Ever had a moment where you felt as if you were a celebrity on social media platforms?
It could be a moment where someone you really admire or like shares your post or maybe when people from around the world happen to find your content and like as well as follow. Now and then, something happens that pushes average users of social media to the spotlight.

If you are on Twitter, there’s good news for you; You can get your Twitter account verified to receive a blue checkmark badge right next to your username. All you have to do to get verified on the platform is update your profile by filling out your current details such as email address and phone number, then all you have to do is fill out a form for the verification process.

There are remarkable benefits for brands and businesses in having their Twitter account, along with providing a bit of ego boost.

Steps to get verified on Twitter

  • Complete all the required profile details such as profile picture, name, bio, cover photo, and website.
  • Confirm your email address and add a verified mobile number.
  • Submit your date of birth.
  • Set your tweets to the public.
  • Fill out the verification form on Twitter.

Steps To Get Verified On Twitter

If you are getting verification for a personal account rather than a business account, you will also need to submit a copy of a photo ID such as a driver’s license or a passport.

According to an announcement by Twitter on verified accounts, a few elements are listed in particular that play a massive role in deciding which accounts get verified and which don’t, and one of the most significant factors in getting an account verified is whether the profile is of public interest.

Twitter has further explained that public interest here includes organizations and public figures in the industry or field of TV, Music, Fashion, Film, Politics, Government, Journalism, Religion, Sports, Business, Media, and other key interest areas.

As long as you meet the minimum requirements mentioned in the guidelines, such as having a complete profile, the verification process can be a bit subjecting in deciding what is of “public interest.”
If your account does not get verified on the first try, fret not. You can try again in 30 days. As for the minimum guidelines, here’s how you can complete each one successfully.

Adding a phone number of Twitter

To add a phone number to your Twitter account, go to Settings and then on the Phone tab. Verify the phone number by submitting the verification code sent by Twitter.

Confirm your email address

To add an email address to your Twitter account, go to Settings and then on Your Account. Once the email address is added, Twitter sends a link to verify your account.

Add a profile picture, bio, cover picture, website, and birthday

To edit or add this info, go to your profile on Twitter. If you are logged in on the platform, an “Edit Profile” button should be visible next to your Twitter statistics. Clicking on this button will allow you to edit various aspects of your profile.

Twitter suggests that the information you submit should be accurate; the profile name you submit should be the organization’s legitimate name or the individual accurately. The cover photo and the profile picture should accurately depict what the account is about, and the bio should mention the company’s mission or area of expertise.

In addition, you can choose to decide who is able to view your birthday on your profile.

Make sure that your tweets are public

Go to the Twitter Security and Privacy settings and ensure that the checkbox next to Tweet Privacy is not checked to make your tweets public.

When you are going through the process of verification, Twitter will ask you to log into the account that you want to verify. There is also a paragraph section at the end where you have to mention your account should be verified; this part can possibly take up most of your time. You can also share links to back your claims.

Here are some additional methods through which you can raise your chances of getting verified on Twitter

Getting Verified On Twitter

Although there is no sure way to know what elements contribute precisely how much to the verification process, it doesn’t hurt to raise the chances of getting verified anyway.

Mention other verified users in your Twitter bio

Mentioning other verified users provides your account with more social proof and raises the chances of getting the blue tick. In your Twitter bio, you can mention other users that are on Twitter. In addition, it can help you get more followers.

As an individual, you can mention your past employer, current employer, and other connections that you may have with other users of the platform.

As a brand or a firm, you can include the VCs that have funded your company or the parent company.

Ensure that your Twitter account has been continuously active

Having an active Twitter profile can possibly be the factor that helps you get the blue tick next to your name. Instead of rushing to get your user account verified, make sure that you have been continuously active on your account, replying to your direct messages and engaging with your mentions for a month.

Add specifics and numbers if you are an organization in your user bio

You can do a bit of self-promotion in your Twitter bio, mentioning some recent achievements such as how long the firm has been in business, number of satisfied customers.

If you are an individual user, mention your biggest job title

The tip mentioned above is for an organization’s self-promotion; in this one, you promote yourself. For example, if you have your own company, you can include keywords such as entrepreneur. If you give to charity, you can include philanthropists. If you have helped some companies troubleshoot issues, you can probably use the word problem solver.

If individuals, use a cover photo that depicts you doing something important

Having a quote or a random image as a cover picture might look nice, but it doesn’t contribute much to an individual’s description as a public interest. Use a picture that is not blurred or unfocused and delivers a clear message to the viewer.

In the “why should I be verified” field, submit a pitch that shows your empathy for the Twitter community?

How long does it take to be verified on twitter

In your pitch for the Twitter verification, mention how your account getting verified can help the community on the platform. Are you a business that wishes to provide trusted, fast support to your Twitter community? Is it helpful for your audience to find you, or are you keen on helping to improve the experience of other users.

Be specific with your location in the bio

A lot of users use creative ways while mentioning their location in the Twitter bio, such as ‘location: spaceship earth. Although there is a possibility that your location field doesn’t contribute much, why take the chances?
If you feel like the location isn’t specific enough, or maybe not a lot of people know that location, you can try to be more specific with it.

Pick a variety of links for submission

While picking the links for the verification form, you can include a variety of links from sources where you have been published or maybe even the conference speaking engagements either from the past or the ones you’re going to be speaking on in the future.

Share as many positive mentions as possible of you or your business from the biggest possible sources. These sources could be awards, company profiles, Bylines from major publications or websites.


Getting verified on Twitter can help you build credibility for your individual or business account. If you are after the blue tick mark for your Twitter account, you’d have to wait till Twitter reopens public applications for verification. In the meantime, you can build credibility for your account by engaging with legitimate audiences and blocking any bots to make your account appear more professional.