Instagram is an exceptional app and it doesn’t need any introduction, while some of you may be new to it. It’s a photo-sharing mobile app. The app was launched in 2010 as a free app and started growing exponentially. Facebook showed interest in Instagram and bought it for $1 billion in April 2012. The Instagram app when it was introduced first, within 3 months, it shot up to 1 million users. At present approx 700 million and expanding.

Who is the social media sensation? Who is the beacon of all? Humans have been obsessed with the idea of being recognized in society since the early ages. With the rise of social media, this desire has got new fuel: Instagram. It is the most popular site for people seeking name and fame. With a bandwidth of 1 billion active users monthly and about 500 million active followers daily, Instagram grabs the 6’th position for the most popular social media networking site. Do you recon which celebrity has the highest number of followers on Insta? A Hollywood star or a model, no beating around the bushes, let’s get to the point straight; Who has the most followers on Instagram? The moment of truth is: it’s Christiano Ronaldo with a fan following of over 219 million (as per the last follower’s headcount taken in December 2020)

Most Followed Instagram Accounts

Topping the charts: Instagram account itself with 346 million followers. Ain’t that surprising? The reason behind the huge success of Instagram is its high-quality content that primarily focuses on pumping up artists, business owner’s creations, and celebrities. Once can be a hit instantly, if featured once.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 215 million followers

    Football is the most popular sport across the world, for obvious reasons Cristiano Ronaldo, a member of the Portugal team is the most famous celebrity on Instagram. His account is mostly filled with his football images or family pictures. Soccer superstar and the most-followed personality is Cristiano Ronaldo. He is the first person to reach 200 million on Instagram. Christian Ronaldo is the Forward for Juventus and the captain for the National Portuguese team.

    Who has the most followers on instagram 2020

  2. Ariana Grande – 183 million followers

    International fame pop star, Ariana Grande backs the second most popular icon on Instagram. She holds the record of five-plus platinum recordings and often exploits her social media account to release teasers of her upcoming music album releases leaves her fans always engaged, intrigued, and craving for more. She also shares some of the behind scenes of exclusive pictures and videos with her fans. One of the most popular singers, musicians, and global superstars is Ariana Grande. Most followed women celebrities on Instagram.

    Who has the second most followers on instagram

  3. Dwayne Johnson – 181 million followers

    Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock” has had a very dynamic and long career right from the boxing arena to making it big in Hollywood; the most versatile actor has a huge fan following. The success of 2019 Coolest Dad and Hollywood Darling didn’t come as a surprise, and the actor’s number of followers crossed more than 181 million followers.

    Who Has The Most Followers On Instagram

  4. Selena Gomez – Followers 174 million

    This internet sensation is popularly known as Billboard’s Woman of the year 2017, Selena Gomez hasn’t settled for less since her Disney days. She has backed multiple accolades for her solos in the music industry. She recently took up producing for Netflix. She uses her Instagram posts to interact with her fans and always shows gratitude towards them for holding her.

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  5. Kylie Jenner – Followers 172 million

    The youngest self-made billionaire in the world Kylie Jenner was officially announced in March 2019. However, she achieved popularity through her appearances by supporting the Kardashians, Kylie has since earned name and fame for herself as a beauty magnate and entrepreneur. Jenner, second to last Kardashian and, notably, the most popular. A lot of pictures of her modelling and the events she supports and personal aspects such as pictures of the family.

    The Most Followed Instagram Profiles

  6. Kim Kardashian – Followers 167 million

    Entrepreneur Kim Kardashian West is one of the most generously noticed star figures of present times. Be it posting updates about the forthcoming glamour industry or providing a vision into quests to evolve as a lawyer, Kim is recognized as a person who shares everything about her life with her fascinating fans.

    Who has the most followers on instagram 2020

  7. Leo Messy – Followers 149 million

    Leo Messi is accoladed with FIFA’s best men’s player’s award and Barcelona forward. He is the second footballer to crack the top ten most followed Instagrammers. He is the father of three children and the world’s topmost paid proficient athlete as well. Messi loves to share his life and related events among followers, he spends quite a lot of time on Instagram sharing highlights of the games and pictures of the family.

    Who has the most followers on Instagram

  8. Neymar – Followers 138 million

    The third football player who is in the list of most-followed celebrities on Instagram. Neymar is the third player who is the third-highest paid athlete all around the world and was nominated one of Time Magazine’s top most influential personalities all over the world in 2017. When he gets time from playing forward for Paris Saint -Germain and Brazil national team, he shares snaps of his travels and life on his Instagram account. He’s presently a forward for Paris Saint-Germain. Undoubtedly a sports star his account is full of him playing football pictures and socializing with other champions and normally leading a great life.

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  9. Beyonce – Followers 145 million

    Music industries One of the experienced artists is Beyonce for the last 25 years. Beyonce is among the world’s best performers. Her outstanding work is Destiny’s Child that makes her included in all-time top-selling music artists. She has sold over 160 million records in her overall solo career. She is undoubtedly named as Queen B. Ranking top on the list, her pregnancy declaration was the most viewed post back in the time. She has a very candid account, that features her achievements and skilled work, with occasional personal shares among all.

    Celebrity who has the most followers on instagram

  10. Justin Bieber – Followers 157.7 million

    He is one of the biggest pop stars all around the world, certainly, a superstar who rocks the shows with his amazing performance, he is on the most followed celebrities list without a doubt. His Instagram handle is a bit different than other pop stars, including snaps of hanging out with other famous stars, his cartoon versions, and yes his April fool prank of pregnancy.

    Most Followers On Instagram

  11. National Geographic – Followers 149 million

    The nature magazine, National Geographic is another famous Instagram account that has a lot of followers. Instagram Being a visual digital platform, national geographic has seized the opportunity by sharing and posting eye-catching snaps from their team of shutterbugs. Interesting videos and stunning photos from all around the world grab every viewer’s attention and indeed have been quite famous among users.

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  12. Jennifer Lopez- Followers 137.9 million

    The next celebrity is Jennifer Lopez who is among the top followed list on Instagram. An amazing actor and talented musician Jennifer from the entertainment industry takes a keen interest in sharing her life’s moment with the fans on Instagram account. She has developed an account with the details of vivid pictures, hashtags that she has designed, behind the scenes realistic photos, promotion of videos, and a wide range of story highlights.

    Most followed accounts on Instagram 2020

Final words

We have seen several popular superstars who have massive followers on Instagram, needless to say, unlimited talented actors, musicians, players are there on Instagram. Some of them have been quite active on social media hence they have a huge number of followers too. It keeps changing too. Based on the latest reports, it’s Christiano Ronaldo with a fan following of over 215 million, among others quite popular celebrities of various fields of arts, cinema, sports, music, popular channels.