We are truly blessed to be a part of this generation that celebrates life in all forms. The beauty of life is to live and to let live. The stigma around gender is still prevalent; however, transgender influencers are activists that have broken these walls and inspired us through all. Their social media accounts speak for them and provide us with a gist of transgender rights, equality, and phobia surrounding them.

  1. Lillian Lennon

    Lennon is hardly 22 years old but is breaking walls of social stigma by defeating Proposition 1, an anti-transgender bathroom bill passed in Alaska. Lennon started as a field organizer and rightly proclaimed as a conversion therapy survivor. Through Instagram posts, Lillian inspires people to be kind to each other, particularly the LGBTQ group, to make this world a peaceful place to live in. Being a transgender woman, Lennon had to survive in a residential therapy center for almost two years, where her identity was dismissed as an “excuse to be promiscuous.”

    She regarded herself as a queer person and had a tough time revealing her true identity to her parent. She recently shared a post on her Instagram timeline that talks about her journey, and perhaps one must read it. Through her posts, she requests the youth to support her work and liberate youth in this fight for acceptance. Being very vocal about social injustice and inequity within the community, Lennon regularly posts on racism and systemic oppression. She is very outspoken about protests such as #Blacks lives matter and consolidate the misery surrounding the anti-trans-violence, which she addresses as an epidemic of gender-based violence.

  2. Alex Bertie

    Alex Bertie, a transgender man from the UK, is also a well-known YouTuber and an author of the book Trans Mission: My Quest to be a Beard. His content is mainly associated with LGBTQ issues and his personal experience of transitioning into a transgender man. With over 300,000 subscriptions to his YouTube channel, “The Real Alex Bertie,” he has played a vital role in changing concepts by narrating his own story of transition.

    Bertie was a part of the LGBTQ panelist for summer in the City, a gathering of the YouTube community in London for four consecutive years. Through his posts, he gives an insight into his daily life, post-surgery management, hormones, and other related information.

  3. Nikita Dragun

    Nikita is an all-rounder trans woman. Apart from being a social media star, she is a model, make-up artist, fashion entrepreneur, beauty trainer, and transgender activist. In a YouTube video, she revealed herself to be transgender, and that’s how she rose to fame and got viral. Currently, Nikita is making some sparky headlines for being a part of Victoria’s Secret model. She is very vocal about herself and recently posted a lingerie picture. She is very bold in saying that transgender women can convey fantasy and be a part of the modeling propaganda.

    Also famous for her web series, Nikita Unfiltered, Escape the Night. Through her eye-catchy posts, Dragun is entirely in the headlines for raising beauty standards and breaking the norms of beauty.

  4. Jazz Jennings

    Jazz Jennings is a beautiful YouTube television personality and an LGBTQ activist. She is recognized as one of the youngest transgender activists to publicly speak out her perspective on transgender right on national television. To assist the transgender youth, she, along with her parents, has co-founded TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation. Her online presence on Instagram is quite fascinating, and most of her posts include trans rights, equality, and life.

    With over 560K YouTube subscriptions, Jennings offers a channel on her life and her overall transitioning process.

    Jennings through her portrays the life of a transgender person and is very outspoken about her views on this topic. “I was a boy trapped in a girl’s body,” said Jennings in one of her interviews. Jazz feels she was always evident in her mind, but people did not have a clear distinction on it and, therefore, through her Instagram posts, is vocal on how to be accepted and to feel taken.

  5. Kai Wes Bigwood

    Kai was born as a girl, on the national coming out day came out publicly about his sexuality. Being a transmasculine non-binary hero uses the Instagram platform to document her surgery and transition. Bigwood is vocal about transgender rights and bullying. Through her posts, Kai regards herself as a queer, transgender human who chose the medical way for her transition. Browse through Kai’s Instagram to see how transparent he is about his life and change. In a post, Kai also posted a before and after picture, showing off his body.

    He feels through his posts, and he can be visible to change and says he always dreamed of a masculine body with blonde hair and tattoos.

    Be it a man, woman, or transgender; social media has been a blooming platform to portray one’s real self. Instagram has perhaps played a crucial role in shaping the minds of the young and the old to articulate, sensitive topics like LGBTQ issues. However, to be vocal, one needs to have a greater reach to be heard virtually.

    Therefore, it is essential to have a large follower base to reach and be reached. These Instagram influencers, without a solid follower base, wouldn’t have found it easy to be vocal about their thoughts and perceptions.

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