Living in a patriarchal society is never easy. Neither is creating history by going out of the way and confronting the social dogmas. But if it weren’t for those fearless women out there throughout the centuries, the freedom and the independence enjoyed by the women today may never have been discussed, let alone possible.

But looking at history, it is hard to find women figures that stand tall. Knowledge often limits us to the pioneers or the firsts in a certain field, but what about the rest who, too, have put in countless efforts to keep the ripples of revolution keep going? What about the women who could have been the firsts but could not because of the patriarchy? Neither the history nor the society speaks about them.

Women’s history month is celebrated to glorify the people who have or are making the new conventions by challenging the dictates of how a woman should be. They are bringing a new perspective to the idea of what it means to be feminine. And what better platform than Instagram to share the thoughts?

Let’s look at the top ladies who have won our hearts by posting for Instagram followers and the reels and are spreading the message that they are here to do what they want no matter what the others say.

  1. amanda_staalsoe

    The danish beauty having 49.6k Instagram followers and posts two things that she cares about a lot—vaulting and her horse. If you want to peak a glimpse into the life of a free-spirited girl, take a look at her Instagram page. The posts will skim through the practice videos, cute photographs of her horse, and a lot. The content creators also use reels to share with the followers her beautiful journey and how it began.

  2. themermaidscales

    One of my personal favorites, themermaidscales, creates content that is so relatable that you would be most often thinking, ‘yeah! That’s me!’. The hilarious and witty videos are a fresh breath in the otherwise fashion-oriented world. And the best thing? She does not merge into the herd. She has her own style of both fashion and videos. So, if you want a daily dose of laughter, Krutika will take care of it.

  3. irisbeilin

    A fashion blogger who doesn’t want to live in the boxes that society dictates. This is exactly what her posts scream out loud. The creator follows trends, posts about makeup transformations, and so does advertise sponsored cosmetics! And what makes her stand out? How comfortable is she in her skin? She uses makeup neither to hide nor to mask her true self. And her confidence is the best makeup she wears in each video!

  4. ind0ctrination

    If you are here to look at the unapologetic world of what a woman truly thinks, then ind0ctrination is the right handle. Dr. Trinetra is not apologetic about her harsh take on the creeps. And why should she be? No one deserves to be questioned and scrutinized for their personal choices. And she makes things clear for all. Visit her account if you want to learn about how to believe in your choices.

  5. blairimani

    She uses her handle to spread awareness about the topics that should be talked about. With the short content format of reels, she uses it to put ‘get smarter with Blairi Imani’ where she covers topics relevant in today’s times and discusses the basic nuances under 30 seconds. And this is not all; the influencer uses the platform to discuss how to love yourself and random thoughts that can make your brain wander.

  6. hellomissjordan

    Looking for a princess in today’s time? Well, you don’t need to look far. Jordan is here to mesmerize you with the beautiful shots and is not going to stop just because people don’t think princess dresses are what one should wear at her age. With funny reels and mesmerizing posts, her handle truly resonates with a woman who is in love with what she is doing.

  7. anneblodgettphotography

    Creating magic through the lens is her specialty and not mincing the words is her personality. Specializing in boudoir photoshoots, she professes the idea to love the true self without any inhibition. Read her random stories and confessions in the captions, and you will find something new to relate to. Her reels are fun and, at the same time, question the stereotype surrounding the women.

  8. livingwithclaireity

    Struggles are hard, but how you overcome them defines the success you are enjoying. Jump into the journey of Claire and how she gained confidence and pride in her being herself. When the words come from a person who has experienced a lot, it hits you hard and makes you question your biases.

  9. rida.tharanaa

    An anchor by profession and you know that there are a lot of things that she wants to talk about. Most of her videos are conceptualized on the random thoughts that she shares with her thousand followers. So, what part of these banters captivates the people? Maybe the confidence that the voice gives off or how closely each scenario relates to your daily life!

  10. stephanieyeboah

    Fashion stylist, influencer and author, Stephanie is managing everything on her platter along with giving apt replies to the trollers. A look into her reels and posts shows a peek into her work process and styling tutorials. At the same time, she uses the platform to be vocal about the bias and discrimination she faces on various fronts (being black, being plus size) and hypocritical people’s duality.

Why did I choose them instead of the bigshots?

Yes, there is no dearth of superstars who hold immense power over the Instagram world. Be it Ariana Grande or the Kardashian family, all beautiful women have charted their own stories and built themselves as a brand.

However, like every time the sun shines, it is impossible to see the beauty of the stars. Hence, to highlight the success stories of women worldwide who are being themselves in the world that does not allow them to be, here is the compiled list of some of the top Instagrammers you should check out.

Have a story that you want to share? It is not too difficult!

The success stories of the above-mentioned people are a result of their hard work, patience, and self-belief. With no thumb rule to garner overnight success in the Instagram world, the only option for you is to create contents that you believe in and wait for the big leap.

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Be the woman you want yourself to be!

Yes, you have always put others first. Maybe you think too much about what others think. Sometimes, you may want to be the person that is unapologetic and confident about your choices but fail to do it.

But don’t be disheartened. If you are happy and comfortable and can be your true self in your space, then there is no better place than you should wish for!

This women’s day, embrace the women you are and find the identity you identify yourself with.