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Buy Instagram Followers

Buy 100 Instagram Followers And Get A Kick Start To Fame

If you are skeptical to buy instagram followers in bulks then this is the right option for you. With buy 100 instagram real followers option you can have a good trail option. With this small offering in package you can get the taste of increasing you followers. This also makes you realize the effect of increase in followers has on your profile and brand.

It Is A Correct Way To Start A Instagram Influencer Campaign

Instagram influencer programs are very lucrative and give great returns if you have tons of followers. The accounts which have thousands of followers are qualified as influencers. So if you are starting an instagram account or already have an account and want to be an influencer, then buying 100 instagram followers is a good strategy to start.

It Does Not Create Suspicion

Buy getting 100 IG followers for $2.99 you are getting a great deal for yourself. Buying instagram followers for cheap is really legal and safe. But when you buy 10K instagram followers or more at a go and your account is new or does not have even a 100 followers, then this creates suspicion to instagram. This can get your account banned for suspicious conduct. So it is always better to buy instagram followers in small packages. Then when you have a substantial following can buy big followers deals.

It Is A Safe Testing Option

If you are not sure about your niche or instagram account. If you are in confusion whether your venture would be successful or not then the best option is to buy 100 instagram followers and see whether this is working or not. When you buy real instagram followers in 100 you get the chance to see if it gets you more followers and business. Thus if it is not working you can always suffer lesser loss. As the buy IG 100 followers only costs you $2.99.

You Can Save Money

When you are getting to buy instagram followers cheap at such low rates less than 3$, it is always the best deal. You get to taste the success of being an influencer and that too at a very cheap price. So this is a really great offer given by you must never miss out to this offer.

Gives You A Chance To Be Popular

With under 3 dollar you get a chance to get popular. With this much small amount you get to buy cheap instagram followers and a chance to become famous. So this option gives you a lifetime opportunity to get famous. So don’t waste this opportunity and make the best out of it.

Start Small Dream Big
With 100 Instagram Followers

Every influencer started with his or her first 100 Instagram followers. The initial Instagram followers are really important to get the perfect start for your Influencer campaign. People often buy 100 Instagram followers to just get the taste of this option. Getting 100 followers is no big deal if done with proper planning and research.

But the million dollar question is that are the 100 instagram followers that important, that people buy these followers in the first place.

Let’s have a detailed analysis regarding this:

Buy 100 Instagram Followers

Why Are 100 Instagram Followers Important?

Instagram is all about being social and being social means people yearn to be recognized by other people. The recognition of an Instagram page is decided by the followers that page possesses. Hence the more the followers the more is your popularity.

So if you are serious about increasing your social media fame it is important that you start by increasing your followers. The start should be with smaller numbers and the first concrete number of 100 followers. So as a start pack the 100 figure is very important for a start.

Get 100 Instagram Followers
  • It gives a good start to the account: When you get your first 100 Instagram followers, you get the perfect start needed for your account to flourish.
  • It gives credibility to your account: The initial rush of hundred followers is the first credibility that you get for your account.
  • It boosts your Profile: The first 100 followers you get, give you the perfect traction needed by your Instagram profile.
  • You start getting noticed by Instagram Crawlers: With 100 Instagram followers at your disposal the Instagram crawlers notice you and identify your niche and likings and direct the similar traffic to your posts.

So we see now that the 100 followers are very important for your profile to succeed on this platform. So this takes us to the second level of our blog.

How To Gain 100
Instagram Followers In A Day?

Instagram is big, it is right now bigger than facebook and all other social media platforms put together in terms of popularity.

This means that everyone has more to explore on instagram and also people are more likely to get better engagement on Instagram. So Instagram is the best place to showcase your business, talent, blog, music and literally anything you want to promote.

The only thing needed is to build your following. To increase your followers you need to first get your initial 100 followers. So here are some easy steps through which you would gain your first 100 instagram followers in 24 hours.

Step 1: Optimize Your Profile To Get Maximum Engagement

The most important step towards getting your initial burst of followers is designing your profile beautifully so that it attracts maximum potential followers.

Let’s be honest we would not visit a page that does not seem attracted to us. Who would not visit Kylie Jenner’s page? But if there are no photos of her on that page, would you visit?

Maybe never.

So it is very important to create an attractive and great profile which acts as a click bait for followers. Here are some steps through which you can do the same:

Buy Instagram Followers
  1. The profile image should be eye-catching bearing either yours or your company’s logo. Then set up a bio that reflects your personality and the value of your brand.
  2. After the profile step up you need to post at least 10 images before self-promotions. The reason for this is similar to that of Kyle Jenner’s profile given above. The photos on the post should be of supreme quality, they should be a reflection of you, and they should be able to tell what to accept from you now and in the future. The audience must feel your quality.

Step 2: Identify At Least 25 Strategic #S

Instagram is different from facebook. When you post something on facebook you would only get engagement to your post with 5, 10, 30 people to the max.

It is entirely different with Instagram. Here without even a single follower you can get more than 100 likes and comments.

You ask why??

Well it is due to the power of Hashtags.

Get 100 Instagram Followers

Instagram allows you to post 30#s per post. Which is a very huge number if we look at potential wise. So be very strategic when choosing the hashtags.

As a start you should always select the hashtags less than 300k images. You can go with higher numbers when you get more than 10 or 15 k followers. If you select the hashtags with more than 300k images your post would be lost in the crowd and you would get zero engagement.

Our goal should be to get featured in the top 10 posts under each hashtag.

Tip 1: Post at least 30-35 Hashtags in the form of comment at the end of your post, this will lead you to getting more engagement to the post and possibility of getting followers.

Step 3: Plan On How Much Content You Are Going To Post

Planning on your content frequency is of paramount importance. Posting 3-4 time’s day must be the plan.

If your account is not active why would anyone follow you??

So the answer is post regularly with these specifications:

2-3 images daily:

Well the smart phones and picture editing apps and filters should not be a problem. You should post at least 2-3 Images to your Instagram feed daily. The results would surprise you.

Tip1: – Pictures with your team office or even your product:

People like a personal touch to be comfortable with you. Present yourself or your company as an accommodating and warm one.

Tip2: – Post motivational, inspirational or even entrepreneurial quotes:

Quotes are the most efficient way to get viral and popular on instagram. They are easy and fun to create also.

There are many applications like Tablo, Canva or PicMonkey from where you can create your own post.

If still confused on creating there are also many videos available on youtube for the same.

You are also free to use images from other popular pages, just make sure to credit them and tag them.

Tip3: – Every month on the 1st day create a content timetable for your Instagram postings. It would hardly take an hour or two, but you would be free for the rest of the month. There are many online tools available for the same.

Step 4: Identify And Locate Your Targeted Audiences

By now by just following the above mentioned 3 steps you would start to see traction in your followers count.

You would start to get 10-25 followers each day with ease.

Well you want more, isn’t it??

Well then let’s move to some more steps.

Now let’s get serious and target on receiving more followers.

Tip1: – Identify and mark 10 of your competitors (people, brands or companies)

Identification of your competition is very important. If you are into music identify the immediate 10 competitors, likewise if in food identify 10 competitors and so on.

Now on an excel sheet note down the URLs of these 10 competitors. You must choose only the ones who have more than 50000 followers. Now write down the likes they are getting per post.

Now some action.

You need to clink on their page and click on the post notifications.

Now for each post leave an amazing comment praising or thanking them.

Don’t wait for it, the moment you receive it comment on it. You need to be in the top 10 initial responses for their posts.

Just make sure the comment is not just some random, wow, or great etc. It should be a thoughtful 2-3 line comment, it must provide value. But never ever promote your business or you through this comment. Be real, thoughtful.

Just follow this strategy at least 8-10 times daily and you would see a substantial increase in your followers count.

Step 5: Communicate With Your Community

Instagram did not only about posting your pictures or videos. If your aim is to gain followers then you should do more than that.

People expect more from an influencer than mere posting. If you want more followers, then you should act like a leader of the community. Don’t act like just a member or a publisher.

The key is to engage with your community. For this you need to:

  • If you post a photo and someone comments on your photo, then you need to reply by using @ in the reply, mentioning them.
  • Always like the photos of people who have used hashtags in which you are interested in.
  • If someone DMs you, then make sure to reply to them for sure.

Tip 1: – In your instagram account you should always switch to a business account or profile if you are into building your brand or business. For this you need to click to options and then create a business profile.

By following this step you can access basic analytics about your account. You can see how many accounts saw your posts, how many impressions you got in the last 7 days, how many people visited your profile and how many URL clicks you got. This also lets you know the time most of your followers are most active.


Now that you have learned the tricks and methods from which you can get your 100 Instagram followers fast and organic. Try it and see that for yourself. You would be surprised how easy it is to get your instagram followers, not just is 100s but in thousands and even millions. People often buy 100 Instagram followers just to get that initial push. But if these mentioned steps are followed then it is easier. So why the waiting, just get that first 100 instagram followers and start your influencer journey.

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