These days social media content creators face a plethora of challenges that involve choosing the right content and marketing ideas for promoting their brand, products, and services.

This article covers the best social media content to ensure that you have the right content to share with your followers to increase your social media engagement.

What is Social Media Content?

While we discuss social media content, it’s important to know what it means. Content or, more specifically, social media content is a mixture of subjects that might engage your followers. Promoting your product or service, again and again, might be a little bothersome for your followers, as they don’t want to see your product on their news feed continuously. But you can give a quick update about a new product or a major collaboration once in a while.

Which Social Media Platform Should Be Used?

Different sites promote different types of content. So, the creators need to understand the use of different social media platforms before posting anything on their accounts. Many sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter attract online traffic to maintain the best audience engagement possible.

Ideas for Creating Social Media Posts for Content Developers

  1. Blog your posts

    Blogging your posts can be a great idea as it attracts traffic from google, bing, or yahoo. It is a major help for people who own online businesses. Whenever you want to share your content online, start sharing it in different ways. For example, start adding images, polls, and questions about your product or any topic you want to discuss, or you can add quotes from the post.

  2. Reuse your blog content

    After working a lot on your blog, you might not want to waste your time and energy by only using it once.
    There are a lot of ways in which you can reuse your blog:

    • Video contents
    • Podcasts
    • Slide decks
    • Webinars, etc
  3. Content creation

    Sharing content on your platform with your followers is a great way of getting validation and attention on social media. Curating your content takes research, money, and time.

    Many tools help you by creating content for you and post directly on your social media accounts, which gives you a lot of time for fixating on actually engaging with your followers.

  4. Industry News

    Sharing industry-related news is a direct way to provide followers with applicable content to your followers. Start following big companies on your platform, start retweeting big updates, update people about their upcoming events, share everything you find intriguing.

  5. Polls or questions

    This one might be related to the previous point as the news might provide a topic to ask questions or start a conversation, which will improve your engagement with your audience.

  6. Customer references

    If you are running a business, then there is a possibility that you might have people who love your products or facilities. Sharing their views about your company is a great help for any content creator. It provides social evidence that might attract possible customers that might have a look at your activities.

  7. Simplify

    Don’t complicate and elongate everything you write and post. Instead of writing a full-blown blog which would take 10-15 mins to read, write all the important details in bullet points.

  8. Holiday and events

    Holidays are an important part of our lives, so let’s make the festive season our content. You can make posts related to your favorite holiday around your brand and share them online.

  9. Start using GIFs, memes, and emojis

    There’s no way the internet can be exciting and interesting WITHOUT memes, emojis, and GIFs. It’ll be a massive joke if someone says that these are just for kids and immatures. They also play a major role in your content, creating a master plan.

    They might help in culminating your trademark’s character and relationship with nearly all of your audiences.

    Adding a GIF to your post is an easy and free way to curate content to post. GIF also helps in making it look more attractive.

  10. Behind the scenes

    Another way to show your trademark’s character and culminate the details about your company is by sharing BTS or Behind The Scene on your social media account. You can share the pictures/videos of your staff while working, meetings (it can be any meeting, be it online or offline)

  11. >DIY videos

    Making DIY videos might be a little cumbersome, but it might affect your content in the right way. It’ll make your content fruitful and lovely.

    Note: if the video is about your product or facility, focus on what benefits the customer. Remember, this video is NOT about you.

  12. Share the company’s transparency

    Sharing statistical data on your social media platform might be a good idea for your business’ growth. Share companies’ staff salaries, statistics (related to the sales), new product’s introduction, etc.

    A lot of people appreciate transparency and make it a criterion of dealing. So, this will be responsible for your growth in the future.

  13. Giveaways

    Trust me; people love free products. Conduct a competition (which should include promoting your business, like, putting up a story mentioning your products), offering a cool prize, and watching your business grow!
    You can put up quizzes related to your products, which would increase the chance of their victory and make them more interested.

    You can also upload the name and username of the winner and ask them to upload their picture with the product either on stories or on their feed mentioning your page. This will increase the popularity of your business in India.

  14. Go live

    Almost all social media platforms have the option of live video. Going live requires only one thing, which is confidence. If you think you are confident, then you will try it. You can go live once a week or month. And if you have accounts on multiple social media platforms, you should go live with maximum engagement.

  15. Use appropriate hashtags

    Research the trending hashtags and start using them whenever you post. These hashtags will make the post relevant and will attempt to reach out to a lot of people. Most social media platforms have a hashtag search option, so this might provide you with effective hashtags.

  16. Value resources

    As I have mentioned in point number 13, people love free stuff. It can be anything. It can be vouchers, coupons, discounts, referral codes, ebooks, etc.; sharing these resources can get you a lot of engagement than any other.


    Adding quotes in your posts can efficiently help in engaging your audience. You can add quotes of any industry-related personality (or any industry-related personality of their choice).

  18. Engage with the audience

    The main key to the success of your page is engagement with your followers. Engaging with your followers will allow you to extend and produce new followers and customers. These days, many trademarks offer their support on social media platforms as it represents their treatment towards their customers.

  19. Using Creative Hashtags

    Utilizing the trending hashtags relevant to your industry to make a buzz on social media is a good strategy.

    And the last but the most effective and critical strategy that can help you establish your brand online is:

  20. Engage with your audience

    Spending time engaging with your followers pays off well in the long run. You should engage with them not only on your posts but in others’ feeds as well. This may fetch you more leads, and people may notice your presence online.

    Many enterprises extend support to their users by promptly responding to the comments section queries; this reflects their customer-centricity.


Creating content on social media and promoting your brand may be a bit daunting task. Still, at the same hand, it is truly rewarding if you apply a mix of strategies tactfully while pitching yourself on social media handles.