Instagram is more than a fun app for kids. It has become a selling, content marketing, audience building, and networking tool for brands and individuals. It’s among the most famous social networking sites globally, with more than 200 million active members who share 1.6 billion likes and 60 million images every day.

We know that it is fantastic to use Instagram and become famous through this site. However, we need more followers on our Instagram profile to earn money and fame. In this article, we bring you some of the best ways to increase real followers on Instagram. On many social networking sites, businesses, and brands’ engagement rates are not more than 0.1%. But on Instagram, brands get a chance to expand. The average engagement rate on Instagram is 58 times more than Facebook, according to a 2014 Forester study.

Create a brand hashtag

A custom, dedicated, or branded hashtag lets Instagram users collect the best content under one hashtag. Whenever a follower (potential one) finds your account through a hashtag that is highly targeted by the audience, they will visit your profile and become a follower. Your posts will also be liked and commented upon by that person.

How do you gain Instagram followers

An Instagram brand may also consider making a customized brand tag for all campaigns related to Instagram marketing. It can be a better option in many ways because this technique is less promotional. Otherwise, people use their company names to make hashtags that seem a direct promotion of the business. Followers also use these campaign hashtags. Their followers and connections also get to know about your business. They may follow your brand (if they have the same interests), like, and comment on your posts.

Make your own Instagram style

We know that it is a human tendency to fit in. But, on social media platforms like Instagram, you wish to stand out. Frooti is a beverage brand that has developed a unique and amazing visual content style. Their style is immediately recognized by followers when a new post arrives on their feed. Your unique style will let people know it’s you!

How do you get 1000 followers fast

Cross-promote your dedicated hashtag

If you create a #joesgarage hashtag to promote the business, it is fantastic. But, people would not know where to use the hashtag to share content related to your firm. Be sure to add the hashtag to your profile. Also, get this printed on print ads, on your receipts, at relevant events, and on signage in your store.

If you’re on TV and radio, request the viewers and listeners to use your hashtag. When you integrate online and offline campaigns by putting the hashtag on your website, in print, on social media, and anywhere else, your brand will be promoted through the hashtag. We must not think people will dream of finding yours.

Increase Real Instagram Followers

Don’t be a boring brand

Whenever we talk of Instagram caption ideas, we should look beyond the obvious, one-word hashtags. Sure, these hashtags should be used but try mixing them up and use many hashtags to tell your story. You should be ironic, funny, or outrageous. But, ensure that your brand does not become boring while promoting. We Work, a Collaborative workspace company, is perfect because it includes a mix of Instagram content and fun. You can check their profile.

Get local

One should know what is happening in any specific area around you. The city, neighborhood, an event in any location, or a city you’re targeting in ads can be done by choosing the Places tab on the search page. After that, type the place name and find all geotagged posts for that specific location. Going local will help you gather more followers for Instagram.

How can I get 1000 followers on Instagram

Use industry-specific hashtags

We all want customers and Instagram followers who are interested in our brand. You may have very few followers when the terms used are not specific to your industry. Your target audience should easily browse your page using the hashtags used in your posts.

People will be more interested in your content if your hashtags and content are more specific. There will be higher chances that people who visit your page become followers if they are of your niche. Additionally, if you use more precise tags, they will reduce the number of competitors searching for followers for their brands and target the same followers like you. People will quickly locate your profile and follow it.

Making the most of the bio URL

It is one of the prime and best real estate on your Instagram profile. How many of us would want our bio to be a link to our website homepage for always? Of course not. We would like a change and so do our followers. So, wise Instagram users always change their bio two times a week or sometimes after a time gap. This system drives heavy traffic to your page, and the most popular or newest content will be visible to people through the clickable link in your bio.

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Remove unwanted tagged photos from the Instagram profile

People who want to have the best and ideal user-generated content about their brand and them on the Instagram profile can remove the unwanted tagged photos. You can use the “Edit Tags” option and select the images or videos you want to withdraw from the main profile. One can hide it from the profile and confirm the command. The trick is handy to increase and keep Instagram followers.

Use event-related hashtags

Event-related hashtags include the events that take place in your industry or business spot, such as seminars, annual conventions, and workshops.

They may be events that are very well known in your locality, country, or maybe across the globe on the minds of several people at a given time. These event-related hashtags are often best suited for your more casual and lighthearted posts.

For instance, if you snap a photo of your team during the World Cup, do not hesitate to post it with the hashtag #worldcupfun. It may or may not gain you several followers since many people may use the hashtag (popular and general term). People will become aware of your brand, and this trick becomes a support to gain followers on Instagram.

Increase Real Instagram Followers

Go all-in on influencer marketing

It is one of the best ways to become popular on Instagram. You need to visit the profiles of all the people you’ve identified as influencers in your space. An influencer would be someone who can influence the people in front of us. When you “Turn On Post Notifications,” you will be notified by Instagram every time they post a new video or photo. Try to interact with them so that you become their favorite brand or profile.

Get descriptive with your captions

We know that a picture is worth more than 1000 words. But, a brand cannot skip the caption entirely. National Geographic is amazing because it uses the trick of storytelling alongside their Instagram videos and photos. This system generates sharing and engagement. Many traditional brands have dropped, but NatGeo has gladly thrived across the digital media. It is also known as one of the top brands on social media platforms like Instagram.

It has more than 50 million followers. There are several Instagram hacks mentioned in this article. But, people often neglect caption making trick because they think their photo or video says it all. However, it would be best if you tried writing nice captions to promote your brand and increase followers. Do not worry about writing capability. It will improve gradually.


You can use the tricks about Instagram followers given in this article and become famous by earning many followers, likes, comments, and money. One should also remember to avoid hashtags like #followback or #pleasefollow because we already know how we would react to seeing these hashtags! Use only the best ways to increase the real Instagram followers.