YouTube is more than just a video-sharing platform for most content creators it is their passion and hobby. However, it is not easy to grow as a creator sometimes you need a little push to succeed. Buying YouTube comments and views is one way of speeding your success.

Where can you buy YouTube views and comments

There are several sites where you can buy YouTube views and comments. You can simply type “buy likes and comments on YouTube” and you will be able to find several sites on your screen. The important part about these sites is to know which sites are reliable. Many times people make hasty decisions and go for the first site their eyes land on however one should avoid such rash choices.

There have been several cases where fake sites have led to people losing their money also since most people make card payments the risk of card details and bank account details falling into the wrong hands is also great. So choose a site that is reliable, most legit sites tend to attach customer reviews to prove their legitimacy, so try to search for those.

Another feature of legit sites is that they provide helpline numbers in case a customer faces any issues or has any queries, reliable companies also provide refund options in case of an issue. So go over to the web and start searching for the sites you think are reliable and also check the site reviews before making any decision.

Why should you buy YouTube comments?

When you see a lot of comments on a video you are naturally attracted to it as per our nature we tend to trust those things that are trusted by others, we are inclined to those things which are liked by others. There are several benefits to buying YouTube comments however for this to work you need to purchase real and fitting comments that are posted by real accounts. Therefore before you dive headfirst into any kind of YouTube comments purchase make sure you are buying them from a very reliable site.

Having addressed that, the key benefits of purchasing YouTube comments are…..

  1. Higher ranking
  2. Better engagement
  3. Social proof

The way YouTube works is pretty simple:

After a video gets a higher number of views, likes, and comments, YouTube starts increasing its ranking. These increased ranks will generate more views of the channel. If however the video only gets high views and likes no comments then YouTube starts suspecting the channel – they might assume that the views and likes are generated by bot accounts.

This may lead to strict inspection and no increase in rank whatsoever. So to prove your legitimacy to YouTube to increase your ranking you need to first get some comments. The problem here arises that most people who are watching your video are some lazy bums who are least likely to be the first ones to comment on your video.

If a video has no prior comments they too will not be motivated enough to change this situation so to motivate such viewers you need to buy some relevant comments this way they are more inclined to comment and share their views on your video and content. When your viewers start commenting on your videos you gain a kind of social proof that says that your videos are generating real views and are being loved by many. This way you can quickly find yourself being ranked by YouTube.

These are the many benefits of buying YouTube comments however as mentioned earlier these can only be enjoyed when you invest in real comments that do not drop out.

The benefits of buying YouTube views are also similar; they help you increase your engagement and also give your channel the legitimate touch is always needed.

How to buy YouTube views and comments

Buying YouTube likes and comments is pretty simple once you figure out what site to buy these services from the rest of the work becomes a cakewalk. So here are the steps by following which you can successfully buy YouTube likes and services.

Steps to buy YouTube views and comments

  1. Figure out what you need

    Before you start searching for a site the first order of business is to figure out your needs. What service do you require, do you want to buy comments or views or do you want to buy both. Generally, companies sell views and comments in bulk, they provide you with a minimum number of views and comments they are willing to sell. You might want to choose a number greater than the minimum number.

  2. Look for a website

    Now that you have figured out what you want to buy it is now time to look for a reliable site. In case you have a friend who has previously bought such services you might want to confer with them to check the website they used. If however, you do not have such a friend you might want to look for sites that have provided customer reviews on their page, also look for customer helpline numbers. If you have any doubts regarding any aspect of the purchase call the helpline number.

  3. Select your package

    Once you have found the site you want to buy these services from it is now time to select your desired package. Such sites display several different packages so that all their customers can find something based on their needs. The price point of such services is pretty reasonable and isn’t that pricey. Simply click on the package that you find best, you will now be directed to the payment portal.

  4. Payment method

    The best part about these sites is that they provide multiple payment methods for the convenience of their customers. Select the payment method that is convenient for you. You might want to consider online payment methods such as card payments due to various reasons. Card payments are a safer method of the transaction as they are easily traceable and in case something does go wrong you will have concrete proof.

  5. Wait for the order

    Once you have successfully paid for your order you can expect the delivery within 24 hours. Sites that sell these services are known for their quick response. If however, the site fails to deliver your order you might want to revert to them or ask for a refund. Almost all legit sites offer an instant refund in case of any problem.

  6. Be specific

    Always remember you want to go for real views and comments do not invest in bot views as they are temporary and can lead to suspension of the account.

Important tips to remember when buying YouTube comments and views

  1. Never purchase from unverified sites

    When you head over to the net to purchase comments and views for YouTube you will find several options to choose from. However not all these sites are legit so before you make any kind of transaction make sure you check the site, read its reviews, its policies, and its refund plan. Also if you have any doubts look for a customer helpline number and address your issues and queries on the helpline.

  2. Buy real views and comments

    Not that you have decided to invest in comments and views it would be unreasonable to not buy real views and comments. There are two types of views and comments: the real one and a fake one. The fake views and comments can be traced which can lead to being banned or suspended from YouTube, these fake views also tend to disappear after a while. Real comments and views stay on your account and help generate more and more engagement.

  3. Choose your plan wisely

    You ever go to the mall to buy a specific item and yet you end up buying stuff you did not plan on buying, yeah the same can happen here. When you surf through the various offers and combos given by various websites you tend to forget the actual plan and need. So stick to your request and buy according to your budget.

  4. Crosscheck

    Make sure you check several websites and compare prices to find cheaper options. Most people tend to buy from the first site they can find but comparing prices is helpful. You not only get an idea for a cheaper rate but you also get an idea about the actual prices.


There you have it all there is to know about buying YouTube views and comments. Check the article to know the step-by-step process of buying YouTube views and comments successfully. There is nothing wrong with a push in the right direction. Buying comments and views can instantly help a channel grow so why not. From the benefits of YouTube comments to the tips, you should know when buying YouTube comments and views this article covers it all.