Social media has helped bring the world closer in unpredictable ways. Social media has been a boon to many its benefits are not limited to connectivity rather it has provided people with the opportunity to explore the world, raise awareness about various issues, provide information and knowledge. However, each coin has two sides to it, there is the good side and the bad side. Now everyone who uses social media is aware of the good sides but they are also aware of the bad side that is being vulnerable to cybercrime. The internet is a world of its own there is no way one can be immune to cybercrime unless you take necessary precautions.

One might think that sitting behind a computer is safer than being out on the streets at night however this is not the case. Social media is a greater threat if not equal to walking on the streets at night. We feel that within the confines of our house nothing can go wrong. Even the most basic information about you can be used against you if proper care is not taken. The internet is not a safe space, it is a vast world. Any information that you provide on the net can be accessed by certain parties. With the rapid growth of technology and the web, these crimes have increased too which is why any and every social media user must be aware of the problems as well as the precautions.

What is cybercrime?

This article is concerned with the safety measures you can take concerning social media however to take relations against something you must first understand the problem. Any crime that is committed with the use of the internet and computer is known as cybercrime. Since your social media apps are internet-related sites any form of social media crime comes under cybercrime.

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What are the possible damages that can be caused by social media in case one does not take the necessary safety measures?
There are many forms of social media crimes. Cybercrimes and cyberbullying are the two most common social media crimes.

  • Stalking, cyberbullying, and online threats.
  • Hacking and internet fraud.
  • Buying illegal objects.
  • Posting media related to violence
  • Vacation robberies.

These are the most common crimes that are committed on or as a direct result of social media and the internet. There is this saying “Precaution is better than cure” and it is exactly what a beginner to social media should do. Take precautions and be safe from the evil practices of the net.

In this article, you will find out ways you can ensure your privacy and safety on different social media apps.

Protect your password

The common mistake social media users make is using the same password for all sites. More than 55% of social media users have the same password for everything. Can you imagine how easy you’re making it for someone to access your Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, and all other sites simply by putting in the same password? This is especially bad for those who use weak passwords and have little to no cybersecurity measures.

Social media basics for beginners

Make sure you take time to review your various passwords. If you’re worried about forgetting these different passwords do not worry. Several free apps are available to help you remember these passwords. You simply need to create a master key for the app, this way you’ll be able to keep all your passwords safe. Now you will not have to remember dozens of passwords but only one master key to unlock them all.

You can also provide extra security by adding extra privacy to your accounts by setting up two-factor authentication. This adds another layer of protection when you log in and also helps unauthorized users from accessing your account even with a password.

Now that the most basic yet the most important step has been addressed, let us look at precautions and measures you can take based on specific apps Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

How to stay safe on Facebook


  • As of 2020 Facebook has monthly active users of 2.6 billion users worldwide.
  • Facebook has 1.85 daily active users each day.

How To Stay Safe On Facebook

Facebook is considered to be the most invasive social media platform of all by privacy advocates, however, Facebook has taken great strides to correct these issues and improve its privacy settings over the past few years. Facebook has now provided many customizable options for its users based In which a user can customize his privacy settings. Unfortunately, many Facebook users are unaware of the safety tips provided by Facebook. Facebook also has the highest number of fake users.

1. Keep your posts for friends and family only

If you want to limit someone’s reactions to your posts you can do this by simply limiting the people seeing the post. The best safety tip available on social media is the option of limiting your audience. Sites such as Facebook demand a lot of information such as phone number, email address, date of birth, etc, which is why it is important to delegate your posts to people you know. You can do this by going to the privacy section under the settings menu. Switching your account to friends only will reduce the risk of exposure to rouge followers.

2. Change your settings

Now that you have made your posts private it is also important to make your account private too. This way you can protect your id from stalkers, exes, and strangers. Go on the settings menu, click on privacy and click on the who can look me up section, and set it to friends only. Facebook provides its users with the option of searching users by phone number, name, and e-mail id, this way your id will not be reflected on a stranger’s account.

3. Hide your friends

Now that your account is well protected you can go the extra mile by hiding your friend’s accounts as well. Facebook is known for its cross-referencing features which is why it is in your best interest to hide your friend’s list. This is also a great way to reduce the number of random requests.

Safety tips regarding Instagram

Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 for a billion dollars it has done an awful lot of growing. Since Instagram is all about photos, videos and reels users tend to share a lot of personal information without any proper precautions. To keep your Instagram presence under wraps here are a few tips you can follow.

Safety Tips Regarding Instagram

1. Do not share your location

Sharing your location with the public on Instagram gives an open invitation to strangers to sell you. It can be very dangerous and scary and it is not worth the effort. Yet if you wish to share your location do not provide an exact location.

2. Block

Using social media isn’t a cakewalk you will come across a few haters who comment rude and offensive statements on your posts. Using the block feature will remove such individuals and their comments from your profile. They will also not be able to see your profile at all.

3. Be private

Making your account private will not get you the insta-fame but it will, however, keep you safe from strangers. Switching your account to private means to see your profile users will have to request you. You can based on your preference accept or deny the request.

Tips to stay safe on Twitter

There are 2 tips you can follow to stay safe on Twitter. Firstly do not share your location with your tweets, second make sure you use the privacy and security options available on Twitter. Remember online posts stay forever so before you share a tweet to the public make sure it is safe.
Twitter controversies are brutal so post accordingly.

Tips To Stay Safe On Twitter


There you have several tips that will help you stay safe on social media platforms. Internet isn’t a walk in the park so make sure you weigh out the cons and the pros before you enter the world of social media.