will make you confident about giving valuable and useful content to your followers.

Post Regularly to your Instagram StoriesM

By being active on Instagram stories is a great idea to interact with your followers. You can post all your interests in your stories. You can also share the content, which will start discussions on your IG stories. By that, people will tend to engage with your page.

If you own a business on Instagram, you can sneak peek into your production house, as this will increase transparency, and people will trust you a lot. Also, Instagram stories stay up for 24 hours, and this will let you post whatever you might think of not posting on your profile.

Use Instagram stories to grow your following by:

  • Mentioning the location on your Instagram will increase your featuring opportunities.
  • Add at least 10-15 hashtags in your posts; this will help you get discovered.
  • Start sharing posts on stories. These posts can be a meme that you found funny or people whose work you like a lot, etc.
  • Mention people in your stories so that they repost the stories. You are more likely to get followers by that.
    Interact with your followers.

Of course, it can be pretty attractive to find out your most loyal followers, follow them, like their posts, leave a comment on one of them, and unfollow them (no compulsion). The point is to maintain a sweet relationship with your followers, as they will probably recommend your account further.

Truly interacting with your client or customer (only if you have a business on IG) will grow their trust in you and, in the end, the natural growth of your followers.

Use All of Instagram’s Features

Instagram’s love when you use its every feature. So, fortunately, they have simplified it to grow our following by adopting them.

Instagram Stories

  • Adding hashtags in stories will improve your possibility of starring.
  • Mentioning a location in your stories will improve your possibility of starring.
  • Mentioning other people in stories improves your possibility of the person you have mentioned sharing your content.

It would be best to look for a fun thing on Instagram: questions and polls stickers. Through these Stickers, you will be able to learn about your audience. They can be considered the most useful feature, as it tells you about what your followers want, what kind of content they prefer, and whether they are happy with the content you are currently posting and if not, ask them what is lacking.

This information will be very useful for the growth of your page. You can note the content working for you and then continue to make such content, but not repeatedly, as people will get bored of it pretty much easily. Try taking risks. Ask people to comment on your post to let you know how they feel after watching your content. This will help you grow your followers.

Interact with Complementary Businesses

When we talk about how to grow your followers naturally, this one is a sneaky hack. All you have to do is collaborate with people with complementary companies. For example, if you are selling accessories online, you can contact or interact with a clothing business.

You can comment over each other’s posts or repost their stories to make it look like you have a great bond. You can always be on good terms with people you have collaborated with, as they will help you in the future.

Collaborations and Giveaways

As mentioned above, collaborations and giveaways are a great way to grow your Instagram followers naturally, that too without bots.

Choose to work together with a business related to your page somehow, and then influence their audience. A giveaway entry asks people to follow and like all your posts.

If these people show their genuine interest in your account, it is a great idea to interact with them. The tighter your relationships with your followers, the more followers you will gain due to their recommendation.


Growing Instagram followers naturally is a big task, it requires a lot of time and effort, but it is worth it in the end. Bots are temporary; there is no guarantee that they will last forever. But the followers which you earn will stay till the end. Plus, they are harmless; these followers will not violate user policy and will not get you shadowbanned.
After all, they are safe for your Instagram page’s growth. After buying bots, the situations only get worse, you get the most insensitive and awkward comments (which is very not human-like), you get shadowbanned when Instagram catches you, and if, somehow people get to know about you buying bots, the real followers will troll you in comments and in your DMs, and some might even unfollow you.
But if you grow these followers with bots, all you get is live and appreciation. It only requires hard work, passion, smart work, and planning/scheduling.
So, in the end, we would like to conclude by saying that bots are the most unsafe option, and it affects your growth badly.