Instagram today has become very important. All brands have to have an Instagram account because if they do not do so, their competition might get the upper hand. It is very important to have the right account because there are many things that you must be aware of before you try to market anything on Instagram.

Building up trust among your customers is very important today. Potential customers can visit your Instagram, and they can find out the things that they are looking for. They can understand the kind of brand that you are and what you stand for. They can also connect with other previous customers to how you operate your business and how trustworthy you are.

Before you do anything, make sure that you understand all the tools that Instagram has and how it improves your following. Once you know that, then you can proceed to make a proper plan. Instagram has many tools, and they introduce new ones all the time, so it is a good idea if you keep up to date with all of them, and when a new one comes out, you try your best to make maximum use of it.

You can try to earn a lot from Instagram, and many people have done very well on Instagram, but you need to be aware of the shortcomings that these people might have done that can lead you to miss out on some valuable new customers and followers.

  1. Not responding to your followers –

    You owe a lot to your followers because they are the people who support you, and they will continue to do so for you, but what you need to understand is that when you do not respond to them and answer their queries, they lose interest. A lot of people who are not your followers might message you regarding some problems. If they see that you are interested in knowing about their problems, they will likely stay with your brand and become loyal customers. If you do not respond to them, they might not wish to be with you anymore, and you may lose valuable followers.

    So not responding to your followers not only hurts the followers you already have, but it could also prevent any other followers from joining your community. Even if they offer you a suggestion, it is good to respond to it politely because it will make them feel like you value their opinion.

  2. Posting random and bad quality images –

    Images are very important on Instagram, and your brand knows a lot about you from the images that you post, so it is important that you post the right images and they are of great quality because no one wants to see poor quality images in their news feed. A lot of people could lose interest in your brand because of this, and they might stop following you because you put up bad-quality pictures.

    You can try to take advantage of photo editing apps but avoid putting up bad pictures. Edit them if you have to make them look better and more vibrant and appealing. Putting up a good photo can help you a lot in getting good followers and keeping the followers that you do have.

  3. Posting boring and repetitive content –

    There is no use in posting content that is very boring to look at because no one has the time or wants to see such things. You should try and upload content that people would love to see, and this can ensure that they keep following you no matter what. It is important to be consistent and keep posting content if you wish to grow but putting up something just for the sake of doing it is of no use because no one will want to watch it, and it is better if you take a little longer if you need to but post something that everyone wants to see.

    Try your best to look at new trends and find them and jump on board because it is important that you use this to grow your audience. Spamming your followers is no use because they do not want to see pointless photos and videos. There is no use if you throw away the quality of what you post just for more quantity. You will end up losing your followers if you post unnecessary content.

  4. Overposting or under posting –

    It is very important that you post a lot of content but posting unnecessary things is of no use. Posting consistently is required to grow and at the same time posting too much gets your followers irritated. If you post regularly, then your followers will remember you, but they will not like what they see if it is too much. Try to figure out a proper interval. A time that is not too long between posts but no too short either.

    Once you find that time, then try to stick to it as much as possible and do not give yourself a chance to anything but that. If you feel like you need to change the time and duration that you post, then try and do it slowly and gradually because you do not want to shock your followers with sudden changes. They might expect content at a certain time, and they do not get that; instead, they get a lot of content at a different time.

  5. Buying followers –

    People are more likely to follow you if you already have a lot of followers, but when new followers see what you do, then they will not have faith in you, and they might not end up following you anymore. Active followers constantly comment, share, like, etc. Your followers will not be able to do any of that because they are not real, and everyone will understand that, and that puts you in a difficult spot because even though you may be putting out great content, people do not trust you anymore, and they might not want to side with their brand that you have.

    If you have few followers and suddenly hat number increases, then the people that actually follow you will get suspicious, and they will realize that something is wrong and that they will not trust you. The next time that you try to promote something, they may not want to trust you because you do not have a legitimate source of where you are getting your followers from.

  6. Not using hashtags properly –

    Hashtags are the symbol# that you put before a word or small phrase. If you put the right hashtags, then the Instagram algorithm will help you and put you in front of people who would actually want to see your post’s content. Many times people search for hashtags as well, and people will be able to find you using the hashtags. If you use a lot of hashtags, it is better because it is a way to get your content in front of many more people, which can be a very useful thing that you can do.

    Instagram allows its users to use up to thirty hashtags, and those people who use more hashtags have been proven to have more followers and people who view their content. There is usually a very close relationship between the number of hashtags used and the number of followers that a person has. Do not put up unnecessary hashtags because then you will be spamming people. Only put up hashtags that are related to the work and the content that you put up because no one will even want to try to look at what your content is if they got there when they were looking for something else, but they ended up there because you tricked them into it.


Be aware of why you started your brand and try your best every day to live by what you started it for. Very soon, everyone will understand and see the kind of brand that you have, and they will want to be a part of it, and this is what will ensure that the marketing plan you have is a success.
Although it is marketing, your brand needs to know that you have their best interest at heart and you would do anything to make sure that whatever is being sold to them is the best that it can possibly be and by doing this, they will realize what you stand for, and this will make them loyal customers. Your social media page can end up creating a good community, and soon everyone will be a part of it because you did what you could to create a good and reputable company.