Influencers are the people who have the ability to influence a large audience of followers and users. Influencers usually recommend and review certain products and services through their social media accounts. While scrolling through your Instagram feed, you will come across many influences’ continent in no time. Influencers are everywhere! An influencer most likely shoots a comedian whose Instagram videos and reels are hilariously funny or a recipe video you saved for Sunday for breakfast inspiration.

Influencer marketing is one of the most popular marketing and advertising phenomena that has gained enormous popularity in recent years. It has become a mainstream marketing and advertising tactic and is available to every small and big brand’s agency. Almost every industry has experienced the need for social media influencers. Being a famous social media influencer has become so lucrative that it is no wonder that everyone hopes to be one.

According to some researchers, 65% of American strategists and marketers agree that marketing collaborations with social media influencers help boost brand recall and awareness to a different level. This information states that if you are to become an Instagram influencer, this is the right time for you to start.

How to Become an Instagram Influencer

  1. Prepare Yourself Emotionally:

    As an Instagram influencer, you might experience emotional pressure. Your performance and creativity are highly influenced by critical analysis in the form of media reports, comments, number of followers, and likes, as your target audience may react sensitively to every smallest change. On a platform like Instagram, glory, and success can fizzle out as quickly as they came. As an influencer, you will have many admirers and fans who will motivate you, and with that, you will also have “haters” who will let their perspective rip you from behind an anonymous mask.

  2. Select Your Niche:

    Before you start the journey of becoming an Instagram influencer, firstly, you need to select your niche. You need to select a niche that you are highly interested in and can create content about. You should also have excellent knowledge and expertise in that particular field to establish yourself as an unreliable influencer.

    Make sure you conduct proper research and post reliable content in your chosen niche. It becomes essential for you to choose something you are highly passionate about and enjoy spending your time and efforts on. Whether you are interested in cooking and love to try out new recipes or are highly interested in fashion, you need to follow what you love doing. You can also select two or three interests and combine them.

  3. Optimize Your Social Media Profile

    Once you have successfully chosen your niche, the next step would be to create your profile if you haven’t. Many popular Instagram influencers have gained success on more than two social media platforms. So, it would be best to focus and invest your time and effort on only one or two platforms. Once you have created your account on this social media platform you want to work on, you need to create a new profile or start optimizing your existing one.

  4. Switch to Business Account

    After creating your Instagram account, make sure you switch your account to a business account to open more opportunities and future options. Many other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have available options to create a business account.

  5. Create an Engaging Bio and Profile Picture:

    Your profile picture and bio are the first things that someone would notice when they visit your profile, and it is an essential part of creating a great first impression. Make sure your bio and profile picture should be able to recite your story in a very engaging manner. It should provide all the information about you, like your name, area of expertise, contact details (email address), and location. People often remember a popular social media profile by the profile picture, so make sure you post an attractive profile picture.

  6. Understand Your Audience:

    Before you start posting and creating content on your Instagram account, make sure you understand what your target audience wants to see. Many influencers have attracted their target audience and made a solid connection by realizing what they want. To become a famous influencer, you should understand who you are targeting and then create a loyal following base. For understanding your audience, you should start by analyzing your current followers to get a proper insight into the interest and demographics.

    Like other social media platforms, Instagram also has a built-in insight and analytic tool to provide you with proper information on your current audience’s demographic and interest. For example, Instagram analytics helps provide proper insight into the current followers, locations, gender, interest, etc. So, once you know what your target audience likes, you should start preparing content and deliver it to them.

  7. Create and Post Relevant Content

    For an influencer, it is essential to post and create useful and relevant content for their followers. The more you can deliver engaging content to your audience, your recommendations and opinion will influence more people. That’s the most crucial thing about being an influencer that your audience and followers listen to you. You need to create a content strategy and mix various content types preferred and liked by your audience. Many influencers have filled the feed with the chosen field of interest like fashion, travel, food, makeup, etc. At the same time, many influences do not post anything about personal life and only focus on the audience’s content.

  8. Be Regular and Consistent

    After you have decided what area of interest you will post content about, you should start finalizing a posting schedule and frequency. Instagram’s algorithms give significant preference to those accounts that post regularly, especially those with most comments, which demands a regular posting frequency and schedule for increased visibility. You can choose to post weekly, daily, or at any frequency rate that you are comfortable with.

  9. Engage with Your Audience

    Once you have regularly started posting content on your social media handle, you will start receiving comments and likes on your post. As an influencer, you need to connect with your audience and followers. Therefore, you should not ignore these comments. You can also engage with your audience by conducting Q&As on your Instagram stories, start live videos to increase the engagement rate.

  10. Let Marketers and Brands Know You Are Available for Collaboration

    As an influencer, you need to step out and declare your account as a page interested in brand collaboration and promotions. You can do this by mentioning in your bio that you are interested in collaboration. You can add your contact details, which will make it easy for brands to connect with you.


Contrary to the idea that being an Instagram influencer is highly associated with performing very little work, you must realize that it is a full-time job. The perfect blend of self-marketing and content production requires a clear understanding of trends, current events, and marketing, along with high productivity. A certain degree of social competence and emotions are of equal importance. As an Instagram influencer, you are actually presenting yourself on a platform along with all the pitfalls that can make up your career. Make sure you say goodbye to all your preconceived perspectives of the “influencers job” and collect as much information and data possible about what you should expect if you become an influencer. Listed above a step-by-step guide that can help you in laying your influence of foundation.