It is clear from the growing active user base of Instagram that this social media platform is rapidly growing to popularity as the most popular video and image-sharing website on the Internet. Its fantastic features do play a huge role in the platform’s ever-rising popularity.

Now that Instagram is a part of Facebook, people seem to like it even more. With its recent upgrade, you can even see the profile of any person who only has an account on Facebook. You can even send them messages.

But this upgrade has a couple of downsides too. The most important of them being that there would now be more people or, if we may be bold, stalkers who might go through your profile. Today, on Instagram, everybody shares most of their lives through photos and videos but imagine if, God forbid, a person with not the noblest of intentions gets hold of your photos.

Now, that could be quite scary. But there are certain ways to prevent such a thing from happening, which we would list in this article.

Is it possible to check who viewed your Instagram profile?

Now, this is a burning question that everyone asks, and fortunately, the answer is yes. You can check who is visiting or stalking your profile on Instagram. As we have already said, an Instagram stalker doesn’t equal very good business, which means they could cause large troubles.

Also, people want to see who visits their profile without having to follow anyone undesired. Of course, some people might not be too bothered about people stalking them because these cases are not very common.

But to ensure your safety, you must at least know that there are apps that would help you pinpoint your stalkers. That would ultimately ensure that you can peruse the platform safely. As you would probably know, of course, no social media account officially allows people to see who has viewed whose profiles.

Even though Instagram does show the number of people visiting your profile daily, that isn’t very relevant to this matter. Keep reading on to find out how you can find people stalking your account.

Best Android and iOS apps to see who viewed your Instagram profile

Firstly, you must know that you don’t have to pay anything for the listed apps. There are apps, of course, that let you see who visits your profile, stalks your profile. They also give information about your followers’ activities, but not everyone can afford such apps. So here is a list of the best android and iOS apps that you could use to see who stalks your Instagram profile.

  1. Profile+:

    The full name of this app is Profile+ Followers and Profiles Tracker, and using this app would allow you to see who views or stalks your Instagram Profile. You will also be able to track those people who block, follow or unfollow you on Instagram.

    Additionally, this app allows you to track some people who have viewed and saved your posts and stories on Instagram. Profile+ is an app that sends you a notification to alert you of all such activities. Using all this data, you can get the statistics of any profile and even pin this to the timeline of this app. The best part about this app is that it has a user-friendly interface and is simple to use.

  2. Followers Insight:

    This app is a tracker and also an analyzer app. It would allow you to see who views your profile daily and create daily reports on anyone who stalks your account. Thus, it would serve your purpose and would help you be safe. This app is free, of course. You will also get a push notification whenever anyone views your story, post, or video you have uploaded. Hence, it is a great app to see who stalks your account.

  3. InReports:

    Another great app on this list is the InReports app. It is an app that analyzes your followers, posts, and stories that you upload on Instagram. Thus, it will help you track down any person who views your profile, posts, or stories. InReports is one of the best apps to help you see the person who views or stalks your profile.

    The best part about this app is that it has a very simple user interface and will allow you to generate reports on any person who has viewed your profile or stalked you. It is truly a wonderful app. Some bonus points about this app are:

    • It will give you insight on what new followers you gained, which followers you lost, and also on ghost followers.
    • You will be able to download posts, videos, and even profile pictures off of Instagram.
    • This app will also tell you the best times for you to post images or videos.
  4. Find My Stalker:

    This app functions the same way as the previous one, InReports. Through this app, you will see all the people who viewed your profile, posts, and stories. The reason why most people prefer this app is that it is so accurate in its detection. We would highly recommend this app if you are looking to find the people who view or stalk your profile. Moreover, this app packs in some more features as well.

    • Besides seeing who viewed your Instagram profile, you can check who went through your profile secretly.
    • You can see which of your friends and followers engage with your profile and which ones are sneaky.
    • The app will give you a detailed report about the videos or posts that people viewed the most, or those people viewed the least.
  5. Stalker Reports:

    Another favorite app among people because of its accuracy is the Stalker Reports app. People swear by this app and its accuracy, so rest assured you wouldn’t be disappointed when you use it. It is one of the very best apps to see who stalks your account and who viewed your profile and stories.

    Of course, if this app didn’t deliver results, it wouldn’t be on our list of the best apps to see who stalks your Instagram profile. Besides this, this app also alerts you about the people who never followed you back, unfollowed, or blocked you.

  6. FollowMeter:

    Though Follow Meter specifically allows you to track such people who follow or unfollow you, it does not do a bad job at all to track the people who view or stalk your Instagram profile. One could refer to this app as a manager of your Instagram account. People using this awesome app can manage their Instagram accounts and also get insights into them.

    Besides, seeing who stalks your Instagram profile, you will be able to see who followed and unfollowed you, discover ghost followers and even gain followers by going through the “discover” section. Around 3 million people have placed their faith in this app, so surely you can’t go wrong with it!

  7. Follower Analyzer:

    When you talk about the topic of stalking, it is only natural that you have any questions in your mind. Some of them could be to know who views your profile, who views your posts and stories, and who saves the content you post. You will be able to find all those answers in this app called “Follower Analyzer for Instagram.”

    The best part about this app is that it works on Android and iOS, so Android users can find it on the PlayStore, whereas people with iPhones can find it on the Apple Store. You can start using this awesome app just by registering your account. Soon you will get all the information about who views, stalks, or saves your posts and stories.


All of the apps listed above serve the main purpose of allowing you to see who viewed or stalked their profile. Since all of them are free and most of them have other awesome advantages, it would be great for you to try out some of the apps. Not only will your safety ever be in jeopardy, but you will get a lot of insights into your followers’ activities as well.