Many people know that influencers make money from social media or blog accounts. This is not just any hobby for them, but one way to get income, and for others, that’s a full-time job. Yet, one of the most frequent questions we get is how they can earn money?

The truth is that its answer may vary substantially between the influencers, and it’s not unusual for each to have a type of income stream. This is most prudent – influencers relying on only a single source of income will have the livelihood threatened if a variation in the algorithm encourages marketers to view other channels. Thus, influencers cast the net wider, dabbling in something from running their tours to selling goods to substantial affiliate marketing on the blogs.

Social media influencers create a new class of celebrities. They will not come from the entertainment industries such as traditional celebrities. Still, many of them have millions of fans, and some have got a way to translate the massive followings into millions of dollars every year.

By becoming creative with advertising, patronage, brand partnerships, and much more, most influencers earn through social media. Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and Vine accounts have launched complete careers and served as springboards for superior entrepreneurial enterprises. There is a treasure of opportunities on social media, most of them quite lucrative.

If you need to monetize the influence, employ the strategies to generate various revenue streams. Leading brands understand that social media influencers are marvelous to work with, which is the reason why influencer marketing immersed itself in the last few years.

For most of them, “influencing” is a full-time job and usually consists of a few roles, including public speaking, content creation, photography, design, community engagement, and more. As it’s a full-time gig, influencers clearly need to monetize the platforms and earn their income.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest paths to start, but quite a tricky one to master, is this affiliate marketing. The premise is fundamental: an influencer will recommend a service or product and is financially compensated when people make a purchase using that influencer’s link. Regular affiliate partners are Amazon for primary products (such as travel clothing, etc.) or specific brands with the companies’ programs.

How much the influencer will earn depends on how much the buyer spends. Most of the arrangements are percentage-based, and the typical affiliate commission is between 5 to 30 percent. However, some can be lower or higher.

Specifically, how much an influencer in the lifestyle or travel space made by affiliate marketing varies. It will depend on the number of programs, how much content is dedicated to promoting the partner, and the percentage of eligible purchases. Professional bloggers can earn within $1,500 and $8,000 or more every month through these affiliate marketing relationships.

Digital products

An increasingly attractive way for influencers to earn money is through e-products. These are relatively easy to produce and cheap and will scale rapidly online with the seamless distribution. E-products can include everything from a workout program, an ebook, a downloadable travel guide, or a meal plan or organizational template.

Digital products allow influencers to build something tangible to deal with and sell to the network to earn through their knowledge, influence, and expertise. One more way influencers can earn money from digital products is by co-creating content with brands, either by selling commissioning specifically to create content or advertising and editorial space to them.

An instance of the strategy in action is Gritty Pretty. This is a digital magazine and beauty website founded and edited by the editor Eleanor Pendleton. Eleanor built Gritty Pretty to monetize and share her recommendations, beauty tips, knowledge, and experience with her audience and works with brands to build sponsored content, ads, and editorial to fund the magazine and support the team ultimately.

Social media sponsored posts

As brand ambassadors are usually long-term sponsored social media, partnership posts are more like a groundswell approach to building brand exposure and awareness. This is now the most common way for influencers to earn money, especially when they start.

A sponsored social media post is when a brand involves an influencer to make content featuring them and share that with the followers. There are various forms of sponsored social media posts, from promoting a new product, sharing the brand-owned content, launching a new brand, generating exposure among a new target market, or developing unique imagery.

Be aware, though, that when you exchange money and different payment forms with a brand, there are guidelines and disclosure regulations in most territories and countries.

Sponsored blog posts

On the same note, influencers might monetize websites and personal blogs to create and collaborate branded content. Blogs are excellent because they allow the influencers to share further detailed information with the community than is likely over social media, like detailed product reviews. Blogging helps influencers make money from the photography, creative, content writing, and distribution platforms.

It also benefits brands with click-through links that take consumers directly to products and services, getting them closer to a conversion than a social media post. It’s important to note that not all blog content should be sponsored or designed to sell a product – a good influencer will have a mix of organic branded and content collaborations and be transparent about the sponsored content.

When influencers work for several brands that they are not connected with purely because there is money, their relationship, credibility, and authenticity with the audience can be seriously impacted. Sponsored blog posts should be a perfect fit even when there is a monetary incentive!

Display Advertising

Influencers additionally allows the user to earn money passively by display advertising. Bloggers sign up with a third-party provider network. After that, all they need to do is place the code in the site’s correct areas, and the provider will do the rest.

Once in place, the influencer will earn money in one of two ways. First, they will get paid for every click. This is known as CPC (cost per click) ads. The blogger will get a small amount of money each time a site visitor clicks on the ad displayed on the website.

Second, the influencer can join the cost per thousand network. By that, they make a set amount of money for each 1,000 ad impressions. It doesn’t signify whether a visitor is clicking, as the blogger is paid solely for displaying the ad.

Influencers having a lot of traffic can abstain from the ad networks completely and earn good money on advertising by selling the ads directly. This approach can essentially set their conditions and rates, so they have more control over ad placement.

How much the influencer makes through advertising similarly changes. Starting on any ad network like Mediavine needs a minimum of 25,000 website sessions every month and usually nets over $500 every month. It goes up from there, meaning that any travel site with a fair amount of reach will bring thousands a month and more.

Courses, Subscriptions, Ebooks

Creating products is one more way some influencers earn money. The blogger generally provides the customer with educational materials and direct access to them or another person with expertise in the specific area. The person who purchases the course can then learn about the topic. For instance, an influencer with a blog can offer a 15-day course on any particular topic.

Subscriptions typically give buyers access to additional content that isn’t freely available. The “paywall” approach, where the “premium” materials and services are hidden from view unless the user signs up and pays the fee. A system such as Patreon is usually used to support payments and content release to the creator.

If the influencers have particular expertise on any topic – such as basic travel guides, house sitting, or working on a cruise ship – a well-reputed ebook may also bring in notable income each month. As with many income-generating opportunities, the influencer’s ability and reach to market the products play a key role. Additionally, the content quality that is sitting behind the paywall is a factor.

Photo and Video Sales

Travel is usually sold on a single video or photo, and influencers understand that. Therefore, producing high-quality content is the priority. This indicates that many are getting quite skilled with the camera and wielding it daily worldwide. With lots of beautiful photos in the personal stock, why not sell?

Brands and destinations constantly need transactions, and fresh content with influencers is growing more frequent, particularly in less popular destinations where some videographers and photographers travel. Budgets can, though, vary extensively, and offers will range from nothing to thousands. This tends to be a hit-or-miss situation and usually not a reliable income.

Alternatively, many influencers are earning by placing the images on stock websites. They might not earn much for each photo, but over time, with plenty of photos uploaded, a heavy sales volume will mean hundreds of dollars every month.

Event Influencers

Events Influencers also make money by doing store appearances or hosting events. Brands team up with influencers with related audiences to attract more attention to a new product launch or an event. Influencers manage to have great connections with the following and are able to build additional hype throughout events.

Many revenue streams are direct. Platforms such as Super Chat and Twitch within YouTube Live allow the users to tip creators financially through the platforms. Several blogs also have tipping choices that allow users to donate customizable sums.

Created to let fans assist creators by contributing little amounts for outstanding streams, posts, and videos, tips apparently aren’t influencers’ only income source. These make creating a living more feasible for creators who have supportive, loyal, and engaged followings.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content on social media is common to most brands, creators, and audiences, by now, and it persists to be in the top way through which influencers earn money. With event coverage, reviews, product placement, and much more, influencers partner with various brands to promote brand awareness and specific services and products through social media in exchange for products or payment.


Podcasting is one more way for the influencers to distribute the content, connect with the audience on different platforms, share the content easily, and eventually earn an income from the influence and public profile.

Podcasting might be comparatively low cost to produce. Once you get the right equipment and setup, and similar to a radio, it will drive revenue in many ways – the most famous is charging podcast subscribers some fee to download and then listen. Many social media influencers had jumped on the trend and started their podcasts.

Build relationships with influencers and other businesses

When you’re just starting, post more high-quality content and also use compelling captions. These are like the yielding conditions to make sure that the account doesn’t fall to nil. If you desire to grow fast, you require external help to receive attention. You must cultivate relationships with power users in the particular niche and borrow the influence. One is doing a shoutout for a shoutout.

With this strategy, you will search for Instagram accounts in that specific niche and request those to share the posts in exchange for you sharing theirs. Another way is by buying Instagram shoutouts. That’s basically paying a post fee for every post to the accounts with huge followings for recommending and mentioning you.

Use relevant hashtags with every post

Hashtags have been here since 2007 on social media platforms to bunch up posts with related themes. And they work remarkably well on Instagram. This platform allows you to add around 30 hashtags every post. It is recommended to use around 10-15 hashtags in each post. Preserve the caption of the text to add more context to the post. Even when you add hashtags in the original comment, Instagram can pick them up. It would be best if you didn’t use any casual hashtag. Always analyze competition and relevance. It is recommended to do prior competition analysis. Find regularly used hashtags in the niche and see the number of existing posts for the specific hashtag.


Similar to podcasting, webinars can be one of the cost-effective revenue models for content creators and influencers. A webinar is basically a seminar conducted on the internet and is normally for some educational purpose to present information in a tutorial-style, engaging format. Webinars might either be pre-recorded or live and shared across video, blog and social media platforms.

To make money from webinars, influencers might charge consumers to obtain the content, collaborate with any brand to produce content, or use the lead generation format. In the dramatic growth over the last few years, Instagram has noticed a major uptick in the sponsored content on this platform (usually in the form of stories, photos and videos, and featuring products and brands).

Influencer marketing alone can be a $1 billion industry in a single year and a $2 billion industry. But it’s far from the only home of sponsored content on social media. Live Streaming platforms, Snapchat, Facebook, blogs, and YouTube all see their sponsored videos, posts, and photos. Most of the influencers don’t rely on only one income source to earn money from social media accounts or blogs. Instead, they combine a few approaches to make a solid living.

For lifestyle and travel influencers, getting $4,000 to $50,000 and more per month isn’t out of the question. But this type of income doesn’t happen by chance or accident. The influencers work incredibly hard to maximize the earnings potential, ensuring their social media accounts, blog, or Youtube channel are of the highest quality to keep interest high.


Social media is growing at a mind-blowing rate while managing a tremendous engagement rate. It has come a long way from just being a basic photo-sharing application. Brands have been investing an excessive sum of the marketing budgets on their platform. So social media provides a great opportunity for smart folks to build an audience and monetize that quickly. With lots of potential business possibilities, anyone can make money through these platforms.