The first impression of Instagram as a fun app for people outgrew quickly. It has become a serious content networking, marketing, selling, and audience-building tool for brands and individuals. It is the most popular social media networking site globally, with over two hundred million active users sharing sixty million images and billions of likes per day.

Slowly Instagram inculcated various features into its platform to make it more interesting and interactive. Some of the latest features that people love are story features, multiple picture upload, saving the others post in collection for later, stickers, and archiving the posts.

But the most important thing is the followers count one has in his Instagram account. In weighing an Instagram profile, one of the most important parameters is a follower count. A massive following on your Instagram account is great in many ways.

Benefits of more followers on Instagram

The most important benefit of having a good number of followers count is becoming popular. Everyone wants to be followed or seen by others which will be easily possible when he has more followers. He can be a person who is looked at by many and give inspiration to others. We heard people saying that they are making money with google. It can be possible through Instagram also. More followers mean a person is reaching too many people daily.

It’s the main reason why many companies and brands look for the popular Instagrammers. To promote the product’s brand and companies need a famous face, and that why they contact the popular Instagrammers to sell their product, giving them the chance to earn money. Big websites also pay you to promote them.

If you have a good number of Instagram followers, it will give you a place of opportunity. You have the power to make the audience listen to you and influence them. Read the article to get the best tips to skyrocket your Instagram followers.

Optimize the bio

Instagram bio tells people about who the person is, what you’re about, and what you hope people to do after visiting your profile. Ensure that the username should be simple, recognizable, and easy to find, making it easy for the audience to reach you and interact with your Instagram profile. The Instagram bio should include:

  • A clear description of what you do along with the name.
  • A call to action (like contact us, shop, read more, etc.).
  • A link.
  • Touches of personality.
  • Use the most of those one hundred fifty characters to make it impactful.

A branded hashtag

Hashtags are essential to get more Instagram followers. Per the post, Instagram allows up to thirty hashtags. A branded, dedicated, custom hashtag allows creating a collection of the best content. When people find you with a highly targeted tag, they will like your post and more chance to follow you on Instagram.

For each marketing campaign, you may create a branded tag. In exposure, the post to a targeted and large audience, the right hashtag helps you. Find the hashtags that appeal to the audience. Some apps like display purpose, free Instagram tools, and Autohash would help you find relevant hashtags for your post. You have to type a few words about the image you want to post and recommend the top hashtags for in-display purposes.


Good pictures catch the audience’s attention, and good and meaningful captions keep it. The videos or photos you share are not described well without the caption. It provides more detail or context about the post. Plus, If you want to appear in search results, then use keywords in your caption.

Two thousand two hundred characters can be used in caption while posting on Instagram. With different length play around. Quippy and short captions can be paired nicely with some photos while reflective and longer captions with others.

Engage with audience

For growth, engagement is crucial on Instagram. Some brands and people focus on comments and like and ignore the proper engagement of people behind those metrics. You have to engage more followers in a conversation if you want to increase your Instagram followers and fans.

Keep in mind that if someone sees your post, it does not mean they follow you. You should take a conversation with the potential audience if you get the chance to do so. Respond to each comment quickly and in a thankful manner because every comment allows gaining one potential follower.

Find the best time to post

No one describes a particular time for the best time of posting on Instagram and reaching the highest audience. You have to find your ideal time to post for your followers. There are various ways to find the ideal time. First, figure out when your followers are online by using Instagram insights.

From Instagram business profile, tap on the “insight” button, scroll to “your audience,” then tap on the “see all” button, find your followers most online times. Do experiment with different posting time engagements to find the audience preferences. Also, consider the most appropriate time for your content, like videos like cooking can be posted outside of working hours when people are more likely to cook.

Post consistently

A study of fourteen industries shows that businesses share four posts per day on Instagram. But for making the follower count grow, it is recommended to share one post a day. People or brand who most consistently tend to see great results on their Instagram account. Those who post daily gain more followers as compared to the one who posts less frequently.

To get your post seen, you have to post frequently; consistently posting is key to getting your post seen. The Instagram algorithm will show your post on the top of your follower feed if you share posts regularly and have good engagement. But while posting consistently, the quality of content should also be made effective. Because the quantity is not more important than quality, focus on content that resonates with your targeted followers.

Promote on other networks

The easiest and most important way to get more followers for free on Instagram is to make it easy for the audience to find you. Your profile would be easily discoverable if you built a following on other social media networks.

Let those followers know about your Instagram account by promoting your profile on other networks and sharing the Instagram profile link. it will reason existing followers to check your Instagram profile. You can highlight your best post and content on Instagram on other social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Collaborate with others

To increase followers, you can collaborate with others through influencer campaigns or partnerships. It’s a great way to skyrocket your follower’s count on Instagram. It’s a great way to work with others if together you can do better. It also gives a chance to showcase your personality and values through association. People and businesses align with you say a lot about your profile or brand. To reach hyper-targeted followers, try to collaborate with your neighbors.

Result analyze

To get more followers, you have to figure out what your current followers respond most to. You can use Instagram metrics in the app with insight Instagram or through other analytical tools. Think about what metric told you don’t get too obsessed with the comments or like.

If you are testing with the different posting times, it will tell you about when you’re most likely to be seen more. The result will determine the most effective metrics. Watch for recent trends and share more of this most, and see how your targeted audience responds to it.

Run contest

Another way to increase your followers is to do a contest on Instagram. You can easily get more followers if you run a contest and ask people to comment and comment on your anyone photo by tagging one or two friends and follow your account as an entry process in the contest. The tagged person will also see your profile and may choose to follow you.


If you skyrocket your Instagram followers, you have to give quality content to your target audience. You have to follow these simple tips like making your profile bio creative, getting people engaged, running contests, selecting trending hashtags, etc., to attract more people. Making proper strategy can help in making this possible. Hopefully, the tips that are given above could help you in increasing your Instagram followers count.