The first thing that pushes people to get into business is money. When you have a meaningful skill, you should get paid for that. Whether you set up the channel for monetization or use it as a marketing tool for the real business, uploading videos on YouTube will increase the revenue.

If you’ve got a notable following on Facebook, venturing into YouTube can help you to establish the presence to a broader audience. When you begin getting noticed on users’ searches, you’ve got a higher chance of increasing the video views and subscriber count.

You don’t have to worry if the first few videos are average or less than that. You don’t need the perfect production right away. The first YouTube live may or may not face difficulties, but as long as you proceed to show up and share value to the viewers, you’ll see yourself with thousands of subscribers in no time!

Going live on YouTube to answer people’s issues or questions will help you in staying relevant. The videos (it doesn’t matter how old they are, will remain to get more views and money as long as they remain relevant to the target audience.

This is where creating captions, tags, and SEO-friendly titles come in handy. Though, marketing the YouTube channel should not rely on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You also have to share the audience’s actual value to trust you enough to subscribe to you.

Be consistent with it

Uploading consistently (every week or more) is essential. This point needs to be taken seriously. Video production must be part of the weekly schedule. If you reduce the video output, subscribers will mirror that. If you are consistently creating content, the Youtube algorithm is going to like you. You should not delete the old content as it shows the audience your journey and progress.

How to Get Your First 10,000 Subscribers on YouTube

Create Great Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the key, so keep those consistent with bold text and be recognizable. It is a powerful feature for the videos as they can appear on both Google and Youtube. You can build a brand with the thumbnails. If any consumer likes the content, they can continue to pick you from the crowd by recognizing the brand. The more recognizable you are, the subscribers will increase. Always keep in mind that while creating videos, Youtube can read the thumbnail and the file name. Keep the file name, video name, and thumbnail consistent.

How To Reach 10,000 YouTube Subscribers

Video Topic & Keyword Research

Research the topic on Youtube; it will show how many videos are there on the subject. It will indicate the type of content to create and whether it is worth the while. Google Trends is also a helpful tool that will show how many people have been searching for which videos over the last 28 days so you can see which topics are in trend and what may do well.

How to Gain Your First 10000 Subscribers

Listen to your customers

Creating video content can provide the perfect opportunity to arm potential subscribers with knowledge. Use the channel as a funnel to bring consumers to the business. It creates a more satisfying journey for both business owners and clients – creating content like blogs (even if you don’t like writing) will provide beneficial resources to prepare their clients with the knowledge they require.

Answer Viewer’s Questions

When you’re searching for the content, you can end up neglecting the basic topics like how to unzip a zip file or how to create a Facebook page. You and other people might already know how to do those things, but they’re a whole new world for others. Always deliver value to the viewers when you go live on YouTube or upload videos in common. No matter how small they may be, if you keep going live with solutions to people’s problems, your video will stay relevant years later.

How to get 10,000 subscribers on youtube fast

Find a Good Editor

Making videos or repurposing YouTube videos must not prevent you from wasting time for your family or yourself. That’s why it’s essential to find an editor to help with the pre and post-video production. This is important to compress the video to eliminate insignificant content to encourage the viewers to continue watching. The editor must be able to do this as well as emphasize the important parts of your video. Ability and flexibility to adapt will help the editor make videos that people can continue to see. An editor’s investment is more reliable than in equipment or an executive assistant.

Plan Out Your Content Before You Go Live

You have to know what you’re falling into when you are live. However, owning a script can take away the charm from the video. You are also required to master the content you’re sharing to bring value to the viewers who watched the video. The viewers are most likely watching you live to receive answers to the questions they have.

How to get 10000 subscribers on youtube free

Set Up Growth Milestones

This is what aspiring YouTubers can do. By creating the growth checkpoints, you may slowly but get to the point where you may unlock YouTube features and monetize the channel. But don’t think you can relax once you hit the 10,000 sets. This is the ideal time to get more focused and dedicated to the content and share important information with the followers. Otherwise, they may easily click on the unsubscribe button.


If you’re starting out, take a look at any guide to create a YouTube channel. That’s a lot of work but it’s also a clean slate. From most comfortable to the most complex, the best practices for converting the viewers into subscribers are the above. Do not tackle those all at once. Try out one of the tips for every new video you post or implement one of them a week.