Instagram hashtags are an incredibly useful tool for reaching a broader audience and increasing your number of followers, as well as for developing a more legitimate and genuine brand image.

However, as you might have heard: ‘great power comes hand in hand with great responsibility.

Utilizing the power of hashtags properly can elevate your brand’s reach to a newer height. Still, if put to use incorrectly or without any adequate plan in mind, it can quite quickly become inefficient and pointless. It can also be tough to pick the best set of hashtags to help your posts reach their maximum potential.

Let’s take a step back first and understand hashtags and their impact on Instagram.

What are Instagram hashtags?

A layman’s language hashtag is nothing but a set of keywords representing your brand, niche, idea, or current trend. It is a combination of words, emojis, and numbers. It starts with a #sign.

What exactly is the function of Instagram hashtags?

These hashtags or keywords play a vital role in organizing the content on Instagram with precision. It makes it easier for the users also to filter and access the content they need.

If you aim to take your business to the next level, garner more followers, and achieve higher engagement, IG hashtags are among the key drivers you should bear in mind.

You can choose any hashtag or create your own, but it should be relevant to your business; it should truly represent your brand and specific to what your audience wants from you.

Why are Hashtags important?

Around 95 million posts are generated on the platform every day. With such a huge volume of content, it cannot be easy to filter out content that might interest a specific user. Hashtags help solve exactly this issue and help posts get discovered by those who might be interested in it.

In simpler terms, they are a more efficient way to help categorize a post and reach a broader audience, and most importantly, they allow your target audience to find you. There is also a higher chance that the users will engage with your content since it is what they were searching for on the platform.

Kinds of Instagram hashtags

Hashtags on the platform are highly versatile and can help make your account more visible, help build a community or even attract users who share similar passion or interest as you.

However, before finalizing a hashtag for your post, it is recommended that you look into some of the most common ones that you can utilize in your posts and content.

Hashtags recommended for companies:

Whether you’re an owner of a profitable small business, or a social media manager at an organization, utilizing hashtags properly can help bring your account in front of a wider audience on the platform.

Product or service-related hashtags:

Organizations can utilize product hashtags for posts related to their service and products; such hashtags will be quite general, like #knitwear or #hairsalon.

Industry niche hashtags:

Industry-specific hashtags indicate the specific work done by you or your organization and are narrower than service or product hashtags.

Branded hashtags:

Branded hashtags are used to build a community around your business or brand; such hashtags can be either slogans or the specific product your business offers. It can even be your business name.

Campaign hashtags:

Businesses and brands can utilize unique hashtags while running sponsored ads to keep track of ongoing activity related to their active campaigns.

User-generated hashtags:

Such kinds of hashtags are specifically created for customers. Such user-generated hashtags are different from a brand, product, and campaign hashtags since organizations and brands can’t influence other users’ posts. Other users can view the content tagged with the hashtag to see unsponsored and unfiltered pictures of your products.

Instagram community hashtags for your industry:

Such hashtags are great for gaining more visibility amongst other Instagram users who share the same interests and passions as you do.

Event or conference hashtags:

As an owner or marketing manager of an organization or brand, you can utilize hashtags to contribute to a conversation regarding an industry conference or a specific event.

Phrase hashtags:

Phrase hashtags like #bebrave or #writing every day can provide a hint at what you do while simultaneously inspiring other users on the platform.

How many hashtags should you use on Instagram?

Utilizing hashtags on the platform is a relatively simple task, but it is better to stick to some rules before you start utilizing hashtags on most of your posts.

Following are some of the best practices for using hashtags on Instagram.

Thirty hashtags are the maximum you can add to a post, but the average number is 11. You can add more or fewer hashtags depending on your requirements and Instagram marketing goals, as a higher number of hashtags don’t necessarily mean better.

Should you add hashtags to every post?

Yes, you should add relevant hashtags to posts you wish to promote and gain better traction. Try to pick hashtags that are as niche or narrow as possible. The smaller number of hashtags a post has, the better chances you have of getting seen by people who view them. In addition, if the post’s subject is highly specific to a topic, there is a higher chance of more users engaging with your posts on the platform.

What impacts do Instagram hashtags have on the engagement of users?

According to outfits, hashtags do not have an explicit statistical connection with post engagements, as Trust Insights has suggested. Typically, they steer to the content that is better to reach and options to search, influencing the engagements.

Hashtags that are Influencer -sponsored can help in racking up more comments and likes. Influencer marketing is, however, a practical way to achieve more audiences on Instagram.

Some of the best Instagram hashtag generators that you should figure out.

Here are some great hashtag creation tools; they deliver an excellent mixture of Instagram posts.

  1. Influencer marketing center Instagram hashtag producer

    You need to upload a picture to utilize this generator. It gives them a developed mixture of Hashtags which you can utilize on the post.

    Click the + character towards the right-hand side of the screen to start the generation, and it will encourage you to choose a file. Once uploading the picture is done, click on the generate hashtags. This Instagram generator will represent how your post will look on Instagram while recommending hashtags.

  2. All hashtag

    As its name indicates, This website is all about hashtags. All hashtag developers launched back in 2015 and have evolved comprehensively with numerous fantastic features. It is beyond creating hashtags as you can create and explore and discover the best hashtags.

    The site performs the functions through a Hashtag Generator, Hashtag Creator, Top Hashtags, and Hashtag analytics. Utilizing all of these tools, you need to choose keyword and filter options. You have the option to use the Random, live filter, or Top.

    The Top filter produces the best hashtags according to the keyword. The Random filter will choose random hashtags depending on the searching keyword. Using the Live hashtags will generate hashtags in which different Instagram users employ the exact keywords in the posts.

  3. Rite tag

    This is a part of RiteKit’s social media toolkit, which provides hashtag recommendations for texts and images. You can access the Rite tag on mobile and desktop devices. The tool needs a paid subscription, but you anyway begin with a free trial to see just how generously it will be benefiting you. Rite tag serves as suggestions through either browser extensions or mobile applications for iOS and Android.

    You will receive detailed statistics about hashtags that you can save. It utilizes color code to differentiate the very additional indications.

  4. Instavast Hashtag Generator

    Based on a photo, URL, or keyword, Instavast helps you generate hashtags.

  5. Photerloo

    Instagram hashtag and keyword generating tool: Photerloo should be your go-getter as it has magnificently changed the user’s experience through its machine learning technique that recommends keywords for any image.

    It’s a straightforward method, drag the image or click upload and choose from the recommended Instagram hashtags or keywords.

    Bam! bam! You can go up to selecting 50 photo keywords and 30 IG hashtags, which in turn will define the engagement rate of your Insta feed.

  6. #HashMe

    Voila! This is a great Instagram hashtag-generating tool for Apple users. It is powered by artificial intelligence that comes with both free and paid features. This app enables the users to upload the image and find relevant hashtags matching their image.

    You can also explore trending hashtags using this app. However, the premium version gives you more free hand in searching for unlimited hashtags through uploading pictures.

  7. Hashtagify

    Finding the best hashtag, analyzing and developing the best hashtag strategy is what this tool does for you. This is the most promising Instagram tool.

    Right from providing information on trending hashtags in your niche, popularity ranking, and other hashtag recommendations, this tool works incredibly well.

    You get more features with the paid version like monitoring your competition’s post, analyze and engage with their followers.

    This tool will also enable you to download the hashtag charts to monitor how well your hashtags perform.


Instagram is a great place to slap your content and for taking your brand to new heights. Some incredible Insta tools may help you find relevant and trending hashtags like Instagram Hashtag Producer, Photerloo, #Hashme, Instavast Instagram Generator, Hashtagify, RiteTag, All Hashtag, etc. We hope with this knowledge at your dispersal, you find yourself in the right spot.