How Social Media Is Changing The Lives Of People In The Third World Countries

Advancements in technology have indeed made this world a small place. Situations and things that were considered to be impossible are now slowly turning into reality. With vast advancement and improvement the internet has successfully diminished all the boundaries, and directly the entire world is digitally connected. Many social media platforms are part of yet another outcome of the internet and technology that plays an essential role in connecting the world.

As the internet is readily available all around the world, social media platforms have worked wonders for many countries and are therefore creating some revolutionary acts that we have seen and will see with passing time; revolutions like black life matters great Arab process some of the influential protestants on social media have taken the world by its storm.

Social Media Is Changing The Lives Of People In The Third World Countries

Underdeveloped and developing countries require the internet and social media more than developed countries. Social media have proven themselves to be very useful in being a bridge between developing and developed countries. It can also be one of the reasons for the development of these third world countries. There are numerous ways in which social media can act as a catalyst for the underdeveloped and less privileged countries and help them be privileged ones.

Social Media Acts As A Mediator:

Social media platforms connect third world countries to the other part of the world. Many years back, people of third world countries were not aware of their environment, and thus the government and politicians got the advantage of it and controlled their life according to their benefits. The reason why people were always under the control of dictatorships and regimes is that the politicians and government cut their people from another world. The development of social media and it’s introduction to the third world country made them realize their rights and expectations from the government.

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Arab revolution (Arab spring):

In the year 2011, the entire world experienced the real use and power of social media platforms. Egypt, which is a third world country, shares the natural strength and power of social media. Yemen, Libya, Bahrain, Egypt, and Syria, the Five Nations affected by the Arab revolution. The effect of this revolution highly affected regimes and caused social media violence. This revolution clearly shows how social media influenced and entered the lives of third world countries and how its people got influenced. This revolution is a clear example of how social media can change the life of people and also the faith of the entire nation.

Social Media Is Pro-life For Third World Countries:

It is an obvious fact that life quality and life expectancy in third world countries is comparatively lower than in other world countries. People of these countries experience suffering and face many struggles in comparison to other countries. Millions and more lives have been lost because of wars, airborne, waterborne, and epidemics. With passing years the number of deaths in these countries has highly increased in shocking numbers. But when social media was introduced in these third world countries, situations have changed, and people are now more aware and alert of their rights.

With the help of social media platforms, countries like Africa have helped the people and government know when the epidemic or any mishappening that can occur. Now with easy availability of social media in these countries have proven to be very beneficial and helpful.

As a recent study was performed in Science about how social media can help the world, it was proven that Twitter was able to predict outbreaks of flu in comparison to any other medium. The Chronicles of education have made a statement that Twitter could predict outbreak cholera faster than any other medium. However, with all the above information, it is proven that social media is a fantastic platform that can cause positive change, can increase life expectancy, and also control and alert about any virus breakout.

Social media helps to stop Atrocities and violence:

Third world countries have been witness to some gruesome and heinous human right violations in the world. In earlier times the world was unaware of the happening in these countries and the war lords and the rebels continuously killed raped and harassed people and with the world in darkness about this it continued mercilessly for much time. The social media has completely changed the whole scene. Now whenever some human right violation or any type of violence takes place people take video and share it on social media platforms of concerned department and it helps to catch the culprits and also make them proved criminals.

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So the crime rate has actually started to dip in these countries as people are more aware and vigilant. It also helps to get the world’s attention to these countries and much help comes through social media platforms. The case of girls been kidnapped by Boko Haram is a example of this when the whole world came in support of these girls and much international pressure came on the ruling regime the hashtag #bringbackourgirls was trending worldwide.

Social Media Raises Awareness In The Masses And Uniting People In The Third World:

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter have always created awareness in the minds of people related to human rights and what they should expect from their elected government. Do you remember the time when the people of Nigeria conducted a free and fair election for the very first time in the history of that country, by this effort, a powerful and deserving leader was elected. Today there are about 75 million social media users from Nigeria, out of which 7 lakh people took the effort to report the results from local developed voting machines, ensuring that the actual results presented to the public.

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There are many third world countries where people are now their privileges and rights, and all the credit goes to social media platforms and their Influencers. Today’s population make sure that they are electing the deserving government and also pressure the leaders and politicians to remind them of providing them with good governance and take steps for developing the living standards.

Social Media Is Helping In Education Of The Third World:

Specific necessities like education have been a dream, too many individuals in underdeveloped countries. Sometimes, particular reasons like war, religious discrimination, and lack of resources have denied people of necessary and everyday necessities in these countries. The condition and situation for girls were even more difficult and worse when they were denied primary education. Remember Malala Yousafzai; she is a perfect example of how dangerous and extreme it is for girls to get an education in some countries.

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With the introduction and advancement of social media platforms, education has reached every individual’s doors— many people are learning different occupational courses and knowledge through YouTube videos. Apart from YouTube, Twitter and Facebook also helped third-world countries connect with the rest of the world, who can help them in learning and accumulating primary education.

Social media helped third world countries to spread reform and conserve their culture:

We cannot run from the fact that social media have given third world countries a window to the outside world. With the help of social media, they had shared and informed the world about their beautiful cultures. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter have helped third-world countries share their culinary delicacies, dance forms, and festivals, and customs with the rest of the world.

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Apart from informing the world about good things that they were unaware of, social media is also helping every individual trading and eradicating information and awareness about some practices of customs that are harmful and dangerous towards certain people in a specific society. There are certain countries where the tradition of child marriage have been ritual like India and Bangladesh, in some countries educating girls is considered to be a sin and many more; in a situation like that social media plays a very important role in educating people of society and also helps in changing the perspective.

Social media has helped third world countries to be self employed and do business:

Startup and entrepreneurs of third world countries feeling helpless as they were not able to spread their business and find their target market. With the introduction of social media in these countries have acted as a boon for entrepreneurs. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have proven to be very effective mode advertising markets and businesses in third world countries. The social media platform has helped entrepreneurs in finding the target market, finding and following New Market trends and clients, and have also helped in spreading in establishing the business in different parts of the world.

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In today’s world, all the payments can be completed with the online mode, and it has become easy and safe to perform business deals with other countries. Many entrepreneurs and CEOs are buying services from certain companies who will provide them with real Instagram followers to increase the business, clients, and expand their market base. Thus, social media platforms are turning into a boon for third world countries.


With the introduction of advancement in social media platforms the whole world has ended. Now every individual is aware of different opportunities and capabilities that different countries of the world can provide. Therefore, we can agree with the fact that social media is an amazing technology that can help third world countries in transforming and changing their fate. Social media platforms have always helped developing and underdeveloped countries become more visible to the rest of the nations. Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are provided third world countries with a chance to put up there inside and voids in front of other countries about the problems. This information will help developed countries in providing third-world countries with humanitarian aid, medical support, and funding.