A genuine friend is better than a thousand fake followers!

This motto is apt for social media, where we have many fake accounts and imposters pretending to be influencers.
Influencer marketing is an effective and proven strategy for digital marketing; however, the key to success is to know the genuine from the fake. In this post, we will reveal ten ways to identify fake influencers with fake followers.

Who are Fake Influencers?

Many online accounts of individuals and companies pose influencers to get you likes, follows, and comments. These are fake accounts that use bots to create auto-generated programs to fetch likes, follow, and comments. Buying services from bogus accounts will not only doom your brand name, but Instagram can also blacklist your account.

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10 Ways to Identify Fake Influencers

  1. Take a Closer Look at the Followers

    The best way is to check the followers’ list. A genuine influencer account will have a ratio of less than a 5% follow-back rate. If the social media account follows 5K accounts with a follow back of 3K to 4K, the Influencer is fake. Follow-unfollow is an old tactic now known to all. Take a closer look at the follow and unfollow activity to learn about a fake account. You can even look at the followers; fake accounts will neither have a profile photo nor a post.

  2. Check Engagement Rate

    The engagement rate will always be proportional to the number of followers. You can quickly assess the number of followers ratio to the number of likes and number of comments. A fake account will have a large number of followers, but the comments will be very few. Also, check out the comments. The comments will only be generic with profiles with no posts or pictures.

  3. Check Audience Location

    Another incredible way to check fake influencers is by checking the audience’s location. If the Influencer is from Europe and posts his content in English, and the bulk of followers are from China or Russia, take it as a fake influencer. The majority of people in China and Russia do not speak or follow English.

  4. Sudden Increase in Followers Graph

    If you see a sudden spike in the number of followers in a quick time, it is evident that the followers are added using a python bot program. The followers can be assumed to be genuine if the feat is achieved with the consistency of time and posts. The spike can be organic only in exceptional cases like a launch of a pathbreaking show, a bestseller book, or any similar event.

    Another great way to analyze spike graphs is by using a tool like Hype Auditor Analyzer; this will help analyze accounts with more than 500 followers.

  5. Check Audience Quality

    It is essential to find an authentic influencer for the partnership of your brand. An excellent way to do this is by checking the audience’s score. Look out for audience quality; the audience will speak for the account. If you find audience profiles with dummy names or baseless content and, in most cases, no content at all, the Instagram account is fake. The ratio of these kinds of profiles will be very high for a fake influencer with fake followers.

  6. Check if the Influencer is Tagged in Photos

    A genuine Influencer will flourish on community accounts and followers. In all probability, these people will tag an influencer in their photos and posts. An influencer will be visible to the community in their ventures, startups, and other promotional content. If you seldom find your Influencer in community posts or tags, take it as a fake influencer.

  7. Check if the Influencer has an Account on other Social Media

    An excellent way to know about any account is to check the profile in detail. A genuine Influencer will have all the details in the person’s profile with links to other social media accounts. Influencers who are active on more than one social media platform are more likely to be genuine and have a uniform number of posts and followers.

    If the fame is visible only on a particular platform like Instagram, the Influencer will be fake.

  8. Automated Tools can Help

    There are several tools to determine whether an account has fake followers. These tools can scan history and separate fake accounts from real ones. It gives an analysis of followers and details to mark suspicious profiles.
    These tools are also helpful to remove and block fake followers from your account.

    Tools like Social Audit Pro and FollowerCheck give an analytical overview of all followers’ accounts. These apps do a full analysis of profiles including followers’ profiles, to provide a detailed analysis. There are paid levels of these accounts depending upon your needs and the volume of followers’ accounts.

  9. Comments are Coming from Only a Few Visible Accounts

    Typically, your friends and family will like and comment on your posts; however, if you see only a few comments and all comments are similar and generic, it can contribute to an Instagram Pod. In a genuine profile, each community member will participate in their unique way.

  10. Look for Stock Images

    The best thing to do is a reverse search for the images. A fake influencer will use stock images to look like pictures taken by professionals. Another thing to notice is if the Influencer looks different in selfies each time. A reverse search will lead you to the source of the photograph.


Fake accounts pretending to be influencers are growing each day. It is challenging to reach genuine influencers, but it is also time-consuming to do all checks and analyses. Checking the influencer profile and doing a quick scan of followers is an excellent way to identify fake influencers with fake followers.

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