It’s always essential to create content that the users appreciate, but the question still lies about getting more exposure. This is the reason you must be familiar with the proper usage of hashtags. So, are you properly using hashtags to get the best exposure out of your Twitter account? Not using hashtags will make your content get ignored. Simultaneously, using a lot of hashtags can make your content get ignored and lose the real essence. This article is a simple guide that will increase your content on Twitter and help you get the best result by only using hashtags.

Before getting into the usage of hashtags, it is essential to go clear with the proper meaning and the purpose of hashtags.

What does a hashtag mean?

The hashtag got its origin on a very famous social media platform called Twitter back in 2007. You can also see the usage of hashtags on every other social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, youtube, and some campaigns and TV. The high use of hashtags on different social media platforms indicates the immense value of hashtags for getting maximum exposure. A hashtag comprises two general parts: one part is called a hash symbol called a pound symbol in the U.S, followed by a phrase. The hash symbol and the words used after it makes a specific meaning that indicates a particular purpose. For example, using #fashion means the post or the content with which the hashtag is used is based on fashion.

The audience can readily see the different no.s of post or content by typing the specific word related to it.

Popular twitter hashtags list

Why use hashtags?

Hashtags are a way that helps groups and categorize the tweets according to the specific topic that can be followed according to the public’s interests. If anyone is desirous of finding the particular content, then hashtags are the ones that can get them the right content without much hassle. They can easily search for a given topic by searching for the specific keyword rather than scrolling through their Twitter feed.

Twitter feed found that the tweets that contained hashtags increased engagement like retweets, replies, and other engagement types. This helped producers grow their content by grabbing the attention of their brands and products. This signifies that hashtag usage is required for gaining the right amount of traffic over your tweets.

Twitter hashtags trending

What’s the right timing of using the hashtags on Twitter?

It would be helpful if you were very specific about what term or specific keyword suits the best for your content or the tweet. You can also search out for posts that look similar to you and have a lot of audience engagement in it. After searching out for the tweets that looked similar to you, you can use the same hashtags used in the searched tweets to attract a large no. of traffic to your content.

Popular Twitter Hashtags 2021
For example:

  • Events: #funtour #CMIWorld #Myvisit
  • Cosmetics: #wineredlipstick #eyeliner #bestcontour
  • Places: #Newjersey #London #Wimbledon
  • Mood: #tired #bored #comfy #cozy
  • Themes: #mymorningroutine #Sundaythoughts #Latenightcravings
  • Things: #Work #cars #computers #bed
  • Verbs: #writing #penning #helpingworld #loving
  • Industry terms: #technology #softwareindustry #photography #marketing you can also notice many other common hashtags like #SEMrush and #QChat on twitter being oftenly used.

Don’t’s while using hashtags

  • Ensure that you don’t use hashtags while you are sponsoring something or showing any advert that will divert your audience from your advert. This will eventually get the audience on the wrong page if they click on any of the hashtags. The twitter insights found that the adverts that don’t have any hashtags had the largest no. of the audience, which was generally 23 percent more than other hashtag-used adverts.
  • Don’t use many hashtags on a single tweet to decrease tha actual value of your content and make it lose the audience.

How can you find the most popular and trending hashtags on Twitter?

Suppose you are using hashtags that are not often searched, then there is no use in using hashtags. The reason for not using these types of hashtags is that they are least searched and cannot create and attract traffic to your tweet. Some probably the best tools that will help you get the best and most searched hashtag for your tweet will be successful in bringing you the much-needed traffic.

How Can You Find The Most Popular And Trending Hashtags On Twitter

  1. Twitter:

    The best place to find and get the best and most searched hashtag for you is Twitter. On the left-hand sidebar that appears beside your profile, you’ll find a no. of hashtags that have been personalized for you. These Top 10 trends are the personalized topics and hashtags for you that are based on your search activity and the tweets you prefer.
    You can also change your location to get your preferred type of hashtag. Click on the “show more” button to help you get to the best 20 trends for your tweet.

  2. Hashtagify:

    This is one of the widely and most preferred tools that will help you find the best hashtag for your content. This will help you reach more audiences, help you find your competitors, and provide you with custom suggestions. You can also get the premium plans that will help you get extra features and data, including the list of top influencers.

  3. Trendsmap:

    This is the one-stop solution for getting the latest trends from your twitter account. This will help you get the top-searched hashtags from all around the world. You have to click on a particular hashtag on the map, and you’ll be able to get the exact results for your location. This will help you get customized and popular hashtags from all over the world.

  4. Rite tag:

    This will serve as another tool to fetch the most trending hashtag for a particular topic to reach the targeted audience.

These are some tools that will surely help you get the best hashtag for your content targeted to attract a specific audience. Whether you are in London or New York, you can get personalized and customized hashtags using these tools set on one particular location. Ensure that you don’t want to overuse a hashtag as it can decrease your tweet’s value.