You have made so much effort to create an appealing Facebook page, and you’re all geared up with your social media strategy. Now you must be wondering how to attract more traffic to your page and build followers?

You’re not alone; we all have been there. Along with posting great content, a lot goes into building a fan following on Facebook. Okay, maybe you have a lot of friends and family that are ready to watch your content, but they can’t give you the required boost you need in the initial days. You need to drive new traffic to your page to prepare a base, and this is possible with simple tips and tricks.

With millions of people sharing a lot of content every day, it has become quite difficult to attract your targeted audience, and this is a serious concern among advertisers and bloggers. As Facebook is being stuffed with repetitive content, users often lose interest. Some other reasons behind this are lack of uniqueness and uneven flow of the content that most advertisers often ignore.

First of all, let’s understand why your Facebook posts might be getting ignored?

Nowadays, there’s a need to bring continuous creativity and innovation to social media posts. Cut-throat competition means your audience is very aware and you have limited options to surprise your audience with something different. The filter feed problem of Facebook also adds to the number of reasons. In simple words, driving more traffic to your website has become more challenging than it was before. No matter how much effort you’re putting into maintaining a Facebook page, without getting your content shared among others’ Facebook networks, the job is incomplete.

Before you invest any dollars in paid advertising, try these simple and free tricks to drive traffic to your page.

  1. Understand the psychology of Facebook

    Facebook is the most popular social networking site for a reason. There are numerous psychological factors involved with it that create addiction. When someone does any activity on Facebook like sharing, posting, liking, and commenting, it hits the pleasure center of their brain. Along with this, Facebook also gives a feeling of social acceptance, and this makes Facebook a favorite destination for many people.

    To drive more traffic, you should know what makes your audience happy, privileged and also what would prove beneficial to them. Here are some types of posts that are most shared and liked by the users :

    • Giveaway or awards related posts
    • General Event-related posts
    • Posts with shareable quotes for motivation
    • Incentive or offer related posts
    • Fun-filling posts for entertainment

    In simple words, whatever content you produce, whether a blog post or a video, should have a likable factor in it, so your target audience gets compelled to like and share your content and, even better, to follow you. The perceived value from a post is what matters to a user in any social media.

  2. Focus on posting various types of posts at consistent times

    Back then, Facebook would show all of your posts to all the followers. But now Facebook algorithm has become specific and filters the posts that will appear in each of your followers’ feeds. That means, on average, only two percent of your followers will see what you post. You can beat the Facebook algorithm by posting at consistent times and content of different types. Keep variety in your content by posting videos, stories, posts, etc.

    While it’s advised to post quite often on Facebook, make sure you don’t post too often as, according to the experts, posting two or three times a day is enough.

  3. Engage with your followers

    While all the other strategies are important, you can’t ignore the fact that engagement with the users is also crucial. Whenever you get time, try to reply to the comments users make on your posts. Whether you say a simple “Thank You” or reply to their queries, this makes many impacts. It’s crucial because the last thing you want is for users to think that you’re ignoring their efforts.

    You’re building relationships with your target audience. In turn, they become more likely to share your content with the thousands of people in their circle.

  4. Create Viral Content

    You can create viral content for your Facebook page. You can share memes, quotes, videos, and everything your audience could relate to. For instance, you can create a video in a fun way showing how people faced problems before buying your product. When you share such content, it not only popularizes your brand but also many people like and share it among their followers. If you don’t have the artistic traits, you can share some viral content on your page, but don’t forget to give credit to the original creator.

  5. Master the art of tagging and replying

    To be in touch with your audience, try to tag them in your posts. This way, they will feel the connection, and they might share your post on their timeline. Also, when someone asks you anything on your post, be humble, and reply to them. This will create a deeper connection between you and your audience.

  6. Start making videos and live streams

    Videos are the most preferred type of media content and are responsible for driving about two-third of online traffic. According to current predictions, live video will account for 13% of all online video by 2021, which, in turn, could be over 85% of web traffic in the U.S. and 80% of global web traffic.

    Most importantly, Facebook prefers video content over non-video content. This means, when a Facebook page posts video content, it gets more reach than pictures, text, or any other type of content. Now the picture is clear, videos are very crucial when it comes to marketing in the digital age, and they will remain the same in the future. If you want to drive more traffic to your page or increase your sales or promote your brand, video is the solution for all.

    Now when you’ve decided to post video content, follow these steps to make your current video strategy more efficient :

    • The main concern we figured out is that most of the Facebook users watch videos without sound. That means you can’t be sure whether your audience is getting your message or not. To beat this, you can add subtitles to your videos so that your audience gets your message no matter if they keep their volume on or off.
    • It’s best to use square format for your videos. Square format videos perform better than the others.
    • When you’re recording or export your videos, try to do it at a resolution of 1080p or 720p because the quality of videos can drop when you upload them.
  7. Buy Facebook Followers

    Your follower count also represents your influence in your industry and that your customers, clients, and followers are interested in what you offer. You want to grow your followers organically, that’s cool, but it will require time and effort. If you’re going to want to popularize your brand quickly, you can buy Facebook followers and likes.

    Most of your followers comprise your friends and relatives, which is fine if it is your personal account, but for expanding your business or brand, it’s not enough. It’s known to everyone that many of the accounts that gained immediate popularity, brought followers and there’s nothing wrong with this. Along with the Facebook followers, you can also buy Facebook likes for a better result.

    Buying Facebook Followers have the following benefits.

    • Expression of Affinity –

      A like represents an expression of affinity. It shows that the audience likes your content and wants to hear more from you. Having more likes on your post will attract several new visitors, and many of them even buy your product.

    • The trend factor –

      When someone gets very popular, it becomes a trend, and no one wants to miss a trend. Therefore, when a trendy business page pops up on their feed and if it has so many followers, people get compelled to check the post. You must be thinking, Why? Well, because no one wants to miss any popular update. They may or may not have any particular interest in what you offer, but they will definitely like and share your page.

    • Enhancement of online presence –

      Gaining more likes and comments is vital to promote your business, get featured, and build more connections. It will definitely prove beneficial for your brand in the long run. By achieving more likes and comments, more visitors will notice your page and would be interested to know what your business is all about.

Our Final Thoughts

When you’re trying to get more traffic on your Facebook page, it’s obvious you might be thinking more content is better, but this isn’t the case. With a more specific Facebook algorithm, it’s difficult to drive organic traffic. The best way is to learn how the algorithm works and amend your strategy accordingly.
Most importantly, focus on adding more value to your content and post the right content at the right time. By using all the tips and tricks mentioned here, you’ll be paving your path to becoming more successful on Facebook.