With many people using social media to grow the business, it’s becoming more challenging to make the Twitter page attract and stand out additional followers. Here’s the advice for increasing the following without spending any money.

Realise that the number isn’t everything

Before you begin, you must realize that not all the followers are designed equally. There are lots of dummy or fake accounts out there, created individually as advertising bots or to give ‘for hire’ comments and likes. While they can artificially increase the numbers, they aren’t users you need to attract as they can never really interact with you or purchase the product. Those types of followers can also distort the analytics down the line, so stay away from many followers’ offers through automated systems.

Understand hashtags

Look at businesses and brands that are similar and perceive the specific hashtags they use. By clicking hashtags, you will see how many times this, in particular, has been used, both over time and later. Choose the ones most suited to the desired clientele, and use those liberally in the posts. Using these hashtags, your posts will appear in search feeds for people searching this tag, which can help get the posts noticed. Here is an instance of popular hashtags related to some gym showcasing the number of posts every tag highlights in, excellent to use if the business targets people who are fit.

How can I get more followers without paying

Create great content

Users are now smarter than before, and they may sense content that seems to be desperate. Limit the sales posts and pitches created solely for selling the products – instead, fill the stream with high-quality original photos captioned with witty and smart content. It will provide value to the wanted demographic and keep those interested in the posts, which is the key to creating loyalty. So if you know, the customers go to the gigs and then post photos at a new music release or a concert.

How to Get More Social Media Followers

Comment and ‘like’ other profiles

Genuine likes and comments are the most helpful way to develop an interest in the account. By popping by a person’s page to say hello,’ you will give them an incentive to visit the page and follow in return. The dialogue keeps Instagram fresh, fun – and importantly, a valuable business tool.

Define Your Bio and Profile

Defining a good profile is the backbone of the web presence on Instagram and a crafted approach to increase free Instagram followers. Instagram can make it possible to add the website address in comments and posts active, not clickable links. So only clickable link works are in the profile, where you may define the website landing page. However, the link explains the Instagram profile. As with other social media platforms, the profile will act like a business card for the followers. To make a compelling persona on Instagram, use photos or an image or the visually appealing. It can make the profile ideally stand out from the rest of Instagram profiles in the niche anyway.

Define Your Bio And Profile

Identify Trending & Branded Hashtags

Define the trending Hashtags on Instagram platform, one of the greatest ways to grow the Instagram followers. Using the right combination of hashtags or hashtags will help you in building the brand persona large for the targeted audiences. This strategy can increase the chances of getting more new likes and attracting new followers, which will result in increasing the engagement by using hashtags. Create an appealing Instagram post by a brief message using caption & trending hashtags. The hashtags help in organizing and categorizing photos and high-quality video content to get more followers.

A branded hashtag is different for the business profiles. This can be the company name, tagline, or one of the campaigns and products. The branded hashtags have a lot related to the brand identity rather than the brand name.

How can I get more followers without paying

Use Images, Videos, and GIFs

Adding small imagery to the tweets will provide much more engagement than if you’re relying on text. Tweets that use images get 150% more of the retweets than without the images. If people recognize that you’re creating unique content, such as taking your pictures or creating infographics, they will be inclined to follow the page.


Instagram is working very well for generating profitable sales and free follower base for businesses. If you see Instagram as a lead Sales machine/generation, you must increase the account’s free Instagram followers. After going through this post, it will help you to some extent to get exposure for the Instagram account. Whether you’re paying for exposure or focusing on constantly delivering excellent content, there are several ways that you may go for. However, it would help if you combined each Instagram marketing strategy covered in a post into a single mega plan; you’d be able to obtain remarkable results very soon.