Instagram has been a base of many brands’ social appearance, attracting beneficial traffic to source pages, building an engaged audience, and growing conversions. If the Instagram presence isn’t really as strong as you’re expecting, this might be a chance to sharpen up the strategies for getting more and more followers on Instagram. The bigger the audience is, the more opportunities you will get to engage with the users and make unique experiences.

The organic distinction is necessary: sometimes brands go with the easy way when trying to gain Instagram followers. Pay for followers and likes sites are everywhere. Still, these shortcuts are never enough, as the Instagram algorithm regularly gets renewed to get rid of low-quality, paid interactions and accounts.

The number on the Instagram following eventually means nothing if it is not representing an engaged following, making purchases, visiting the landing pages, and advocating for the brands with followers and friends. Start building the presence in the right way with some tips from below on getting more Instagram followers.

Create a branded hashtag

A custom, dedicated, or branded hashtag lets you essentially build a collection of the best content. When any potential follower finds you through another extremely targeted tag, they’ll be more likely to follow after seeing the top posts.

You can also consider building a branded tag for all the Instagram marketing campaigns. In many cases, this is a more reliable option as it usually sounds less promotional than working with something more specific to the business, like the name of your company. Campaign hashtags are normally used by followers, which later capture the attention of the connections. If they have the same interests, they may start following you.

Optimize your Instagram account

Before you understand how to gain followers on Instagram, the most crucial step is to optimize your account completely. Think of the brand’s Instagram bio as it is the homepage of your brand. Without a proper username profile image, bio, or image captions, people will not know the brand’s account. It seems obvious, but on Instagram, your image and bio help build the foundations of the brand identity. The bio link is the one place to turn Instagram traffic to the site, so account optimization is important.

Use industry-specific hashtags

You require followers who are engaged in what you do and offer. Essentially using terms not specific to the industry can result in gaining not enough followers. In this case, you should use hashtags in the posts that the target audience might be browsing particularly.

The more explicit you are, the more involved the people you attract and the greater the chances they’ll follow your page. Further, using more specific tags will cut down on your competitors contending to follow the same people you’re targeting. As a result, the accounts will be easier to find and, thus, easier to follow.

Keep a consistent content calendar

The most damaging thing you can do while trying to gain followers on Instagram is to post content at haphazard, random times. When you’re lucky enough to receive users following you initially, you don’t desire to make them forget that they followed you sometimes. To combat that, keep to a consistent posting schedule.

Typically, brands must post more than a few times a day to bypass spam, but whatever the cadence, keep this thing consistent. Around 200 million Instagram users log daily to cast the net even wider and publish it a few times throughout their whole day.

Get descriptive with your captions

A photograph is worth a thousand words itself, but you should not skip the words completely. National Geographic is wonderful at using storytelling alongside Instagram photos to generate sharing and engagement. As traditional media brands have fallen like crazy, NatGeo has flourished across digital and has become one of the topmost brands on Instagram, with more than 50 million followers.

Like the different Instagram hacks included here, this is one thing you’ll need to commit to working into the strategy with time, so you don’t have to worry if it feels uncanny at first. The writing can improve as you find the brand’s Instagram voice.

Get partners and brand advocates to post your content

When you’re discovering how to increase Instagram followers, it’s important to know the audience’s value. The larger the follower count will grow organically, the more interested customers and buyers and you will have.

The perfect way to get customers to follow your page is to get in front of and be available. It’s crucial to be present on your Instagram and others. Try sponsoring the user-generated content to get the brand in customers’ feeds. You may also hold Instagram contests to get the brand out to a huge audience.

Get local

Keep updated with what’s going on in a particular area (for example, even an event in a particular location, your neighborhood, or the city you’re targeting in advertisements) by moving to the search page and selecting the Places tab. Then, type the name of the place to view all the geotagged posts for that particular location.


Instagram remains to grow in demand with audiences, so taking the support of these tips to get more followers will help you expand your reach. Getting a huge following is a basic social media milestone that many people try to act towards while developing a brand—be it the company’s or their personal account. It’s truly reaching the first tier that shows you have the potential to be a real online influencer in the industry.