Tik Tok has raced up the popularity ladder to become one of the top social media sites. They are looking to challenge Instagram, gaining over a billion active users per month.

TikTok was launched as Musical.ly and now in quick time, has grown in popularity to become a sensational social media platform. TikTok has a place for every talent with some great entertainment value. It has also proved as a powerful tool to generate money and become famous.

TikTok is a competitive platform with nearly 689 million users, as per reports published in 2021. Buying likes, followers, and views may be a good strategy to gain quick success on a competitive platform. It gives you the initiative of making money and reaches out to billions of users. Many companies are selling TikTok likes. We have the list of ten best sites to buy TikTok likes in 2021.

  1. UseViral

    UseViral is our top pick since it has built a good network with real users to give you genuine likes. Many companies use bots to generate fake likes, which can put your account in peril. UseViral is an open platform that uses authentic accounts to help aspirants on social media grow their viewership. Apart from TikTok, they also promote other platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

    UseViral provides a flexible package to purchase as per your budget and needs. You can also choose a time frame to get the required number of likes. The number of likes ranges from 100 to 10K and can be delivered in 1-2 days. However, it is advisable to get likes gradually so that no red flags are raised. A sudden increase in likes may raise some queries. UseViral also provides 24X7 customer support with proper guidance to buy likes.

  2. GetViral

    GetViral is an online platform that can be considered as a complete marketing hub for TikTok. Here you can buy Tik Tok likes, followers, views, and even more. The platform uses an authentic audience to build your account profile. It does not use bots, fake IDs, and spammed accounts, which means you are safe as far as the guidelines of TikTok are concerned.

    With genuine profiles, GetViral can help you achieve credibility, likes, and good ratings. The platform is user-friendly and inserts a filtering mechanism to discard fake accounts. You can also cancel your subscription anytime you like.

    GetViral has successfully promoted over 2500 influencers and brands. It has also been instrumental in improving search ranking for many accounts. The company has a user-friendly package according to your requirements; it also provides dedicated support with a simple promotion mechanism.

  3. SidesMedia

    SidesMedia has proved itself as a reliable media to deliver great results in a quick time. The company assures you delivery within 72 hours and also a quick uplift to your account.

    You can purchase Tik Tok likes from a wide range of 100 likes to 10K likes depending on your promotion strategy. Actual users generate the likes, and the company does not use fake accounts or bots to jeopardize your account. You can even purchase social media engagement for other sites like YouTube, Twitter, and others.

  4. ViewsExpert

    ViewsExpert has proved itself as a trusted partner in getting likes and followers. You can choose a range of services offered for almost all social media platforms. Targeted audiences are used to get you engagement, and the company does not deal in bots or fake users. Initially, the progress may seem slow, but results are visible soon enough.

    Their pricing is competitive, which will reap benefits for the long term. They also use automation to limit activities of views and likes to secure your account from getting highlighted. The company offers six packages with competitive prices to answer all your needs with a dedicated account manager and speedy delivery.

  5. TokUpgrade

    TokUpgrade is another great option to grow your account naturally. The platform has been working meticulously on the correct approach to get you tangible likes. They use organic methods to deliver engagement with people developing an interest in your art and account. If you have good content, you will gain more followers and likes.

    TokUpgrade is one of the best platforms; you can leave the promotion strategy on TokUpgrade and purely focus on your upcoming content. As an artist, you should devote your energies to your performance and creativity. The strategy will save you time and invariably gain viewership for a longer period. In case you are not happy with the results, you can cancel the subscription anytime.

  6. SocialPackages

    Tik Tok or any other social media platform, you can grow your social media presence with SocialPackages. The site provides genuine followers without extracting too much money from your pocket. Several satisfied customers recommend SocialPackages if you are looking for real organic growth.

    The site adopts required care in following laid down guidelines given by Tik Tok. It gives your account the required boost with credibility. Backed by years of experience and customer satisfaction, it is a safe bet to get trustworthy likes and followers with SocialPackages.

  7. TokCaptain

    TokCaptain is an incredible source to grow your Tik Tok account and increase your exposure. There are various plans to offer so that you can choose the right package for your social growth. The likes are generated with the help of real users, and you need not worry about putting your account in danger.

    The site has great insight and speed to get you likes and followers; you can also opt for a steady growth method which is a recommended way to establish authenticity. The site gives you a daily service and bills you once a month. TokCaptain has everything you need to fortify your content and account.

  8. Media Mister

    Media Mister has been in the game for many years; it has also gained much applause in the Tik Tok arena. Buying services from Media Mister assures you the right services in line with your aim and needs.

    The site offers a detailed package leaving no ambiguity before you pick the right one. Even if you are looking for a cross-media engagement, this is just the right platform for you. Safety and on-time delivery are a company policy, and you can be assured of these two parts.

  9. Bouxtie

    The caption – Tik Tok followers and Tik Tok hearts are good enough to like everything about this site. If you are looking for Tik Tok instant growth, this might be the right platform for you.

    Bouxtie is reliable, authentic, and customized, keeping your needs in mind. The results are evident right from the word go. Apart from Tik Tok likes, you can also expect to grow your followers, a great way to get noticed and enhance your account.

  10. FollowersUp

    Last in the pack, but not least, FollowersUp is a happy client’s site. It is a simple and straightforward approach that makes it easy to choose. You can and spell out your requirements for added customization.

    The services are based on trustworthy accounts, and you can select the quantum of growth to time and make things look honest. The policies and services are reliable and transparent; surely you won’t be disappointed.


These were the top ten sites to buy Tik Tok likes in 2021. Anytime you decide to buy social media services, look for authenticity and reviews. Many sites are using bots or fake accounts that do not comply with the terms and conditions laid down by the social media site administrator.

The fact remains that content is the king. Be creative, unique, apply the right strategy, and entertain your audience for guaranteed success. If you need a little push in the right direction, there are always people and services to help you. If you need more guidance, feel free to get in touch.