If you are familiar with the world of social media and have been following the happenings for a while now, you would know that social media is no longer the place where you only connect with people. Social media has become a marketing tool for many businesses and brands. And it is not even a place where brands advertise; it’s the quintessential advertising hub. If you ask someone on the internet to name at least ten content creators of any particular niche, they would be able to name them. Thus, you can understand that every niche on social media, whether Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube, is filled to the brim with content creators. The numbers of content-creators, brands, and channels are also increasing each day. This shows the rat race that’s going on. It’s like an eternal competition. If you want to gain ground in all this competition, you will need to have a definite edge.

If you, too, are a content creator on Youtube and don’t know how to get through this insane competition, buying Youtube views would be an option to consider. Buying Youtube views isn’t as strange as it sounds, and it’s becoming a trend nowadays. You must have heard about people buying followers or likes and comments for Instagram. Buying Youtube views is pretty much the same thing. No, it is not illegal, leading to good results as your brand starts to be recognized.

What happens when you buy Youtube views?

A crazy fact that has been revealed recently is that there are around 37 million channels on Youtube. Isn’t that so insane! Hearing this, you must be getting an idea of why people buy Youtube views. But maybe, you are also wondering what happens when you buy views for your channels. And you must also be thinking about how your channel performs better than all those competitors out there. How does buying Youtube views improve or affect the traffic on your channel? Well, there are two answers.

Firstly, your channel starts to perform better in the eyes of the algorithm on Youtube. The Youtube algorithm works in a certain way. It ranks the channels with a higher number of views higher in any given niche. Suppose a video is on a channel with 2k views and another view of a channel in the same niche with 20 k views. The Youtube algorithm will give a ranking preference to the channel having 20k views instead of 2k views. If presented with a choice, the audiences or viewers will be attracted more towards the channel with a higher number of views. This is because the number of views shows the quality of content, as is believed by the viewers. Most of the audience thinks that if a larger number of people are watching a certain video, the content is special.

Sure, you could take the tough, traditional route and try to get views and subscribers organically.
But the thing is, this is not easy in such a world of competition. It would be best if you acted fast, especially since there will be content creators in your niche who have been there far longer than you. Buying Youtube views would level out the ground with your competitors, and thus, you would have a fair fighting chance. If your competitor is getting ten views, you could buy views for your videos so that the audience gets attracted to your channel instead.

How to buy views so you can maintain your reputation?

Now that you already know why you should buy Youtube views and how it would help grow your channel, you must know that there are certain guidelines to buying views. You need to think calmly and then act. People generally tend to mess up when they see results too soon. The guidelines that you need to remember are given below.

  • You must go slowly and steadily –

    Suppose you are just starting on Youtube and buying 10k views to beat your competitor. This would never work. People would immediately understand that the views are fake if they see the views on your other videos. You do not want to seem unnatural. This would make people lose faith in you, and you would lose your reputation before you even have one. Thus, the best plan of action would be to go slowly and start buying more views over a while. As already mentioned above, if you are starting, you should know that your video can’t have thousands of views within some hours. It would be best if you were steady but slow all the same.

  • Try to get genuine views, too:

    If you think you can go ham on buying views and the Youtube algorithm would give you a ranking preference, you are quite wrong. Youtube does have its way to check and make sure that a channel with a certain number of views has a moderate number of genuine views alongside bought views. If they suspect that most of the views are bought, they will not give you any ranking preference. Do not depend on buying views solely. Mostly it would be best if you focused on creating good quality content that would attract views naturally and increase your engagement. Further down the lane, your channel would grow with a healthy mix of both bought and genuine views.

  • Buy views only from a high-retention site:

    Youtube does support their creators in buying promotional strategies. They don’t have any policies against bought likes, subscribers, views, etc. But they do not approve of fake views at all. Being supportive of bought views doesn’t mean they can be unreal or bot views too. Youtube algorithm does make sure that the views are by genuine humans and not bots. This is the reason why you must ensure to buy views only from high-retention and trustworthy sites. Only a high –retention site would be able to provide you with genuine views. One way to check whether the views are genuine or fake is by seeing how many views disappear over time. If they disappear rapidly, you can be sure that they are tricking you into buying bots and not real views.

Ten best sites to buy real Youtube views

Suppose you are wondering which are the most trustworthy sites with a good retention rate of views, don’t worry because we have got you covered. The list given below comprises some of the best sites to buy Youtube views from.

  1. ViewsExpert:

    ViewsExpert is that site preferred by many and is thus one of the best sites from where you can Youtube views. They have eight plans available, offering up to 1k to 100k views for a costing range of 7 USD to 374 USD. They deliver views pretty quickly and have a good customer support service.

  2. Social Packages:

    Social media is one of the top sites where they offer all kinds of packages for all your social media handles. This company is quite famous in this industry, and you can be sure that working with them would give your channel the boost it needs. There are six plans available if you want to buy Youtube views from Social packages. The plans start from 3k to 50 k views and cost around 20 USD to 210 USD. If you select the biggest plane, they will deliver views in about two weeks. They sell only high-quality, genuine views, so you need not worry at all.

  3. ViralLyft:

    As the name may suggest, this site would help grow your channel and help it achieve viral heights. Sounds too good to be true? But rest assured, it is true and not a play of words. This site hasn’t been around for a very long time like the others on the list, but it is quite reliable for you to invest in it. Viralyft offers a range of services for other social media platforms, too, besides Youtube. Viralyft has complete packages for youtube, which means you could buy likes, comments, and subscribes here too. There are five plans available if you plan to buy views only, ranging from 500 views to 100k. The investment ranges from around 6.99 USD to about 375 USD, respectively.

  4. StormViews –

    If you want to boost your presence on Youtube and facilitate your channel’s growth, StormViews is the best site for you. They deliver genuine, high-quality views towards your videos and your channel in general so that it can have more reach. StormViews is the absolute best option if you are a budding Youtube. They offer views in ten plans which offer a range of 500 to 250k views. The investment cost is around four
    USD to 1500 USD. If you are on a budget, you need not fret, for they would have a good plan for you too. They offer a great 24/7 customer support service for any assistance you might need.

  5. GetRealBoost:

    This site promises you a long-lasting and real boost for your social media handles. They give you genuine views, and their delivery is pretty fast. The company even offers you a lifetime guarantee of their deliveries and has good customer service.


As already said before, buying views is neither unethical or illegal. It is only a logical practice to help boost your account in this world of insane competition. Just remember that you would only get real attention when your content is good. SO keep on creating unique content and use a trustworthy site to give you a small boost when your channel needs it.