Coronavirus pandemic has put the whole world under lockdown. It has forced each and every individual of almost every country under home arrest. What the environmentalists were trying hard all their lives, this tiny micro-organism has done in a matter of a few months.

How the social media is benefiting during lockdown?

The whole worlds commerce is suffering because of this pandemic. All the factories are closed and people are getting job loss because of this deadly virus. But one sector which is gaining greatly from this pandemic outbreak is the social media sector. Instead of decline we are seeing huge peaks in social media usage specially Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Studies are showing a 76% increase on Instagram likes and ad posts in the last 2 weeks of march. Studies also showed a 22% increase in campaigns at Instagram and there is a 27% increase on instagram impression.

One more social media platform that has gained substantially during this covid-19 lockdown is tiktok. Tiktok has shown rapid growth in the last few months across the globe. It has gained a very large audience in the middle aged section, which is under the lock down and is inside their homes.

Social distancing has proved to be a boon for social media networks. People are more than active on social media platforms and are sharing videos at a very rapid pace.

  1. We are seeing great hike on Instagram live video

    Instagram live video option is seeing a great user increase during the covid-19 period. People are sharing live videos on the instagram platform. Almost everyone is under house arrest or Quarantine, people are making live videos at their house and posting it on the Instagram live platform.

  2. There is also surge in positivity videos

    One more category of video that has been shared rapidly on Instagram, Facebook, tiktok and all other social media platforms are the positivity videos. People are making positive videos to help their fellow citizens, and their country men to beat the grief and depression due to being quarantined at their home. The best thing about these video is that it’s been made by common people and shared between themselves. People are sharing their life under quarantine at a positive note.

  3. There is also a rapid increase in new set of influencers

    Quarantine period is also showing new influencers emerging out of nowhere. The videos made by these people are being viral and are shared rapidly among social media networks and WhatsApp groups. We are seeing new people becoming influencers and gaining followers and likes at a rapid rate. People are becoming influencers without the oven trying the option of buy Instagram followers. These are the people who have given viral videos on Instagram and tiktok. In countries like India, US and UK asking millions of tiktok videos on covid-19 or related subjects.

  4. Loss for others gain for few

    We now see that the coronavirus pandemic has been beneficial for the social media platforms and opened a whole new wave of users to these social networking sites. Thus what has been devastating for the whole world is turning out to be a blessing in disguise for the social media segment.

Post pandamic world

Post pandemic period would definitely be a game changer for social media sites and we can see a complete positive change in these platforms. People who were sceptical for these sites before have changed their opinion as these sites have been their lifesaver during the Quarantine period. There would be definitely rise in companies and business houses using social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, tiktok and others for their business promotion and advertisements.

This coronavirus time has shown the business world the true face of social media and the power it possesses over the people and their psychic. This time has shown that people are inclined towards social media usage and it is a great source of promotions and offers a great opportunity to improvise and improve your brand image among the masses.

The post pandemic world would definitely belong to the social media networks and we would definitely see that more and more users would be joining one or the other social media networks. People who have got the new taste of this addiction would definitely be more active on social media networks, and hence the usage and time spent on the social media networks would definitely be on rise.


There is a huge potential with the world using the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and also in the comparatively new platforms like tiktok. So grab this opportunity and get more followers to your Instagram, Twitter for Facebook accounts. Even try to gain followers on your tiktok account and ride on this new wave of social media enthusiasm.