YouTube has changed and grown a lot since it was first launched in 2005. Now it is the most popular video-sharing platform, with its parent organization being Google. Over the years, YouTube has been changed and upgraded quite a lot of times.

At present, YouTube follows such an algorithm where engagement metrics such as the likes, comments, shares, and number of subscribers matter the most. YouTube would give ranking preference to such videos which have been uploaded by channels with a large number of (real) subscribers. It also gives preference to the videos having many views but more so if that channel has a huge subscriber base.

Thus, it is quite clear to people that the thing they should be concentrating on the most is the number of subscribers if they plan to be content creators on YouTube. It is, of course, not easy to get subscribers fast, especially if you are going the organic route. But after your account is starting to achieve some recognition, you could consider buying YouTube subscribers. We would elaborate more on this further in this article.

Why would anyone buy YouTube subscribers?

As Mentioned in the article, the number of subscribers of a channel is one of the first things t
aken into account in YouTube’s algorithm. The best content creators on Youtube are judged, firstly, based on their subscriber base. It could be making perfect sense; one question arises: Why is the subscriber base of a channel so important? Aren’t engagement metrics enough?

  • The point behind the subscription concept is that the youtube algorithm can gauge people’s appreciation for a particular channel.
  • It also indicates that the channel creates a significant and long-term impact on the audience, making them subscribe. You cannot use artificial intelligence to determine the quality of the content on a channel, so the algorithm changes according to the audience’s attitude. It is only fair, as AI can make better evaluations based on the attitude of the subscribers than by evaluating the content on a channel.
  • It is often said and very well understood that organic subscribers engage with the videos you post, like them, share them and connect on them. Thus, to kickstart a successful Youtube channel, an organic, high-quality subscriber base is very important. This subscriber base gets the views on the videos that any creator posts and helps them get the ranking preference.
  • Many content creators on Youtube buy organic subscribers for the crucial reason of getting the ranking preference through the algorithm. Another reason why they buy subscribers is to motivate more people to subscribe, as people tend to be drawn to the channels that have a greater number of subscribers.

When should you buy subscribers?

Though we have said before briefly that content creators should buy subscribers when they have already established themselves a little, this needs some elucidation. One can compare the subscription system of Youtube to a live organism. Simply put, when people react to the content uploaded by Youtube channels, they do it instantaneously. They engage with the content, subscribe or unsubscribe within a short period itself. We already know that the Youtube algorithm gives preference to the channels having a larger subscriber base.

So, when the number of subscribers and their engagement with a particular channel increases, AI has to conduct a serious evaluation process. Therefore, a content creator looking to increase their subscriber base must first evaluate all their videos and their channel as a whole. Our point being, you must first see the quality of your channel through the eyes of your audience. Whether or not you have subscribers or are starting to build a substantial subscriber base, the thing that remains ever vital is the quality of content. No matter the subscribers you buy, they will not affect the growth of your channel if you don’t have quality content. So when should you buy subscribers?

  • If you do buy subscribers, you must buy them once your subscriber base has started blooming and when you know that you do not lack in the quality of your content.
  • It would help if you bought subscribers only when you think your channel is starting to stagnate after blooming for a while.

Why should you buy both quality and cheap YouTube subscribers?

Content creators who own a Youtube channel with a fewer number of subscribers and who want to increase the number of views are the ones who prefer to buy subscribers. It is necessary for such content creators to buy subscribers as they need to make their channel look better, not only to create a psychological impact on the audience but also to be in the top ranks in the Youtube algorithm’s ranking preference.

The main point that needs to be noted in this context is that the new content creators do not tend to check the quality of the subscribers while buying. But this is where most channel owners go wrong. Even if you don’t have a big budget (which most probably you will be, considering you don’t have a very big channel yet), you must invest some money in buying high-quality subscribers at a higher rate and buy cheap subscribers at a lower rate. They may not be of the best quality, but they would serve your purpose for sure. If you are planning to buy subscribers:

  • You would naturally venture towards those services that offer great packages for a lesser amount of money. Those subscribers probably won’t be the best you can get. We can’t stress this enough; the quality of the subscribers that you are purchasing is crucial.
  • The Youtube algorithm will take into account the quality of subscribers of a particular channel. Artificial intelligence evaluates the quality of subscribers by gauging the engagement in your videos and your overall channel. Cheap subscribers bought from bad services won’t serve your purpose. But if you buy a combination of both high-quality subscribers and cheap subscribers, you would be good to go.

Suppose you are unsure of what you are paying for in terms of subscribers. In that case, you should try speaking with customer support/representative of the company from which you are buying subscribers.

Is buying subscribers the fastest way to grow your channel?

New channels on YouTube would find it difficult to find subscribers fast as the competition is very high. As newer content creators join the platform each day, competition is getting a lot tougher than ever. While newer content creators need to step out of their comfort zone and start implementing more than just the conventional methods, they should keep in mind that they can’t violate any YouTube policies.

  • Let’s come back to the topic of buying subscribers. A question arises whether it is the fastest way to get the subscriber base you want. The answer is yes. The easiest way to have more subscribers is to buy them. That gives a much-needed boost to your channel if it is new.
  • There are many services and platforms on the Internet that you could get in touch with to buy subscribers. Most of the time, these services offer multiple packages for creators to buy subscribers.
  • Therefore, if you are ever in a position that you are a few subscribers short of ten thousand or one hundred thousand, the quickest way that you can gain these numbers is by buying subscribers. Consequently, you will overcome the boundaries of Youtube’s algorithm regarding the number of subscribers and the psychological impact that a larger subscriber base has on the audience.

You will thus, be able to gain even more subscribers in the future, leading to massive growth in your channel. Purchasing subscribers at the right instant from the right services would help you greatly in your content-creating journey.


Even if you have recently started as a content creator on YouTube, you must have had been an audience in the platform before. Thus, you must know that Youtube is a social media platform for video sharing or uploading, indicating an interactive platform. You also must have a rough idea that millions of people log onto their youtube accounts daily. As we have mentioned and elaborated earlier, the Youtube algorithm evaluates the likes, comments, subscriptions, and content producers on this platform.

Since we have already explained a lot about the importance of subscribers, you must also understand that the comments or likes given by a subscriber differ greatly from that of a non-subscriber user. We also know that the number of subscribers of a channel and the audience’s size plays a huge role in the algorithm.

The rising competition can be attributed to being the sole reason why content creators or producers need to have their subscriber base at the maximum at all times. Ai cannot be relied upon to distinguish between high-quality and low-quality content. That is why AI depends on the interaction of users for their ranking order.

While purchasing high-quality subscribers helps channels get more ranking preferences, purchasing low-quality ones has the opposite effect. In short, you should purchase subscribers after putting a lot of thought into their quality to have the desired effect on your channel.