Youtube has emerged as an excellent platform for online marketing since its incorporation days. YouTube has over 2 billion users worldwide, out of which 30 million constitute daily visitors. About 2,400 channels cross the milestone of 1 million subscribers, with approximately 500 hours of video clips being uploaded on YouTube every minute. Google purchased YouTube in 2016 and holds the second rank as of today in attracting domestic and global traffic online. This article aims at guiding businesses to utilize YouTube effectively as an online marketing tool for reaching a larger demographic that too in significantly lesser time.

YouTube is a hit in taking static content to the next level and has transformed the way businesses now operate. If you use it for entertainment purposes, it is pretty simple but a bit complicated when you have to channelize it to grow your business.

YouTube can be useful and fully exploited for business purposes in the following manner:

YouTube is an excellent tool for promoting your business through video content.
Create a YT channel for your brand with extremely engaging and well-thought-through content. Focus on making the best of the first 30 seconds by introducing your brand uniquely and impeccably. This will motivate the audience to watch till the end and come back to your channel.

Complete your YouTube profile and bear in mind the tips that are given below to increase engagement on your channel:

How to launch a YouTube channel?

It’s quite interesting to design and develop your own YouTube channel. Some essential features and components of building and optimizing your YouTube Channel.

Signing up for a business YouTube account

Social media platforms need you to create your account first before watching any content such as images, videos, blogs. In this particular manner, YouTube is unique; you have free access to the YouTube content without signing up for an account with them. Your account will be required for your business to upload videos and be involved with the viewers. Grown-up content has to be flagged, and to watch these videos; YouTube membership is needed.

Some steps to create the business YouTube accountCustomize the channel

You need to customize your profile with your company information. You will get a unique URL so other people can find your channel through a straight link and many different creative ways to stand out among competitors.

Steps to customize your channel;

1. Enhance channel art

Similar to Facebook or Twitter banners, there is YouTube channel art, a heading that is an incredible place to add your brand’s tagline and business logo. The profile photo is also recognized as your channel icon, and channel art must represent the brand clearly through great-quality photographs. Just in case you don’t upload any image, YouTube will do that for you. Google display pictures should be synced to your YouTube account, and it doesn’t take much time to link.

Excellent measurements for YouTube channel art:
Icon of the channel: 800 × 800 pixels.

Banner of the channel: 2560 × 1440 pixels; however, the best measurements for web use and mobiles are 1546 × 423 pixels.

Having such a massive size of files, it is essential to use high-resolution pictures, ideally 300 dpi for the channel banner and icon. Attractive images pull users’ attention; hence your page has to look great to bring visitors to your page.

2. Fill-up your company’s details

It is imperative to share adequate facts about your business, what all services your company is providing. An accurate description of your business with payment links and a call-to-action button is required for the users to understand your business mechanism and buy your product or services. In the end, your business email address is essential for further communication. Keeping all the modes of communication open for users so that they can interact with you. Adding all your company’s website pages will enable you to attract viewers to your brand. Users watch your business content and get attracted to your brand, and convert into loyal consumers. You should creatively use keywords to enhance your visibility in the YouTube searches.

3. Make a short channel video

A short video showcasing your brand’s products or services on your YouTube channel is an effective customization option to improve viewer engagement in the Youtube channel. It appears on your account’s homepage, and when users visit, they get a good feel for your company. You should take better advantage of this feature to rock on the platform.

4. Interacting with others on YouTube

Many features enable users to interact with your business, such as comments, likes, subscriptions, playlists, sharing options, messages, etc. Utilizing all these elements, a very active engagement happens with users, hence be active and interact with viewers on the platform to drive engagement with your audience.

5. Verify your YouTube channel

You may not be knowing if the channel is verified or not, then what to do?

A small checkbox is there which specifies a confirmation symbol next to the channel’s name. Your channel should have at least 100,000 subscribers for getting verified. However, interested companies can directly contact Google and inquire about verification.

6. Youtube live

Youtube’s live streaming element is quite similar to Facebook Live. Most broadcasts are oriented towards sports or news. However, YouTube live is not widely known, but your website’s video format is important for you. You must confirm your account to execute a live stream. Various ways of live streaming are available for you. Such as stream now, by using the events tab, the third option is on the mobile app of the site, and the last one is the computer’s webcam.

7. Trending Videos

Videos that are getting popular day by day and many users interact with them are called trending videos. Such videos are uploaded in the last few days. Current trending videos can be viewed under the trending tab on the homepage of YouTube, even if you don’t have a YouTube account. Trends reflect the famous culture, viral hits, and current events. Typically, trending youtube videos are the ones that are currently receiving the most engagement. Viral videos are suitable for growing popularity but not the ultimate sign of success.

8. YouTubers and influencers

You must have heard the terms, YouTuber and influencers; these are typically content developers for YouTube. They are famous individuals or celebrities who come on talk shows, reality tv shows with their specific channels. They specialize in a particular niche, like beauty or cooking or some other creative activity in the form of a vlog. These celebrities have a huge following base. Sometimes millions like Tyler Oakley.

A lot of YouTubers have corporate sponsorships. Sponsors send YouTubers their products to use in their video content. It has been proven beneficial to connect with influencers to promote the brand on YouTube and reach more users.

9. Advertising on YouTube

There are various advertising ways on YouTube, as users receive the sites’ benefits of free services. The site is based on the video content; companies put a call-to-action link to steer viewers to the website after watching the video. There are video ad options, discovery ads, bumper ads, out-stream ads. Sponsored advertisements on YouTube enable you to monetize your video content by providing your audience with a more straightforward option to purchase your services and products.


This write-up helps you to understand the basics of creating and developing your YouTube channel. Utilizing various options to engage users and then make them buy your products or services is an art. Sincere efforts and investing your time and energy towards customizing your YouTube channel will pay off well. Interacting with users utilizing like, comment, subscription, and sharing options and using attractive images and video content can certainly improve viewer’s engagement with your YouTube channel.