A significant percentage of the world’s population is now using Instagram. There are so many users in billions of this social platform since it is versatile for private users, individuals, marketers, and businesses that want to increase their presence or become influencers and earn from the platform.

Instagram Statistics and Facts for 2021 are conveniently divided into the most relevant categories:

Popularity statistics:

  • Instagram is the sixth most engaged and used social media platform globally (behind Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube, FB Messenger, and WeChat).
  • In the United States, the 10th most visited website estimated about 0.9 billion monthly visits in January 2021.
  • Instagram was the fifth most popular download in 2020 on the Apple App Store.
  • Instagram was launched on October 6th, 2010.
  • And the very first post was made on July 16th, 2010.
  • Instagram turned 10 in 2020.

User Statistics

How many Instagram users are there?

  • In 2020, the total number of Instagram users was estimated to 1.16 billion active users.

How many daily active Instagram users are there?

  • Instagram has 500 million daily active users.
  • In the United States, 63% of users visit Instagram daily.

How many monthly active Instagram users are there?

  • Instagram has one billion monthly users.
  • Instagram can have up to 95 million fake bot accounts under 10% of its total user count.
    • 88% of users are outside the US

      India: 120 million users
      Brazil: 95 million users
      Indonesia: 78 million users
      Russia: 54 million users

    • Instagram is the 9th most popular Google searches:

      The top 10 searches include such as news and weather. All ahead of Instagram, another ten featured search features Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Amazon. Since Instagram is primarily accessed through the app, this is a great showing.

    • Instagram has the 4th-most users on the mobile app:

      For active users of a mobile app, Instagram is exceeded only by Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

    • Five hundred million people use Instagram Stories daily:

      Instagram stories are a high-engaging feature, especially since the same number of users who browse the site daily also check out their Stories content.

    • The gender split of Instagram users estimated at 51% female to 49% male.

Business-specific stats:

  • 90% of Instagram users follow a business page:

    Users are not just interacting with their friends on Instagram. Everyone almost 90% of users who use the app follow at least one brand page.

  • The average Instagram business account post once a day:

    Make sure to post at the right time to make the most of that content.
    More than 250,000 Instagram users uncover the best times to post.

How much is Instagram worth?

  • In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion.
  • In 2018, Instagram’s estimated value was $100 billion.
  • In 2020, Instagram generated $20 billion in revenue.

Instagram account growth statistics:

  • September 2011- 10 million users
  • February 2013- 100 million monthly users
  • June 2016- Instagram had 500 million users
  • June 2018- Instagram had 1 billion monthly users
  • October 2021- Instagram had 1.16 billion estimated users

80% of Instagrammers are Engaging with Businesses:

Instagram users follow their favorite brands, with 80% of users following at least one business account. The latest statistics show that there are 200 million users who visit a business profile daily. There are 25 million business accounts, and 2 million advertisers are using ads, including Stories ads, to promote their products and services.

The Top 10 Most Followed Instagram Accounts:

  • Instagram- 390 million (The Instagram account with the most followers is “the Instagram account,” with 390 million followers).
  • Cristiano Ronaldo- 279 million
  • Ariana Grande- 232 million
  • Dwayne Johnson- 231 million
  • Kylie Jenner- 227 million
  • Selena Gomez- 222 million
  • Kim Kardashian- 216 million
  • Lionel Messi- 199 million
  • Beyonce- 173 million
  • Justin Bieber- 171 million
  • Kendall Jenner- 160 million

The top 10 brands on Instagram:

  • Instagram- 390 million
  • National Geographic- 159 million
  • Nike- 144 million
  • Real Madrid C.F.- 97.3 million
  • FC Barcelona- 96.2 million
  • UEFA Champions League- 73 million
  • Victoria’s Secret- 68.8 million
  • NASA- 65.6 million
  • 9GAG- 56.3 million
  • NBA- 55.5 million

Top 10 Instagram Influencers:

  • Amanda Cerny- 24.9 million
  • Zach King- 24.1 million
  • Liza Koshy- 18.5 million
  • James Charles- 27.1 million
  • Nikkie Tutorials- 14.5 million
  • Lilly Singh- 9.6 million
  • Negin Mirsalehi- 6.3 million
  • Julie Sarinana- 5.8 million
  • Andrea Russett- 4.7 million
  • Lily Maymac- 4.1 million

Instagram photo with most likes:

  • World Record Egg (Photo of an Egg)- 55 million
  • XXXtentacion (Last post before death)- 24.3 million
  • Billie Eilish (Selfie of new blonde hair)- 22.5 million
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (On Maradona’s death)- 19.8 million
  • Chadwick Bose (Announcement of Death)- 19.2 million
  • Kylie Jenner (Baby Daughter)- 18.5 million
  • Billie Eilish (Selfie of new blonde hair)- 18 million
  • Jennifer Aniston (Friends selfie)- 16.4 million
  • Lionel Messi (On Maradona’s death)- 16.4 million
  • Kylie Jenner (Birthday message for Travis)- 15.9 million


Instagram Demographic Stats:

  1. Instagram has 1.15 billion active users.
  2. More than 50% of the global Instagram user is younger than 34 years old.
  3. The 18 to the 24-year-old age group is the largest of the demographics.
  4. Daily active users of Instagram stories are 500 million.
  5. 5% of US children under 12 use Instagram.
  6. Instagram has a 51% female and 49% male audience.
  7. The highest users of Instagram are in the US (140 million), India (120 million), and Brazil (95 million).

Instagram Usage Stats:

  1. About 6 in 10 Instagram users log in at least once daily.
  2. hundred million people visit Instagram stories daily.
  3. IGTV app has 7 million installs worldwide.
  4. The average number of main feed posts per day is 1.
  5. 59% of the content on Instagram is photo posts.
  6. 14.9% of the content on Instagram is video posts.
  7. 26.1% of the content on Instagram is carousel posts.

Instagram Engagement Stats:

  1. Instagram is the second-highest used platform with 84% engagement.
  2. For all types of post is 0.96%.
  3. For photo posts is 1.74%.
  4. For video posts are 1.45%.
  5. For carousel, posts are 1.94%.
  6. Business accounts with less than 10k followers have an average engagement rate of 1.55%.
  7. Business accounts with 10k to 100k followers have an engagement rate of 0.62%.
  8. Posts with faces perform 40% better than without faces.
  9. Instagram posts with at least one hashtag estimated to average 12.6% more engagement.
  10. Kazakhstan and Brunei were together ranked first and second with a reach of 72 and 71% of engagement rate.
  11. Instagram users engage more on days, with Wednesday and Thursday giving the most engagement.
  12. More than 50% of Instagram captions & comments contain emojis.

Instagram Business Stats:

  1. There are 500k active influencers on Instagram.
  2. 90% of accounts follow at least one business on Instagram.
  3. The average monthly follower increase of Instagram business accounts is 1.46%.
  4. 2 out of 3 users say Instagram allows interaction with brands.
  5. 89% say that Instagram was the most influential social media platform for influencer marketing.
  6. 83% of Instagram users find new products and services
  7. 70% of shopping lovers use Instagram for product shopping.

Instagram Ads Insights:

  1. 50% of Instagram users are more interested in a brand through ads.
  2. The USA has the highest potential Instagram Ads reach, followed by India and Brazil.
  3. The highest Instagram ads audience is from the 25 to 34 age.
  4. Through Instagram ads, businesses and accounts can reach about 1.16 billion users.
  5. Marketers can get 19% of the population aged 13+ with ads on Instagram.
  6. 51% of the ad audience is female, and 49% is male.

Final Words

There is a huge opportunity to reach new customers and audiences and increase sales by having a brand presence on Instagram. As both an advertising platform and personal use, Instagram is here to stay and will continue to provide businesses with incredible revenue on their investment well in the future and probably ahead.