Social media marketing is the essential tool that every small and big merchant is looking for in the modern era. Today, social media platforms are the perfect places for building your brand by advertising your brand and your products and increasing your sales, and driving website traffic without much trouble. Publishing great content in your profiles, listening to your followers’ queries and solving their doubts, analyzing your results, and going for social media advertisements are some of the ways for social media marketing.

The widely known social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, and Snapchat. The list does not end right here anyway. There are also many helping hand social media management tools that help the online businesses extract maximum benefit from the popular platforms. And all these things will surely help you grow your brand and your business and help you succeed. The requirement of strategy and creativity is very high in social media marketing. The attention to the profile and cover photos also help a great deal in determining the increment in sales. Instagram is one such platform where your products and services can increase rapidly with very little investment.

Instagram has been an essential platform among all the social media platforms in a while when it comes to social media marketing. And all the e-commerce businesses using Instagram for social media marketing have got a high growth rate and a vast number of followers. Here, you will come to know about all the fundamentals required for Instagram marketing, including: how to shape your profile and create high web traffic-driven posts, and how to enhance both your feed and your stories to engage more viewers and analyze your progress on the platform in a fast and straightforward manner.

Instagram is the base of many small and big businesses’ marketing campaigns. Instagram also has a vast and diverse public who is very happy to engage with different brands, leading to a high engagement ratio overall. Research and case studies have shown the benefits that marketers get from Instagram. It is said that 80% of the users follow at least one brand, and 30% of them have discovered new and better brands and services for themselves. At least 30% of the Instagrammers have purchased products that they found on Instagram. And the top-performing posts are always the product featured ones, eager for getting more customers for themselves.

The active users of Instagram are even content with the brands and their services, and they are also eager to find more such brands. And both- the merchants and their customers are happy. So in every way, it’s a big success for marketers. And Instagram’s continuous efforts to promote commerce on their platform also has to be kept in view. Instagram advertisements also have a very high engagement rate showing excellent results. The process of Instagram sales is also streamlined by shopping done on Instagram. Using Instagram also has its benefits for promotion.

Companies with more than ten thousand followers also get the “Swipe up” feature to add Instagram stories, which helps to drive traffic directly to their content. Instagram reports may even shock you for a few moments; over 800 million users are active every month, and more than 60 million posts on a single day receive 1.6 billion daily reactions.

Here are some ways that will surely increase your sales –

  1. Optimising your Instagram profile

    Most people already know how to set up a profile. A great start is always setting up the profile by adding all the possible contact details for customers, have an excellent keyword-optimized description, and have a profile picture that is easily identifiable as a logo. You can add Clickable hashtags to take the prospect to additional information about your brand and the products. You can add these easily by adding # and then any desired word or phrase. Branded hashtags are smart choices for most businesses. Clickable profile links are another feature of Instagram, through which you can also showcase other user profiles or some other sister company that you have or want to promote. For hosting any contest with some other merchant, this link feature is helpful. Story highlights can also increase the life of your stories for the viewers.

  2. Show your products and how they are relatable

    The importance of social media engagement is not unknown to marketers, and also it is one of the best ways to develop trust between prospects. And, the more the trust developed, the greater the chances of them being loyal customers. Even though all the social media platforms are great places to drive attention, Instagram always stands out in this race with its new and helping features that encourage more e-commerce on its platform. Features like Instagram stories allow the companies to show more of their products in a completely new and exciting light. Regular travels to new and exotic destinations for photoshoots and company bonds and trips can also prove to be a perfect way to increase views. They bring the viewers along with them in their journey. Many companies apply this trick to buy more Instagram likes.

    Regular updates on the personal journeys that influence the brand can also help in increasing customer retention. Even every minute detail of the employees’ work can prick the viewers’ attention. Even the minute details like the route someone chose for work or the music someone was listening to, or the trials they had can pique someone’s interest, and they can turn into their prospects.

  3. Get the most out of your hashtags

    Hashtags are certainly a staple of Instagram marketing. The simple process of adding the # symbol to some particular story or phrase or word can turn the entire thing into a clickable topic. It will take the users immediately to public posts tagged with that specific hashtags with a single click. Nowadays, you can even follow trending hashtags of interest. Undoubtedly, hashtags are a great way to find more stuff you are interested in and also for merchants – to increase the reach of their content. Hashtags are a prevalent thing to be found nowadays. And they also help to bring many brands of relatable content or product to light

    There are six major types of hashtags for businesses to implement in their marketing policies –

    Branded hashtags –

    All the brands should have a hashtag of their own that will solely represent their company and lead to their products and services. Attaching it to every one of their posts and adding it to their bio or description will encourage users to add them to their posts, leading to user-generated posts.

    Contest hashtags –

    These are mainly the type of branded hashtags that are used for specific contests. Its usage primarily identifies content for individual contests and generates general awareness in the platform about the ongoing contest.

    General appeal hashtags –

    These are generally the ones that appeal to a large number of a diverse audience, and they can also help you get a significant reach to your posts.

    General appeal hashtags –

    These are generally the ones that appeal to a large number of a diverse audience, and they can also help you get a significant reach to your posts.

    Timely hashtags –

    Current holidays and seasonal holidays are more appropriate for this. Any relevant content with the hashtag is brought to the site.

    Entertaining hashtags –

    These are the most reached out hashtags. They will serve the purpose of entertaining your audience undoubtedly and help you establish your brand too.

  4. Increase your lead generation and sales by giving links

    All digital marketers want to generate leads and sales to impact their bottom line. All the visual storytelling and humanizing tactics work a great deal to create lead generation and sales conversation. According to studies, 30% of the discussion is boosted by storytelling when the merchants start solving customer queries. Good storytelling skills are very much crucial for online marketing. The new”swipe up” feature is also turning heads in the platform. It allows brands with over ten thousand followers to add links to their stories and videos in their Instagram stories. This strategy makes it easier for a probable prospect to view more of their featured products, all just by swiping up with a finger.

    The generation of unique content is essential for SEO and lead generation, customer retention, etc. Instagram also supports their marketers by helping them get their content in front of their new prospects’ existing leads, and customers. These by- brands are allowed to share any relevant photo or video with Instagram stories and link them to any piece of content like a blog or site, YouTube, and more.

    Instagram stories have been developed into an essential item for marketing. Stories to story ads and now story highlights have been prepared to make them stay forever. There are a variety of stories that you can use to utilize Instagram stories to their fullest potential. A great way to do so is by showcasing the stories that your audience puts up. Showing user-generated content acts as a crowd pleaser and can also attract a good fan base for getting shoutouts and so on. It also helps you save your precious time by not creating creative and lucrative posts from time to time. It also acts as social proof of the demand for your products in the market.

    Sharing the latest purchases and their positive feedback can also help other prospects come up and buy the products. Sharing events from your products’ promotional events can even seem to happen to your audience. it also increases brand awareness and increased attendance. The stories happen to be quirkier than the feeds. The pictures and videos can also help to showcase the brand’s story. Going live is another trick that has been trending for some time. It also gives your audiences a real-like experience. But to sum up the whole thing, Instagram stories are a powerful weapon to increase the business, and its sales as the targeted audience also happen to be big on Instagram.