How Does Buylikesservices Work?

We are the company which provides social media assistance in a legal way. We offer world-class services which help you gain popularity and following in your social media platform like instagram, facebook, youtube, TikTok etc.

  1. We offer a safe and secure payment gateways to the customer.
  2. Using API’s we offer advertisements and promotions on various social media platforms and networks.
  3. These ads and promotions generate impressions which are directed towards your profiles.
  4. All the products delivered by us are true and we never indulge in fake users.

Buylikesservices is an agent between you and the advertisement networks for promoting and enhancing your social media platforms.

Why Is There A Need To Buy Instagram Followers, Likes, Views Etc.?

Well instagram influencer means someone with good followers count. As an instagram influencer you are destined to earn good money from promotional income. So the more followers you have, the more you earn. So by buying instagram followers, likes and views you are increasing your chances to earn more.

What Are The Methods By Which You Can Do My Payment?

We have a safe and secure payment gateway method. You can do the payment through, netbanking credit or debit cards. We also accept crypto currencies like perfect money and also payneer. You have all the safe payment options available and just have to choose what suits you better.

Do The Passwords Need To Be Shared?

No, we do not require any passwords or any other secret or confidential details from you. We only need your user id of Instagram and that’s it. Keeping the clients details secret and safe is our motto.

Would My Account Be Banned After Taking Your Services?

No that is not possible we are providing you with all the real and active instagram accounts. These are not any bots that this can be banned. So you don’t need to worry. You would never be banned using our services.

Will Others Know That I Have Purchased Followers Or Likes?

No one would ever know. We never share any of your details with anyone. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Which Countries Likes Can I Get?

We deal in every country that has instagram. Here is a list of top 50 countries of whose likes we sell.

Are These Likes From Active Followers?

Yes all these likes are from active followers. These accounts are active and also have their own following range.

How Many Instagram Followers Can I Buy For The First Time?

This totally depends upon your potential, if you are a starting instagram then probably a 1000 followers would be advisable, buy if you are already having a following then the package of 5000 followers would be best.

Is It Legal To Buy Instagram Followers?

Well you can very well see that this keyword is listed on Google and there are hundreds of companies which show up in the search results. If it was illegal then there would be no listed sites for this and Google would had banned it.

When Would The Delivery Of My Order Start?

The delivery would start as soon as you clear the payment requirements. The moment we receive the payment your order would start to receive followers, likes, views etc.

Are These Likes From Active Followers?

Yes all these likes are from active and real followers. These accounts are active and also have their own following range.

How Is Your After Sales Services?

We have a team of 100 plus professionals who are there for your service 24*7. We do not forget you after you have taken your services. We are there for you every time you face any problems.

Are The Likes Brought As Effective As Real Ones?

Of course, these likes are also real and are done by active users. So there is no difference.

What Precautions Must Be Taken While Buying Likes?

Understand your needs and order accordingly. Don’t over buy as this may arouse suspicion. Always buy likes from authentic sources and sites.