We know the importance of Instagram likes and how they help expand our business several folds. This article brings you the best ways to increase Instagram likes. Have a look.

Take fantastic quality photos

Your profile should have high-quality photos to get more likes on Instagram. Many people do not post good photos. We need not have a DSLR worth several thousand dollars to create an excellent Instagram picture. But, make sure that and everything is in focus, and the lighting is good. One can have a modern smartphone (like a Galaxy or new iPhone) if you want more likes on your Instagram pictures. Aesthetically pleasing photos and videos will gather more people.

How to get more likes on instagram 2020

Keep a consistent filter scheme

Having a consistent filtering scheme for your Instagram posts is one of the best ways to enhance your business, to get more followers and likes. When you use the same filters for all of your videos and photos, it helps you maintain and create a consistent Instagram visual identity. People can recognize your pictures in the feeds of all your followers. It gets you more consistent likes and increases recognition. Instagram is a creative toolkit with many filters in multiple styles. Your photos will be entirely aesthetic.

How to get instant likes on instagram

Sharing on other social media sites and platforms

If you link your Instagram account to Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms, you can share your media and account with your several niche fans and those on other platforms. It leverages the views you generate and the profile traffic in your other social media sites and many platforms. Insta will point these people towards your Instagram profile. You will get more followers and likes. One may also consider blogs as fantastic places to share Instagram posts.

Make use of local hashtags

When you use local hashtags, it is a fantastic way to reach many potential followers or customers present near you. Find the top Instagram accounts of your city and go for popular local accounts. Check the hashtags they use with their photos and videos. When you use those hashtags, there are chances that you can connect with accounts interested in featuring your business or pictures and people around you. You can gain many likes, and more followers. This can help you gain more followers and get more likes on Instagram.

How to get More Instagram Likes

Using popular hashtags

Although popular hashtags are not helpful when you reach for Instagram users near you, if you use such famous hashtags, you can reach a large group of users on Instagram. More people will see your photos and videos and like them. Using prominent hashtags is among the best and easiest ways to gather many likes on Instagram videos and pictures. They may not be high-quality likes. But, this technique is fantastic for people who want to boost the account’s credibility.

How to get more likes on instagram 2020

Sharing behind-the-scenes videos and photos

We know that social media platforms are the best places to present your brand or business’s intimate moments with your followers, admirers, and fans. It also helps you strengthen your emotional connection with customers and develop your brand personality. When you bring the behind-the-scenes of your brand or business before your followers, show off your employees, take them on an office tour, or preview an upcoming product, the content should be engaging and unique. It should be capable of drawing people who would like your pictures.

Tagging a location

When you tag your location in your videos and photos, it lets many people in your area enjoy and like your videos and pictures more easily. If you tag a general location like Downtown LA (and not name any restaurant), it will increase the chances of more followers and people near you to see your photos and engage with your stories. People searching for images near their area will be drawn towards you, which will bring a good chance of having more likes on your photos and videos.

Automatic instagram likes

Partnering with an influencer

You can find an influencer of your niche or industry to partner with. Ask these influencers to post a video or photo of them with your products (on both your profile and theirs). Your business will reach more people and expand within your target market. It also increases your credibility through the proof of social media sites like Instagram. The followers of your influencers will also visit your profile and like your pictures. Also, more people will buy your products, and your business will grow exponentially.

Tag-to-enter giveaway

You can use a like-to-enter or tag-to-enter giveaway trick or maybe both. It is an excellent way to get a large number of followers with likes. The system for both these tricks is the same but make sure that your participants enter at least two or their friends and even more to enter. Instagram will spread your image further because even their friends will like the picture.

Giveaways are indeed among the best ways to expand your business by getting a large number of likes and followers. The entrants for your contest or giveaway will also increase, and you’ll earn fame and money. It will ensure more likes on your upcoming videos and photos and more followers.

How to get more likes on instagram

Like-to-enter giveaways

When you launch competitions or giveaways on Instagram, this trick is useful. We know that people love to have stuff free of cost! Giveaways are the best medium to attract people to like your photos and videos. In this case, launch a like-to-enter giveaway. People will indeed like your posts to get gifts from your Instagram account.

Anyone can double-tap your pictures because it is an easy way. You will get a ton of comments and likes on your giveaway videos and photos. Create an engaging and attractive image of your prize. Ask people to like it to get entered as a giveaway. You’ll see many likes on your posts.

Instagram can be hard on accounts and brands who are willing to increase their reach through genuine tricks. You can draw the benefit of the Instagram platform for Ads. It promotes your videos and photos and expands your reach to people who may not know you. Just as Facebook provides you with targeting options, on Instagram, too, you’ll find the same. When your content is engaging and targeting is sound, you’ll gain more likes and followers.

How To Get Likes On Instagram

Posting photos of users and customers

When you post the photos of users and customers, it gives the new customers a chance to interact more intimately with others who have contributed to making your brand successful. Pictures with people have more impact than those with only products. Also, these seem genuine to your audience, who will like these pictures more. When you make more followers and likes through these photos, your business will expand. It would be best if you also tagged the people present in these photos so that their followers can also see your post. They and their followers may like your posts and become followers of your Instagram profile.

Tagging influential accounts

You can find influential accounts in your area or within your niche. Next, tag these accounts in your videos and new posts. Make sure to tag them in the video or picture and not in the caption. Your photographs will be visible in their “tagged in” sections, and people will get to know about your profile. These influential people will also be informed about your new posts. It is one of the best ways to reach more followers and viewers. Your target market has many great people who may check your posts and like your account increasing your credibility. You may even get featured on these accounts of influential people.


While we know the value of Instagram followers, it is equally vital to understand how to reach more followers and expand brands through more likes. You can choose from the best ways to increase likes given in this article and become a social media star.