Influencers’ marketing strategies have always remained on par with the audience! This 2021 it is no less than the said mark and will leave you shocked with what is trending and how they use different strategies to stay at the top. 2020 was definitely one of the most challenging times that human beings had to face, and 2021 is no less of an exception. But it was all thanks to the influencers and their content which let the people still keep hope about what has already happened and what is about to come for them.

If you think you have not yet experienced the current marketing trends that have people swooning over the influencer, then here are 10 influencer marketing trends to watch in 2021, which will leave you wanting for more awesome content.

1. Content was, is, and will always remain the top priority:

You know the best way to market one’s product is content! Well, there is no better way to get your product and its details past to the audience. It was always one of the top priorities when it came to marketing and will always remain as one of the top priorities forever. Content does not only mean words being put together; it also means uploading photos, videos, using reels which is one of Instagram’s foremost marketing platforms, using GIFs, and many other ways.

The content is what keeps the user engaged and one which also makes the bond between the influencers and the users much stronger than ever. While words work completely fine, videos are the latest trendsetter that catches the audiences’ eyes in just a matter of minutes. It is also said that videos with subtitles gain much more audience than videos without subtitles. Well, there’s a note to yourself for the next time you upload a video!

2. Reels is the new real:

Well, one thing which became an instant trendsetter right after the pandemic began was the Reels! Reels which are short videos that might or might not have a message and ones that last for about 15 to 30 seconds, are the latest and the hottest topic now. One can also observe that there are hardly any brands that have not yet taken up reels as one of the opportunities to spread out their business to a larger audience. If you are among those few who think that reels are nothing but just another waste of time, then you might have thought about it all wrong! One can go from 1000 followers to about 1 million or so with only some reels being shot and uploaded. You might think how hard it can be to make reels and upload them, but the truth is just making reels is not the point; making a reel that can give out the message and turn the viewers into followers is what the point about the whole reel thing is!

3. Influencers who are quite relatable:

Influencers are called so for a reason, and it is none other than them being relatable to their audience, which in turn makes them great influencers. While it is necessary that you create content, which promotes your product, it is also important that the influencers make such content that is relatable to the audience. Making relatable content means that you keep it authentic and real in order for people to get that feeling that they too could relate to that particular content.

4. Raising voice against social issues:

Social issues are now on the rise and are a significant concern, be it in reality or on social networks. Keeping quiet about them was just an age-old tradition that people used to follow, but now that influencers with their marketing strategies are here, they are here to raise their voices against social issues, and they are not backing down. Marketers really need to put their thoughts out and make sure that people find out what you think about such social issues and what you, as a marketer, are going to do about it.

5. Unity in diversity:

Well, that’s a great proverb out there, but is it actually being implemented in real life? Not really! There are still a considerable number of people out there trying to discriminate based on the caste, race, and even on skin color basis. If you think about one of the latest 2021 trendsetters, then that is bringing out unity even when we have a diverse environment. This does not only depend on the class, race or skin color; this also means that inclusions of even various body types must be accepted. This will hype your brands’ values not only within a specified target audience but among the people as a whole community.

6. Paid marketing still remains highly appreciated:

If you thought paid marketing was over, then here is 2021 with paid marketing strategies. While it is the organic count that matters the most, with YouTube and Instagram being more open to paid views and paid followers, the influencers are making very good use of it. If you think that’s the end of your whole career as an influencer as you cannot afford the followers well, you need not back down as you can still gain some real high views and followers by even some of the cool organic methods.

7. Live marketing is the new marketing style:

Instagram and YouTube live were just another way to connect to your audience, but now having your products being sold online through live has definitely evolved as one of the trends and is not going to back down any soon. Live marketing also gives an opportunity for influencers to give a brief description of their product while also trying them on and getting live comments from the user. This creates a wild curiosity in other people and makes them think about trying the outfit as well.

8. No more celebrity influences:

Celebrity influencers are long gone, and there are not many people who would want to check out a celebrity’s content than that of one’s favorite influencer’s content. This is due to the upholding of the social causes and the relatable content that makes people empathize with the influencers rather than looking out for some pure marketing videos or photos being uploaded by the celebrities.

9. Collaboration is increasing at a large scale:

Marketing your own products is not the only option that is available right now. With 2021 having more influencers on social media than ever, it has now become easier to collaborate with the local influencers and have your product marketed. While the influencers get more views and followers, you get a greater number of customers and hence leading to the success of your marketing strategies through collaboration. One thing that adds on as an advantage is that you can save money on collaboration with local influencers while also reaching a pretty big audience. Now that’s what we call a win-win situation.

10. Treating employees as influencers:

If you thought influencers are those people who stay at home and create content to market their products, well, then you might want to reconsider the term “influencers.” As of now, even companies are taking it up as a challenge and are providing incentives and rewards to those employees who are using their products in day-to-day life and are converting the created content into sales. The more the sales of their products, the more they get rewards and incentives. This helps people know more about the company and its employees while also staying transparent to the audience.

Final words

With these top 10 influencer marketing trends to watch in 2021, there is no way you will stay back in the marketing trends. Make sure you try these marketing trends and get your own product out there in the market, and have a wonderful and successful year!