The initial impression of Instagram was that of a fun app for kids; however, it outgrew in no time. It evolved as a useful platform for social media marketing and brand-building. It’s the most sought-after social networking site with a bandwidth of over 1 billion monthly active members, 500 million daily active users, and 4.2 billion likes per day. While the engagement rate of brands on other social sites is 0.1%, Instagram gets it pumping. Brands experience a ten times higher engagement rate on Instagram than on Facebook.

Instagram has outnumbered other digital platforms, so you surely wouldn’t want to settle for less. Cross over the magnitudes and reach for the stars. Since the engagement rate on Instagram is higher, you can strive to be the digital unicorn and you can accomplish this by working around these amazing social media hacks given underneath:

Decide the all-around objective of your Instagram account

Digital media forums give several alternatives to people in various ways. If you are looking forward to a business on different sites, you should stick to your aim. On social media, many users diligently follow their favorite brands. What else you can anticipate the market on social media and then set your goals.

Benefits of the goal mapping activity:

  1. You should be indebted to your source. It will help you in tracking your improvement and specify your ROI.
  2. It will enhance the persuasiveness of all the points that you take pushing forward. You should rely on your subject and strategies for achieving the goal. In which type do your goals look like on Instagram?

Social media platforms provide opportunities in many ways. It should be distinctive and quantify too.

Come up with a great content strategy:

Great content is a fundamental ingredient of the Instagram success equation. Content specifies anything you communicate through visuals, text, and whichever medium Instagram certifies. You have to create quality content that is strategic and targeted to attract the right kind of buyers who will take action and become a part of the growth of your business. These followers will be of great value as they will connect with your calls to action.

How to increase followers on instagram for business

Now the most important thing is to map your content technique into the enterprise goals. Ensure to create the most influential type of content. Typically people don’t know the context’s meaning and they miss the mark. Content Marketing is providing quality data to your audience and context marketing is delivering the right kind of information to the right individual at the right time. Content Marketing is providing quality data to your audience and context marketing is delivering the right kind of information to the right individual at the right time. You must see how you achieve this balance.

Content is like the information nugget and context is the story which you employ to convey the message. That precisely implies that to design the proper context for your Instagram content, you have to impose the ingredients of a story. Billions of content are shared on Instagram each day, so innovative and qualitative information about products, services or generalized has to be fresh to stand out.

Create a visual theme for your account

Using images and videos sticks to memory for a long time. Your brand will be more memorable when you have consistent visuals, hence each time you publish a post your brand image is consistently reinforced. To stand out in between 4.2 billion published posts every day you have to publish content with a centralized marker. Consistency generates trust components and your followers will rely on you for great content.

How to Gain a Massive Following on Instagram

Useful Tips

  • Utilize the same brand elements that you use in your website and other social media forums, without being repetitive. Ensure consistency in every post so users will feel familiarity.
  • Endeavor with contours and shapes to generate an extraordinary format.
  • Glued to one color palette.
  • Employ a prominent filter.
  • Utilize motifs.

Use Original Photos

Use the following best practices while publishing your photos. Publish original photos on your Instagram account as it looks authentic. Reposting old pictures doesn’t attract followers, they like to see fresh content every time and get connected and convert. Hence always use original photos. While publishing the photo, think about the end-user which you want to attract. Prompting users to engage by using calls to action; the simpler best way to improve involvement is to write user action captions for the posts.

How to get 1000 followers on instagram

Use the geotagging function to attract area-specific users to get more visibility. Posts that contain a location see 79% higher engagement than posts that are not tagged with a location. Original, colorful, and awesome visuals will always grab attention, and users will stick to them and follow.

#Make it work: Creating a hashtag for your brand

A customized hashtag enables you to create an array of high-quality content. This will allow your targeted audience to follow you through another branded hashtag. More people will like to follow you after seeing your top post. Additionally, you could also consider creating a hashtag for each of your campaigns on Instagram. This is a low profile promotion technique as compared to using specific brand or company names. Highly tagged campaigns garner follower’s attention instantly and build on networks.

How to choose followers on instagram

Cross-promote your dedicated hashtag

It’s amazingly creative how you crated that #maddy’shomestay for your brand, but did you know you could use this to share content about you? You should give it a serious thought to incorporate this in your profile, and take it forward to offline channels as well. Print it on your advertisement leaflets, on the signage of your store, and on your receipts.

If you explore other marketing platforms like radio and tv then recommend people to check out your hashtag. Think of a well-integrated online and offline campaign by making sure that it’s listed on your social media account, on your webpage, and in your promotional emails.

Use Industry-relevant Hashtags

Using irrelevant terms will not bring you the desired results, so it’s important to create hashtags on your posts that define your brand and your targeted audience binge specifically. The more spot on you are, the more people you engage, and they may start to follow you and your brand. Moreover, precise tags will help you slash down your competition as they may be targeting the same audience, and your visibility will be higher.

Using Trending Hashtags

You could use a mixed bag of captions and encash on super-trending popular hashtags. For instance, #throwback, #moment of the day, #instalife, while specific hashtags help you find the right blend of the audience, the popular ones bring you to the limelight. You may get new followers, and people will surely notice your presence on social media.

Bear in mind, don’t overuse the trending hashtags but fit in where ever it is justified.

Be Bold and Creative

It would help more if you play around with Instagram captions and go beyond the obvious ones. You may use those as well, but be creative with it and blend it with hashtags that say it all about you. Choose funny, ironic, and outrageous terms- in a nutshell, don’t be boring.

How to grow instagram followers organically

Get descriptive with your captions

They say a picture says it all, but don’t underestimate the power of words. An engaging storyboard alongside your pictures can be very engaging. For Instance, the NatGeo channel social media content writing team generates a high engagement through their unique style descriptions along with the pictures posted on Instagram. It is topping the charts and has a solid base of over 50 million followers.

Go all-in on influencer marketing

Check the profile of the influencers of your industry and turn on post notifications by clicking on “Turn on Post Notifications” in the account settings, this way they will be notified whenever you share new content and vice-versa (when they share your post with others.) This will allow you to start a conversation with them and build a rapport with them.

Edit less appealing tagged photos of you from your profile

You can play around with your most featured posts and less featured ones. You can’t remove the less appealing photos from Instagram completely but you can edit tags and hide them from your profile.

Approve photo tags before the content shows on your profile

Do you need greater control over your content? You can change your Instagram settings to ensure that the tagged photos “Options” > “Photos of You” > “Add Manually.”

Develop Your Instagram Style

Instagram allows you to stand out and not fit in the norms. Fossil, life is good, and Macy’s visually impeccable posts are an instant hit with netizens. Reaching millennials and getting more engagement per post becomes easy if your content is very compelling.

Final thoughts

We have shared the important tips, tools, and significant features employing that you can be a superstar on Instagram. Building a brand image sincerely and consistently putting efforts into publishing great content on Instagram will pay off well. Infinite opportunities Instagram provides, therefore you should not ignore this digital media platform and promote your account.