Some people grow their Instagram to 100k followers within 24 hours, let alone 1K in 5 minutes. It is free and very cheap to buy Instagram followers.

The internet is filled with tips on how to grow your Instagram account, but they mostly work well with large accounts and not with the ones with a few hundred followers.

To gain the first thousands of followers on any social media is one of the hardest jobs because people barely pay attention to small accounts.

You might know that your Instagram content is excellent, but it is better when like 10,000 people agree. Whether you’re trying to be an influencer, a social media celebrity, or only looking to spread awareness about a brand on Instagram, it can be tempting to pay for your first thousand followers and buy Instagram likes.

It is usually your friends who follow you there, and it’s okay if it is your personal account, but if you are growing your business account, this number of followers is not enough.

One option is to buy followers, but those are mere numbers, and they’re useless when it comes to the Instagram algorithm. The engagement with the pictures you post is way more important than the number of followers that you have.

There are plenty of services available that allow you to buy 1K followers on Instagram in 5 minutes for the price of a small Starbucks latte. But if doing this is cheap and easy, everyone would be doing that. So you must be wondering whether buying Instagram followers is legal or safe for your business, or is it a worthwhile investment? I am sure that you will get all your answers by the end of this article, so you can decide if it’s a good move for your brand to get Instagram followers through these websites. Specific sites allow you to buy 1000 followers for as little as 10 USD.

Before we begin, it is essential to let you know that these types of followers are not real; they are either bots or inactive accounts; this means they will never engage with your posts. So what does that mean you pay for Instagram followers who won’t even engage with your posts? Yes, it’s true. You are only paying for a number; also, such fake followers who do not engage are slowly removed by Instagram.

If you are thinking of repeating this cycle of buying and again getting removed by Instagram, then your account might be permanently banned by Instagram.

The biggest problem faced when buying Instagram followers is that they get removed by the platform itself. But individual sites such as SMM SUMO offer you, high-quality followers, with two years free refill guarantee. This way, you don’t have to waste your money using services that don’t even guarantee a refill.

SMM SUMO offers you to buy high-quality Instagram followers with super fast delivery, purchase a package, and see your business grow. This website has delivered over 2 million followers in the last two years and is the best site to buy Instagram followers from. Their service is 100% safe and gets you more engagement so that you can stand out.

If you want to make money through blogging, buying your first 1K followers can send more traffic to your blog using your Instagram story link and link in bio. Once people notice your blog through Instagram, they will share your blog post to other social media platforms, and in this way, you can slowly start getting real Instagram followers.

You can also pay for services to follow other accounts, on your behalf, based on your preferences (hashtags, locations, account type, usage, etc.). Those accounts will then follow you back. With such a strategic option, your followers will be more real people, but their engagement is still unlikely. It is risky to invest because you can’t even guarantee whether these accounts will follow you back. Yet if they follow, most of the reports are not going to be long-term active or loyal followers.

Here Are Some Of The Best Sites You Can Use To
Get 1K Instagram Followers In 5 Minutes

  1. –

    With a rating of 4.8 out of 5 follower packages comes with deals that fit everyone’s budget and pocket. Its packages start as low as $2.99 for a thousand Instagram followers. This website offers ethical, high quality, and customer support social media marketing services. You can buy comparatively cheap Instagram followers from Follower Packages.

    With other competitive sites providing lower quality services for between 50 to 70 dollars, Follower Packages is a clear winner. They are very timely and prompt when it comes to delivering what they have promised. It guarantees the fastest delivery, highest quality in the market, pocket-friendly packages, utmost customer satisfaction, and their 24/7 customer service availability is like a cherry on top of the cake. Their team works hard and ensures that you get the proper amount of engagement on your post, including followers and likes, within the stipulated time and in the most organic way possible.

    In a world where privacy is a significant concern, personal content misuse is a severe letdown; Follower Packages ensure that all your concerns are taken care of. They understand that it is crucial to building a credible image on social media networks for yourself. The company provides active and real followers. They combine excellent support with the highest quality of followers at the lowest prices.

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  2. –

    This website promises to deliver what is being asked for i.e., paid promotions. This website has a multitude of services that exist to provide Instagram followers views likes from ghost accounts generated simply to do so. Like many other paid promotion services, it does not guarantee the permanency of the followers on your account or their quality. The only plus point with this service provider is its instant delivery. If you are looking for a shout out for your products or services to quality accounts or if you are someone who is banking on this for building the credibility and product image, then it is advisable for you to give it a second thought because this website lacks transparency.

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  3. –

    With a rating of 4.5 out of 5, this website is relatively new in the game. It is increasingly spawning its fan base with several mind-blowing deals. Its cheap deals are making Genuine Likes immensely popular among people who want to get famous in no time. They offer secure payment through PayPal, packages as low as $5.99 for 500 followers, a 100% money-back guarantee in case the customer is unsatisfied, quick delivery on the purchase within minutes. They also follow the do’s and don’ts policy of Instagram to make your experience with them secure and safe. Genuine Likes promises to give real-time followers and instant delivery, but the only skeptical part of this is the credibility of follower profiles and their permanency.

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  4. –

    With the rating of 4.3 out of 5, this site allows you to buy Instagram followers and likes and is one of the most trusted to get you up on the ladder of fame. Famous specializes in the area of Instagram only. It aims at giving you targeted quality followers. It promises on-time delivery, grate package deals, 24/7 customer support to answer all your queries. They guarantee the high real-time quality of Instagram followers, which is precisely what you will need to quench your thirst for becoming an Instagram star.

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  5. –

    With a rating of 4.1 out of 5this website is a well-established social marketing service provider. It promises quality followers, organic growth, and follower base. With a fantastic customer care team and on-time delivery, this website seems to be a dependable option for you to buy your Instagram followers. This is a costly site that might not be easy on everyone’s pocket, but their services and easy to deal with the database are too good to be ignored. Now all you have to do is just sit back and relax and watch your dream of becoming a star turn into a reality.

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  6. –

    With a rating of 4.7 out of 5, this website promises that it is one of the best places to buy user engagement, such as targeted and real Instagram followers. It also guarantees that they will not be a drop in the follower or like counts later. Famoid has a 30-day “drop protection,” which means if you lose followers in the future, it will refill your profile again under the 30 days guarantee. Fast delivery, along with the promise of quality customer support, in an affordable price range, makes it one of the best picks in terms of the social marketing service provider.

    They guarantee instant delivery, affordable price ranges from 19 dollars for 2500 followers, and quality customer support 24/7. Although not the best on the list, it is definitely a company to check out if you can’t afford more available premium services.

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  7. –

    This website is said to be found by a team of social media experts from one of the top agencies that only focus on Instagram. They are already in the game for several years, offering fast delivery of active high quality, real Instagram followers, and likes, and comments. Their team promises friendly all-time customer support to solve all their troubles and a money-back guarantee on any issue of not receiving the right service. The site owns a database of followers from a worldwide base. The option of buying targeted fans is also available, which is more than enough to conquer social media.

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  8. –

    This website is known for years now; they started as one of the suppliers of Instagram likes, but today they operate by providing followers and views. Their website promises fast delivery for the services, and professional and friendly support officers will assist you. You are not required to start an account there in order to get the services; also, you don’t have to provide them your profile’s password. Along with not using cookies, not giving away any personal information, and letting the payment system operate the transaction, this web site seems to be a very safe place to buy Instagram followers from.

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  9. –

    This website is one of the most popular related to the Instagram promotion. It focuses on Instagram followers but provides Instagram likes of various types as well. They have a cozy interface, and you are not required to register or create a profile to buy from them. It takes them 5 minutes to an hour to make any package reach the host. This website also provides 24/7 support from the homepage of their website and has many positive reviews online. They also offer custom services of targeted followers, monthly offers, power likes, and others, just in case you want to get some unique service, this might be the perfect choice for you.

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  10. –

    This website is a safe place to buy Instagram and likes from if you are considering the years they have been operating. Formerly known as a supplier of real Instagram likes, it now offers a complete list of different social signals such as Instagram likes, views, comments, and real followers. This includes every standard boost people are used to enhance their Instagram with. The promise high-quality, real-life followers, which is precisely what you need for becoming an Instagram star.

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  11. –

    When it comes to pricing, Pro follower takes the lead in the game. This website offers 100 followers for just 1.99 dollars; this rock bottom pricing is a significant plus point for someone who does not want to spend much of their cash. They guarantee quick delivery, safe and secure payments using PayPal premium, real-time followers, and 24/7 customer support at your convenience. Their offers are incredibly cheap as compared to their competitors, which is why they have been entrusted by thousands of people from around the globe.

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  12. –

    One of the pioneers in providing paid promotion offers services like buying Instagram likes, video views, followers, IGTV views, auto likes, and much more. They promise quality, real-time Instagram followers, cheap packages starting at 2.89 dollars for 100 followers, money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied, no hassle for password and no need to follow others, and a 24/7 customer care with an added bonus of email support. Insta Boost Gram is one of a kind to provide services in such a wide range.

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  13. –

    If you are willing to boost your Instagram account, then this website is the one for you. It allows you to increase the follower count on your Instagram account and also provides services like video views and likes on your posts. They provide authentic users like your followers rather than bots. You can buy 140 followers for 3.25 dollars and 100 likes for just 2.99 dollars.


  14. –

    This is another social media boosting service provider where you can buy likes and comments on your post and good quality, authentic Instagram followers. This web site supports instant delivery and has various packages to accordingly suit your needs. You can get a hundred followers for a price of 2.99 dollars and 100 likes for an amount of 1.99 dollars. They claim to be the best place to buy Instagram likes, followers, and views.

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  15. –

    The website provides packages starting at $1 only. If you are looking to buy from India, then this is an excellent option. With promises of fast delivery, this website shows to be staying on top of the industry. The only skeptical part of this is the credibility of follower profiles and their permanency.


  16. –

    This is another excellent platform to use if you want to boost Your social media credibility. Not just Instagram, but for all the popular social media platforms, they provide various services. They have a variety of packages from which you can choose. At, you can get 500 real followers for a price of $8 with no bot accounts. If you still want more followers and have extra cash in your wallet, you can also get 100K followers for 990 dollars.

  17. –

    If you are looking for excellent, cheap, and fast service from a unique social media boosting platform, then head on to this website. Trollishly dotcom is a one-stop for your social media promoting services. Their services kata2 popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. This website provides 100 followers for just $2. They include services like views, comments, likes, as well as ensure fast delivery and 24/7 customer support. So, give your Instagram account the boost it needs by opting for services by Trollishly.

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  18. –

    This website is a social media managing platform catering to users of all the popular social media platforms. If you are looking to broaden your reach by gaining followers on Instagram, then head onto Glow provide high-quality followers, which they claim to be permanent. They also claim to pay you back the money if you start losing your followers. Spending 2.6 $1 here will give you a raise of 100 followers.

It is important to remember that Instagram’s new algorithm rewards engagement more than anything else. To increase engagement, there are many different actions you can try on your platform to attract your ideal audience.

The larger your audience is, the more opportunities you have to engage with them and create unique experiences for them.

By using good Instagram marketing practices, you can reach 800 million monthly Instagram users and build a real audience.

Why You Should Buy Instagram Followers

  • You need to start by making your account public so that the users can see your profile and the content you post. It is the only way to organically grow your audience. Your content will pop up on the user’s export pages and therefore attract your target viewership.
  • The next step is to publish a variety of posts to your feed ranging from GIFs, videos, boomerangs to quizzes, how to’s, and other user-generated content, and much more.
  • Build trust and excitement among your followers by publishing high-quality photos with catchy captions, posting regularly, and keeping up a unique style of your own.
  • Do a little research on which hashtags generate a lot of buzzes and which can be aligned with your brand. Hashtags are a great way to reach new audiences when used correctly.
  • Depending on your brand personality, you can create funny or witty content. Having an acute awareness of the trends going around Instagram will serve you better in choosing the content you can post and how you can interact with your Instagram community.

Utilizing the channels on the platform like IGTV, Instagram stories, Instagram Live, or shopping on Instagram can help you further in engaging your audience there are so many ways to connect with your followers organically and authentically.