Those who are familiar with SEO already know the importance of link building. Link building helps to boost your search engine rankings. To get in Google’s top 10 pages, you need to have backlinks from trusted websites. With the increasing competition, developers nowadays are facing huge problems getting backlinks from trusted websites. To curb this situation, developers use social media platforms like Instagram to get more backlinks.

Though, it’s well known that for boosting your search engine rankings, your links and content both should be high-quality. Along with the content, you should also work to optimize your website as a slow responsive website can’t grow even after getting backlinks. Before you see how to get more backlinks through Instagram, let’s see why it is beneficial to get such links from Instagram or any social media platform, for that matter.

Why is Social Media a great way to get more backlinks?

As an SEO expert, you already know the benefits of getting more backlinks. Not only do they help your website rank on search engines, but also they can have a significant impact on making your page rank on the first or second position in search results.

However, the role of social media in building backlinks and boosting search engine rankings has always been the topic for discussion. Some developers and marketers do not believe social media has anything to do with Google search engine rankings. Still, the majority of professionals are in support of the notion. And this is not just an assumption, as, in a survey of professionals about the techniques used for link building, the majority accepted the impact social media makes.

Not only this, according to them, social media is the third most efficient way for link building after research and paid methods. After a lot of research, it was known that some of the challenges developers face while building links are :

  • Not having enough knowledge about link building.
  • Not having enough opportunities for link building.
  • Being told no or getting the least response when requesting links from other websites.

Do not get disheartened; you’re not the only one having such an issue; even the professionals are struggling with the same. This post is purely based on giving you enough knowledge about backlinks and how to get them using Instagram and other social media networks. Let’s get started!

How to get Backlinks from Instagram?

  1. Start with including your websites on your Instagram profile

    According to the experts, the best way to get links through social media is by including their websites in the profile. Before you start, make sure your Instagram profile and every social media profile are up-to-date. Check that every profile of yours has a working link to your website.

    For example, if you’re including your website on Facebook, make sure you have links on the following places :

    • Under your basic info on your About tab.
    • In anything, you post on your profile like video, picture, etc.

    After this, make sure you always share quality content from your website to your social media profile. Before sharing links, your web page should be fully optimized so your readers don’t face any difficulty in sharing your post. Your content needs such social media shares for better visibility.

  1. Try to connect with brands and bloggers of your niche

    The most efficient and probably the easiest way to win more social media backlinks is to connect with other brands, influencers, and bloggers of your niche.

    Both bloggers and brands love it when someone initiates to connect with them via Instagram or any social media platform. This can work wonders for you in the way of guest posts, exchanges, comment mentions, etc.

    Consider the following tips while connecting with bloggers and brands :

    • Start with making a list of top brands and bloggers in your industry. While doing this, you may want to avoid your direct competitors.
    • Now, follow or add such brands and bloggers on Instagram or Facebook.
    • Make sure you engage with them, like and comment on their posts, share their content (if you find it relevant) on a regular basis.
    • After a significant time, you’ll see many bloggers and brands have reciprocated the engagement and started liking your posts.
    • Now is the perfect time to contact them directly to explore potential link-building opportunities.

    While connecting with bloggers via Instagram and social media is a great way, but you can also try using email.

  1. Engage with users who mention you and your brand on social media

    Those who are already aware of you and your brand are more likely to boost your overall online presence. Focus on connecting with someone who knows about your brand, products, services, and you. This way, you can reach out to them to get more backlinks.

    You must be thinking about how to track such an audience? Well, if you’re using Twitter and Instagram to track such an audience, you have many ways to get started. You can try Ubersuggest or Mention.

  1. Get your products or services reviewed by Influencers and bloggers

    This method undeniably requires a lot of time and effort but is an effective way to get backlinks. For this, you have to send your products to popular bloggers and influencers who have a hold on your niche audience. This will get you high-quality links and more traffic to your website.

    For this, you have to conduct quick research and shortlist a few bloggers or influencers of your industry. Now it’s a good practice to know more about their content and start commenting on the same. This involvement will make it easier for you to pitch your product. Once you’ve established quite a connection, initiate and send them a mail or direct message.

    Try to keep it short and sweet and to the point. Also, these influencers have a reputation in their community, so they will be reviewing not just your product but the whole experience of working with you. That’s why try to make it a pleasant one. Apart from building backlinks, associating with bloggers have a lot of benefits. For instance, you can ask them about guest-posting opportunities in the future.

  1. Make use of Infographics

    Why are people more focused on Infographics these days? We tend to understand more when we see visuals rather than reading a long-written text. Bloggers use infographics because they get more shares and links this way.

    When you use infographics, people tend to clip them to their own blog, which will get you many links. Infographics will prove beneficial when you share any content from your website to your social media profile. It’s because people have a strong ability to pick up any visual content rather than a huge box of text.

    As infographics present the information in a visual way, people tend to understand it quickly. More appealing and easy to understand, the more shares and links you get. Because when you and other users share it on social media, it will link them back to your website.

    You must be thinking about how to use infographics in your social media?

    There’s no rocket science involved. You can use a few web tools to make your own infographics. Many tools offer similar services for both paid and free options. You can check out these tools and select what suits your content the most.

  1. Make the most of Instagram and other social media platform to pitch responses

    At the beginning of the post, you must have seen the three problems professionals face while building backlinks. One of those problems is not getting any responses when asked. You can use social media to pitch responses.

    As it’s mentioned above, connect with the brand, website, person, or blogger you want to pitch to on social media. Engage with them by replying to their comments, mentions, and tweets. This creates a good image, and they can know more about you even before reading your mail.

    You can also join a blogger or developer group. This way, you can find more people who might be looking for guest blogging and posts.

  1. Create Social content

    Social media can be used in many other ways to build links to your websites. First, you can share the content from your website to your Instagram profile. Second, you can create posts, videos, podcasts, webinars on Facebook and other platforms. Whenever you post something like this, link it back to your website to build links.

    This way, you can build links when people share the content on social media. Videos are gaining more popularity nowadays because around 80 % percent of US users watch videos online. You can focus on creating videos as they will increase both traffic and share and link building rate.

The Takeaway

While trying to boost ranking on Google search engines, one has to focus on getting more backlinks for the website. Where many SEO experts have mastered the technique, some are still facing issues about getting backlinks for the site.

As you must have seen, there’s no rocket science in it. Just start from the basics and work your way to get more backlinks from the tips mentioned above.