Most of us heard this line in our childhood that you can’t buy friends with money, but no one thinks it will sell one day to deal with competition on social media. Nowadays, most businesses choose shortcuts to increase their followers and likes on social media platforms to give a good impression on the public. For example, they buy Instagram followers or beat the competition on social media and attract more customers towards their brand’s product.

We all know Instagram is now one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms and most people use only this platform. That is why businesses or you choose this platform for doing digital marketing. You may buy Instagram followers or buy Instagram likes and benefit from it. Still, there are some reasons because of which you need not buy Instagram followers and choose other ways to improve followers on Instagram.

Reasons Why Do People Or Businesses Buy Instagram Followers?

  1. Improve Visibility:

    As we all know, the account or posts with the highest followers and likes are shown on the top of the Instagram feeds; that’s why most businesses choose to buy Instagram followers and likes. By buying followers, they can improve their visibility on Instagram without much effort and time. It is impossible to appear on the top of followers’ feeds without high likes and comments, so buying helps them.

  2. Establish A Brand:

    If you are starting a business, in the beginning, it is difficult for you to convince people to trust your brand’s products or services and also follow your accounts on social media. An increase in followers and likes on posts on Instagram helps you boost your social profile, and you become able to create a good image of your brand in the audience’s eyes. High followers and likes make you able to create trust in the public that your brand is trustworthy and good; that’s why other people like or follow you.

  3. Attract More Followers:

    Whether you are an influencer or a business person, in the beginning, you will not be able to get followers on Instagram because your account posts and videos are not shown on the top. So by buying followers and likes on Instagram, you can attract more followers to your account.

  4. Reach Too High Audience:

    People or businesses choose to buy Instagram followers because, with high followers, they can reach a high audience with less effort and time. In addition, high followers help you to show on top of the Instagram feeds that help you to reach a high audience and show them your content.

What Are The Consequences You Need To Face By Buying Instagram Followers?

  1. Risk Of Ban:

    Like other platforms, Instagram also prohibits having or creating fake accounts to increase your followers. If you are buying Instagram followers and the followers’ accounts are fake, Instagram will take action whenever they identify fakeness on your accounts. For the first time, Instagram warned you to remove fake accounts or buy followers from your Instagram page, and if you don’t do this, they will ban your account permanently. So by buying Instagram followers, you take the risk of the ban of the account.

  2. No Long-Term Value:

    By buying Instagram followers on your account, you get short-time benefits or perks only. Once you have thousands of followers on your account who do not like your content and your like weight is still low even after buying followers, what benefits you? Nothing. The ultimate reason for buying followers is to reach more audiences, increase customers, and improve posts visibility, but fake followers do not help you do this. So the benefit of buying Instagram followers is not long-term.

  3. Risking Your Credibility:

    By buying Instagram followers, your reputation may come into danger because high followers and less engagement of people on your posts or videos give a terrible impression on the public. Nowadays, many programs like SocialAuditPro and HypeAuditor allow people to check whether the followers on your account are real or fake. If you collaborate with any brand and they identify fake engagement in your account, then they may turn against you and ruin your reputation publicly.

  4. Destroy Genuine Engagement:

    Fake followers ruin your genuine engagement also. Because most people follow you that you have many followers on your account, and they think they all are genuine. But when Instagram identifies fake followers in your account, it will destroy your genuine engagement because people will lose trust in you and unfollow you. People unfollow you and ask others not to trust your business or brand.

What To Do To Get Genuine Followers Instead Of Buying Instagram Followers?

  1. Complete Your Profile:

    Your profile is the first thing every person will focus on before following you. So make sure that on the profile page, you will include company information, a link to your business website, and the number on which potential customers can contact you. To enhance your profile more, add your brand logo as a profile picture so that people can visit the right place when they look for your business.

  2. Share Engaging Content:

    Start posting content that will help you to encourage interaction with users. Share your content in different forms like videos, quizzes, GIFs, IGTV, boomerangs, etc. Always share content with catchy captions and use hashtags and keywords in captions. To maintain relationships with your public, make sure you post something daily. Customers are the king of your business, so analyze your customer’s wants and behavior and create content or posts according to them. And posts the content on that time on which the most users are active so that your posts reach a larger audience.

  3. Follow Relevant Accounts:

    Follow other industries, brand ambassadors, influencers, business partners that help you to build your following. Not only focusing on industries but also dedicated customers of yours will help you to increase your followers.


No doubt, nowadays, most businesses choose to shortcut ways to get followers by buying Instagram followers from websites. But it may become risky for them because whenever Instagram identifies any mishap on the account, they will ban that account which ultimately affects the reputation of your business. So, rather than buying Instagram followers, do the things mentioned above that help you get genuine followers on your account.