Marketing gurus on Instagram play a vital role in the lives of many people who wish to flourish their business online across the globe. In the article, we’ve brought forth the top 10 marketing gurus or influencers on Instagram, their prominent achievements, piece of advice, and their commendable contribution in helping Instagrammers buy followers and likes, enhance social media reach, and expand business in ways never known before.

Top 10 marketing gurus to look for on Instagram

  1. Neil Patel

    Neil Patel is considered the master of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This amazing Instagram guru is the co-founder of what we generally know as Crazy Egg. Patel gives advice to several international companies like NBC, Amazon, Viacom, and HP to enhance their business in multiple dimensions. Being the New York Times bestselling author, Neil Patel has been an orator in more than three-hundred and ten conferences and spends nearly fifty-one percent of his yearly revenue on paid advertisements.

    President Barack Obama recognized Neil Patel as one of the one-hundred top entrepreneurs. This Instagram influencer has specialized in content marketing, SEO, Social media, PPC, e-commerce, Display, strategies, and email marketing, to generate more traffic and enhance business on Instagram. Neil Patel suggests several ways to Increase Instagram likes and followers.

    Some of his fantastic achievements include getting named by Forbes among the best ten online marketers. The United Nations has placed him as the best influencer for under thirty-five years. As an Instagram influencer, Neil Patel says that if you constantly work towards your goal with the right strategies, you’ll surely achieve it.

  2. Rand Fishkin

    He was the former CEO and has been a co-founder of MOZ. Rand Fishkin is among the well-known figures as a marketing guru on Instagram and in the world of digital marketing. You will find MOZ as one of the best SEO tools in the market. He began it with a blog in 2003. His blog was later made into a consulting company.

    Fishkin used his experience and name to make it a software company. It created one of the best SEO tools available in the market today. One can buy Instagram followers and likes through his recommended sites. SparkToro is also a data business and software company founded by this amazing influencer. One can define their target audience better.

  3. Larry Kim

    Being the CEO of WordStream and MobileMonkey Inc., Larry Kim is among the best Instagram gurus. WordStream is used as a fantastic tool for keyword search and is a top platform Facebook Messenger. Larry Kim brings you ways to buy Instagram likes and followers and enhance social media reach to grow business.

    Kim is among the top experts in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and several other start-ups. In the world of digital marketing, Larry Kim is well-renowned as the best guru or influencer. Some of Kim’s prominent achievements include his getting the eighth rank among the most popular writers on He always says that people who constantly work towards their goals get the right things in the shortest time.

  4. Mari Smith

    She’s known as one of the most amazing Instagram gurus or influencers. The revealing and strong results are proof of her excellence. She works to help businesses and entrepreneurs achieve and develop their business goals. Facebook Marketing is her field of expertise. 1.7 million people follow Mari Smith online. Known as the queen of Facebook, Mari has mentored many social media pages. She guides you on how to buy Instagram likes and followers.

    For some insightful learnings, you may visit She has been ranked among the top seven women giving a brilliant shape to digital marketing by IBM.

  5. Jeff Bullas

    Ranked among the best social media influencers or gurus on Instagram and digital entrepreneurs, Jeff Bullas is a worthy person. He is also a digital strategist, marketing blogger, bestselling author, and keynote speaker. Bullas began his career as a marketing and sales manager. He later worked in Infinity Technologies and became its account director.

    He founded his own company Jeff Bullas and is working as the CERO here. Jeff Bullas company is a web service and consulting company. People can buy Instagram followers and likes through the guidance given by Jeff Bullas.

    This company provides consulting services for personal brands and businesses. Jeff Bullas started with Twitter and enhanced his passion for digital marketing passion. Bullas carried out several experiments on Twitter and found fantastic ways to generate traffic on Instagram and other platforms.

    Bullas aims to educate and inspire people on succeeding in life and business online on digital and social media platforms like Instagram.

    Jeff is the founder of Jeff Bullas. Jeff is among the top twenty Influencers of CMOS. He got this rank in 2017.

    Jeff Bullas inspires people to follow a religious and rigorous process to achieve success on social media platforms like Instagram and enhance followers and likes. One should note the method that works the best for their niche and site and stick to it with dedication.

  6. Ann Handley

    Handley is a digital marketing influencer and a writer. She empowers, inspires, and helps social media pages become perfect as digital marketers. Ann helps you bring forth amazing results that will help expand the business exponentially, and your customers will love it.

    MarketingProfs is an education and marketing company founded by Ann Handley. Six hundred thousand people and even more follow her on this site. People all across the world are trained in special education programs. Translation in more than 19 languages is to help many people understand and get the benefit of it.

  7. Jay Baer

    Jay Baer is among the best marketing gurus on Instagram. He believes that smart work is more important than hard work. According to Baer, the correct way of working is to discover quick and smart ways of doing things.

    Jay educates Instagrammers and other online people about making perfect use of marketing strategies with the correct technology. He helps people understand the need for marketing and customer service. Jay Baer considers these two quintessential pillars for any brand or social media page to become firm and grow. The marketing tactics of Jay Baer have deeply inspired Hilton, Cisco, Oracle, and Nike.

    These brands have become successful after taking consultations from Baer. Some of his well-known achievements include his being an author of six bestseller business books that have helped people on Instagram increase followers and likes in many ways.

    Five multi-million-dollar companies have stood higher because of Jay Baer’s skills and application of smart tricks. If you wish to buy Instagram (and other social media) likes, views, and followers, do check out Jay Baer on Instagram and have exponential business growth with fame added to it.

  8. Pat Flynn

    He helps people grow business, enhances social media reach, and gives fantastic Instagram tips to increase Instagram followers and likes. Pat Flynn says that he hasn’t been to any school to specially learn the business. But he knows it all to run a healthy business.

    Flynn is a marketing guru on Instagram and has helped several people build their businesses online. He has also influenced social media users to follow and enhance their dream world. Pat Flynn aims to inspire others around him and help them grow through his actions in the digital and marketing world.

  9. Ryan Deiss

    You should know Ryan Deiss among the most famous digital marketers and a well-known marketing guru. His team curates the best digital marketing strategies and methodologies to grow and boost business in ways never known before. The “Customer Value Optimization” tactic is given by Deiss, and he’s the mastermind behind it all.

    It’s a fantastic trick for online businesses. This method by Ryan Deiss has produced magnificent results. He is the chief executive officer of DigitalMarketer and speaks about the most efficient and effective tips for some of the latest and current trends.

    This marketing guru on Instagram employs several people around the globe. He is among the best speakers in his field. This man has also founded and is the managing partner of and Some of his prominent achievements include his being the host and founder of the Traffic & Conversion Summit.

    It is the biggest and most renowned conversion conference (digital marketing) held in North America. He always encourages people to buy Instagram likes and followers and pursue their dreams to become successful.

  10. Gary Vaynerchuk

    This is a successful marketing guru or influencer on Instagram. VaynerX is his media communications (modern-day) company that reached great heights. He and his company offer advertising services to more than one hundred clients. He is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, and an amazing internet personality. Gary is widely known for his extensive work in social media and digital marketing.

  11. Conclusion

    Marketing gurus on Instagram are brilliant when it comes to enhancing followers and likes on Instagram, expanding business and reach, and reaching new heights in the world of sites and apps. This article threw light on the best marketing influencers, their sites, and companies you may seek whenever you need online consultation. With their precise guidance, one can flourish their business several folds.