Did you know that Youtube is now in the second place as the most frequented site on the Internet after overtaking Facebook? We are living in an age where, according to research, an average person consumes over six hours each day watching videos. It automatically creates competition between content creators. They are the ones who are trying to get an edge in the competition and appealing to the vast number of people binge-watching content on the Internet. Following all these events, even brands have started to market themselves on Youtube all at the same time.

The enormous influx of video content over the few years on Youtube resulted in the brands advertising their products all the more. If you haven’t gained much ground as a Youtuber and want your content to stand out, you would need to proceed strategically.

Being a small Youtuber would imply that you don’t have a lot of money to spend on ads to promote your channel. Thus, now is the adequate time to start figuring out how to grow your Youtube channel by enabling it for free. This article lists the steps with proper explanations on how to get maximum views on your Youtube videos. So, get ready to take some right notes!

Ways to promote your Youtube Channel for free

Whether you have just started uploading views on Youtube or have a moderate amount of viewership, the tips given below will help you step up your promotional strategies. You would see results if you follow these steps.

1. Write catchy titles for your videos:

While many people use clickbait titles so that more people view their videos, this is a terrible practice. You should never mislead people with such kinds of titles. Your titles should be direct and comprehensible. Your viewers should get an idea of what to expect from your video. Having clickbait-y titles will make many viewers lose respect for you. Ensure that you have relevant keywords in the title. If you are not sure what keyword to use, Google Trends might help you.

How can I boost my YouTube channel for free

2. Optimize for maximum visibility:

You must have noticed that many videos show up in the google search results from Youtube whenever you search for something. The fact is at least 70% of the top 100 results constitute Youtube videos. Suppose you search a tutorial before you see any websites or blogs related to the topic. In that case, a Youtube video will show up. You may not know, but Youtube is a search engine in itself, or you can say, of itself, besides Google. It functions pretty much in the same way as Google. To have the best chances of your videos showing up in Google or Youtube search results, you will need to learn about SEO practices for Youtube. These practices include catchy title and description, having keywords and tags, engaging with people, and categorizing your videos. Make sure not to include irrelevant keywords for somewhere where it is not necessary.

How do I promote my YouTube channel

3. Engage with the community:

Firstly, you must ensure that your videos align with your viewers’ wants and expectations. To understand what your audience wants, you have to engage with them. Youtube falls under the category of a social network, so it only interacts with your viewers. You can ask them what type of videos they want from you via comments or the community tab. Associate with them via likes and comments on each of your videos and pay attention to their suggestions. Then, start working on creating the content your audience would resonate with the most.

4. Have great thumbnails

Though thumbnails don’t play a role in SEO, it is essential to have good thumbnails. Viewers will want to click on your video if you have a good one. Thumbnails convey to a person what to expect from your video, and they also represent your channel. It is like the logo of a brand; it should have an impact on the viewers. Again, try to maintain a theme for the youtube channel. Consistency is crucial, and having consistent, related designs on the thumbnails would help people find your videos quickly.

How to drive traffic to your youtube channel

5. You should cross-promote your videos

You may have been covering many related topics in each of your videos. To make your older videos get more views, you could try cross-promoting your videos whenever you think you have a chance. For instance, dropping links in the description box below your video and encouraging people to check out some of your older videos may be a good start. It is a disappointment that Youtube has removed its annotation system. However still, you can link videos down in the description and talk about what you covered earlier so that viewers are interested in checking them out.

6. Try live streaming

One of the hottest trends right now on every social media network is streaming live. This trend is sure not going away soon. With Facebook, Instagram, and now even Youtube having the live streaming feature, every brand, big or small, is trying to make the best of it. Youtube has had the live stream features for years and only, recently has it gained so much attention. Go through the live streams on some brands or through other Youtubers’ live streams in your niche. Doing this would give you an idea of how to use this feature. You could do tutorials, product unboxing/ reviews, and even Q&A sessions through your live stream. It’s okay if you mess up a bit at the start because that’s what makes it appealing. And, it only proves you are human too!

How do I make my YouTube video go viral for free

7. Hosts contests and giveaways:

Most people watching videos on Youtube love giveaways. It would be best if you tried hosting an exciting contest or giveaway to encourage people to view your videos. It will also lead them to subscribe to your likes, comment, and subscribe to your channel to be eligible for the giveaway. You must be careful of a few things. Firstly, do not go against any Youtube policies and host giveaways relevant to your channel or brand. Check the rate of subscriber drop-off and how much the people are engaging. Make sure you are not attracting people who want free prizes.

How do I get my YouTube video to go viral

8. Make video series and organize them into playlists

As you create and upload more and more videos, people might have a hard time navigating through your channel. Therefore you have to make a series of videos related to each other and should organize playlists. Playlists are a great help as they will allow you to put the same type of videos in a category. Playlists would also appeal more to your viewers and encourage them to binge-watching. Many brands do this and, thus, are engaging for the viewers.


There are, of course, many more ways you could promote your Youtube channel for free. Some of these include collaborating with other YouTubers in your niche, hosting contests or giveaways relevant to your channel or brand, and just encouraging viewers to check out your content in general. You can also improve your Youtube channel’s traffic by embedding your videos on your other social media handles. It has been proven that people prefer video content more than lengthy, handwritten posts. It is all the more reason why you should embed your videos on
your other socials.

These pointers will yield you results in growing your channel for free. After you have gained ground as a Youtuber, you could try investing in some ads if you wish to. It’s all about doing what you are most comfortable with.